The 11 Best Pregnancy Test Your Money Can Buy

My friend Shelly was over the moon when she missed a period and was telling everyone that she was pregnant even before she had it confirmed. Unfortunately, it turned out she wasn’t pregnant and had to put up with everyone commiserating her “loss.” She was careful to use a pregnancy test before making the grand announcement, later on. I am happy to say she now has a three-month-old baby girl, Lisa!

The first thing you need to know is: are you pregnant? Home pregnancy tests are relatively private, inexpensive, quick, and accurate. And you get to know within weeks of getting pregnant. But which one of these is the best pregnancy test for you? We have scouted the web and helped you to gather the best pregnancy test and written a summary of each pregnancy test for your ease of reading. In the end, we also show you which pregnancy test that we think is the best pregnancy tests you should buy.

Let’s look at a few of the available pregnancy tests.

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The 11 Best Pregnancy Test

First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test

Best Of Both World


First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test is one of the more modern and more sensitive tests available. It is a sophisticated combination of First Response Early Result and the Clear Blue one. It tests for two pregnancy hormones. The test has its own countdown timer and gives results as a + for positive and – for negative.

Use it as you would the other sticks. Five days before your period expect 60% accuracy. As you get closer to your period due date, the accuracy will go up to 99% on the last day before your period. The digital display is a great plus, as you won’t have a hard time to read the result. If you want the best pregnancy test, think of getting this one.

First Response Early Result

Best Early Test


The design of the test stick has been improved. It is now 50% wider test tip compared to the previous design, and the stick is designed with a curve handle for more convenience and ergonomic of use. First Respond Early Result has one large, easy-to-read window - two lines mean pregnant; one line means not pregnant. There is no other pregnancy test can provide a clearer view compare to this one.

The makers claim that this test is backed by a whole lot of science research for accuracy. It can give you accurate results even six days before your period. It has 76% accuracy at this stage, and it increases as you get closer to the period date.

e.p.t. Certainty

Great Value


e.p.t. Certainty is excellent for accurate testing. It is digital and will read “pregnant” or will say “not pregnant” on the display after waiting for three minutes. e.p.t pregnancy test is manufactured by New Jersey-based Pfizer, Inc, one of the prominent pharmaceutical company in the world and a brand name that you can trust.

The test can be used even four days before your period is due. Accuracy will go up as you get closer to the period due date. The downside of this pregnancy test is the battery shelf life is short. Make sure to check the expiry date before making any purchase.

e.p.t Pregnancy Test

Great Value


This test is the same quality as the digital e.p.t Certainty test. It will not have a digital display but will show a plus for positive and minus for negative. It is a less expensive option to the digital display. If you want a less sophicated pregnancy test, this e.p.t pregnancy test is the one to go.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown

Easiest-to-Read Test


This one is high-tech, it has a digital readout. The read out very conveniently just says ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’ No searching for lines! The Smart Countdown feature is reassuring you the test is working as it counts down to your results.

When I was pregnant, I was able to find out six days before my period that I was pregnant! I should warn you that six days away from your period date expect only 51% accuracy. It ends up 99% accurate on the day of your period.  Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown Kit is one of the best pregnancy tests out there.

Clearblue 3ct (OLD)
Price Disclaimer

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator

The Luxury Test


Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator is a more sophisticated test than the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown Kit. There will be two strips on the stick. It is the best pregnancy test for estimating gestation age. It not only tells you whether you are pregnant but also tells you how many weeks along you are if you are within three weeks of pregnancy.

The accuracy rate is 99% on the day your periods are due. It is FDA approved. It’s always good to see a doctor for an accurate estimate after all the pregnancy test is just an approximation.

While extra features do come with an extra price and it’s true for Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator. Expect to pay more if you opt for this pregnancy test.

Accu-Clear Early Pregnancy Test

All Rounder Test


Accu-Clear Early Pregnancy Test an easy-to-use pack of two sticks. If you are looking for a non-complicated and cheaper but still can provide you a sensitive pregnancy test, then Accu-Clear Early Pregnancy Test is the one to go. The test is very easy to use. Just remove the cap and point the wide absorbent tip in the urine stream or dip for 5 seconds and you are done. Wait for 2 minutes and you will get your result.

Accuracy is 99% on the day of your period. Some people have found that the test can detect as early as four days earlier. Accu-Clear Early Pregnancy Test comes in English or Spanish packaging.

New Choice Pregnancy Test

Best Value And Effective


New Choice Pregnancy Test is relatively inexpensive. So if you are on a budget and not fancy on spending money on those sophisticated pregnancy tests, this one is for you!

Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality. This test has 99% accuracy according to the manufacturer, but the downside is they did not explain on which day that is. So the best bet is to take a test after your miss the first day of your period. To use, collect some urine using the provided suction tube. After that place a few drops into the designated area on the pregnancy test. After that wait for 2 minutes to see the result. Using New Choice Pregnancy Test can feel like you are in a science class doing experiment work. Anyhow the pregnancy test can be an inconvenience if you do not have a proper area to do the test.

My sister had a great response to this one. She tested a few days before her period, and since it was positive, she waited another day and tried again with the same results. Her doctor later confirmed it!

The Pregnancy Test Strips

While the more sophisticated pregnancy test like the one that has digital panel fancy features can be helpful but they are pricey and it can quickly add up to a huge cost to you if you need to do multiple tests. Sometimes you do not need all those fancy features to do a pregnancy test. A simple positive or negative is suffice.

Pregnancy strips offer a quick and straightforward way to do a pregnancy test. No complicated method or steps to follow. Simply collect some of your urine in a container and dip in the strip. After that wait for 2 - 3 minutes and read the result. The procedure to do this test can be a bit messy and inconvenience, though.

Check out these best pregnancy test strips that we have gathered. These are the pregnancy test strips that are commonly used by many women, and the test quality is as good as the stick pregnancy tests above and the price is cheaper too!

ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Tests

Best Cheapie Test


You will get 25 strips in this kit. It is more like a strip and not a stick

To use, simply collect some of your urine in a container. After that you dip the strip into a container and wait 3 minutes. The test is sensitive around the time your period is due or a day or two after. Since there are many strips, you can test more frequently. You probably will if you are anxious to be pregnant.

The test is most accurate around a day before or the day of your period. Accuracy will be less before day 12 of ovulation.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

The Runner Up


This test has an excellent review on a popular online store. You get 25 or 50 strips for the price you pay for a more sophisticated test. It is the best pregnancy test for its price. The accuracy hasn’t been confirmed but it has great reviews, and the strip is very easy to use. No complicated instruction or steps. Just dip and wait for 5 minutes for the result.

The test is accurate if you have at least 11 miU/ml of the pregnancy hormone. The manufacturer does not claim this is an early pregnancy test. But every woman I know is happy with the test, probably because we get to check it multiple times? 25/50 strips are very convenient to have!

One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Strips by BlueCROSS

Economical But Still Good


The One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Strips pregnancy test is quick and easy to use. It checks for HCG in urine to indicate pregnancy. Simply collect your urine in a container and dip in the strip. After that, you just need to wait two minutes to see if your life has changed! This pregnancy test is sensitive enough to detect as low as 25mIU/ml with accuracy greater than 99%, and each strip is individually sealed in a foil pouch. Each box has 25 test strips.

My friends say this is a really accurate test. One friend tested six days before her period was due and yes, she was pregnant!

The only thing with these strips is they may be a bit difficult to read as the color change is really very faint and you may need to wait longer than two minutes. Some mothers commented that it’s better to wait for at least pass period for 2 days before doing the test for better accuracy.

What We Pick

From all the pregnancy test we manage to gather, we end up placing our choice either with the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown Kit or First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test as these two pregnancy tests kits provide the most consistent result, and they also provide the best result to the majority of pregnancy women.

So, remember that you do have options in finding the best pregnancy test for you. Always test in the morning as soon as you wake up for accurate results. Check with a doctor after you test, to make sure that the pregnancy is going well and to get an accurate assessment of the gestation date.

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Enjoy your pregnancy and welcome your bundle of joy at the end of the journey!

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