7 Free Best Baby Tacking and Development Apps That Help Parents Track and Encourage Their Child’s Development

When it comes to your child’s health, baby milestones are essential. It helps you track his progress and ensure that his developmental skills are growing at a healthy pace.

But how to effectively track and make sure your baby thrives?

As modern parents, why not make the most of today’s advanced tech?

That’s right! Downloading a baby development app on your phone can give you lots of information about baby development as well as handy activities you can do with your baby.

After reading this article, you will know:

  • Why baby development apps are important
  • How to use baby development apps to your advantage
  • Some of the best baby development apps today
  • And many more


How to Read this Article

If you are a new parent:

  • Learn which type of apps can help you prepare for your baby
  • Discover how today’s technology can help parenting become easier

If you are an experienced parent:

  • Arm yourself with the best baby development apps of today
  • Know which apps to incorporate in your daily life

If you are a friend of someone who has a baby:

  • Give them advice on what baby development apps to get
  • Share what you know about baby apps to help your friend

If you just want to gather information about baby development apps:

  • Read on to discover how modern technology can help parents take care of their babies in their day to day lives more conveniently!

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Find out the best baby apps to download on your phone today!

There’s a lot of available apps in iTunes and Google Play, what should you choose?

Don’t panic! The best thing to do is to look at the app description and the user reviews.

The app description can help you determine whether the app’s service is something you might need or not.

For example, you might want to start with a pregnancy tracker if the baby isn’t here yet and continue on with a milestone tracker to see your baby’s month by month progress.

The best apps for new moms and dads would most likely have high reviews since they’ve proven themselves helpful already.

On this page, learn:


Baby Development App


Aside from apps, you can also supplement your learnings with different sources.

You can use books and other website articles to answer the questions you might have regarding how to take care of your baby.

The internet is full of handy content just waiting for you to read about!

To help you decide which apps to get, here’s a list of the best baby development apps that many parents are having good experience with and highly rated as well.

1. Kinedu

Kinedu is an app designed to suggest fun and engaging games for you and your baby based on his age.

At 0-2 years old, you might feel that interaction with him can be a little limited, but Kinedu provides you with the necessary information you need to understand and appreciate all his achievements.

You can also create a personalized profile for your baby complete with activity plans and milestone facts.

It can also give you access to the necessary health and parenting articles that can aid you in better understanding what your child needs.

Great app for parents who do not know how to play with a baby…as new parents your baby might seem a bit boring but using the app you become more aware at their small achievements – Dana Istoc, Google Play Store

Aside from getting it for free, you can also pay as low as $9.99 for a premium membership.

Being a member will give you exclusive access to more than a thousand fun activities, as well as personalized progress reports among other great features.

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play


2. The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks is an app designed to help parents understand their baby’s milestones (which they call “leaps”) in an easy-to-navigate calendar format.

Every day (or in most cases, every leap) you can learn something new about your baby’s development, what he should be able to do and what’s most likely happening during that day.

You can use this app to understand how your child’s brain is processing his surroundings, and know why he reacts the way he does.

The Wonder Weeks also has a very informative book that you can use as supplementary reading. Think of the app as a daily, convenient version of it.

Second time user. Used with my first daughter and it was fairly accurate. I enjoyed the suggestions and felt more confident about why and what was happening and what to do. – Deewesche, iOS App Store

The app has also been critically acclaimed worldwide and has even won awards.

Download it for only $3.99 on the iOS App Store and $2.99 on Google Play


3. Glow Baby Newborn Tracker

Mommies, rejoice!

Breastfeeding can be a little bit confusing and frustrating for many first time moms. You have to keep track of the time, how many bottles baby already had, and a lot more.

Well, that’s what the Glow app is here for. Plan your nursing times accordingly, and monitor your baby’s bottles as well as sleeping, pooping, and peeing time.

You can even add your own notes to each entry. This is all important since you can accurately tell your doctor about these data when you go for a check-up.

Plus, you can share ideas, tips, and stories with other parents using the app. It’s a whole new support system that can keep you happy and sane.

I LOVE this App. I was pretty skeptical at first, but it makes tracking babies schedule so easy! With its assistance, we’ve easily created a schedule and get plenty of sleep at night. – Thea W, Google Play

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play


4. WebMD Baby

Milestones are important, that’s true. But what’s more critical is your baby’s overall health.

WebMD is an app that makes it seem like you have your own portable pediatrician everywhere you go.

With it, you can access hundreds of parenting as well as baby health articles to ensure that your child is doing okay.

The app is also designed as a general baby tracker. You can check his feeding, his sleep, his pooping and peeing, as well as his growth (weight, height, and etcetera).

The app also makes it easier to coordinate with your partner, family, and nannies on how to take proper care of your child.

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play

Want to see more cool baby apps? Watch this video:



5. Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

If you’re a parent that just loves sharing everything about your child’s progress with all your family and friends, why not check out this app?

This way you can both track his developmental milestones and share it with the people closest to you.

Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to share the news with the world (just with the people you want).

The app is also great at giving information about each milestone your baby encounters. There are also thousands of useful articles you can read to help you out.

Plus, you can ask your questions anonymously in a secure environment made up of professional caregivers and fellow parents alike.

Ovia is the best parenting app “I have ever come across, it has helped me with my kids and still does, I love it great app…I have learned a lot from it, Great job! – Nahya Mukami, Google Play

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play


6. Baby Pics

Tracking your baby’s development and achievements are all well and essential. However, not all apps in your phone need to be monitoring ones.

Why not share your baby’s newfound skills in an awesome and picture-perfect way?

Add beautiful artwork and use elegant fonts to customize your little one’s pictures, and send it to all your loved ones.

You can even order your pictures to be printed!

Best app I’ve used for my lil man since he was born…now we have a toddler. Even though I have less time to use this, it’s still my favorite! – Andrea Downey, Google Play

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and $2.99 on Google Play


7. Tiny Beans

If you don’t want multiple apps crowding your phone, why not download a tracker + photo editor app like Tiny Beans?

You can easily record and check how your baby’s developing, learn about his new milestones, and see the rate he’s growing.

At the same time, you can use Tiny Beans as your baby’s first digital scrapbook. Customize pages, add photos, stickers, and text to make everything more personal.

You can even have it printed, and share it with all your family and friends.

Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play

Want to learn different sensory activities for your baby? Watch this video:



How Does A Baby Development App Help?

A baby tracker app is a useful tool to have with you every day.

That’s because it can help you monitor your baby’s developmental progress.

Remember that your newborn’s first few months are critical, and aiming for those milestones will help him immensely as he grows older.

The best app for moms and dads would not only help you with your baby’s daily routine but can also help you understand what your baby is going through.

Baby development apps can aid in the nurture of your child. It can even open a portal of support from other parents who are going through the same journey as you.


Best Baby Tracking App


Aside from baby milestones week by week, there are tons of different baby apps that you can download.

You can use it to create a meal-planning routine, schedule play dates with other children, and more.

You can even seek professional help form baby experts all around the world as well as parenting advice from other parents.

The bottom line is, baby apps are a convenient aid in taking care of your baby.

The best thing about them? Most of them are free!

Pregnancy Apps

Becoming a new parent is a daunting experience, that’s true.

In a few months’ time, your family of two will be three, so it’s a good idea to be a little more prepared.

Why not use the best pregnancy tracker app to give you an idea of how your baby is doing as your pregnancy comes along?

A week by week pregnancy app can provide you with lots of useful information about how your baby is faring.

In a way, this can also help you prepare for the monthly milestones he’ll be facing once he’s born.

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Why Is All of This Important?

Okay, so we’ve tackled that pregnancy apps and baby development apps are essential. But why is that really?

… milestones matter. They are signs of normal and healthy development, and when children don’t achieve them in the way we expect, it may be a sign of a problem. – Claire McCarthy, MD, Harvard Health Publishing

They both help you record the development of your child comfortably. As such, you can also quickly discover if he might be having problems in certain areas.

This allows you to seek the proper treatment for him faster, and have more time to correct or improve his developmental skills.

Second, they provide you with ample information about each milestone your baby should be hitting at a certain age.

While you can argue that doctors check your child’s developmental progress during check-ups and therefore do not need the help of apps, you should also take into consideration the limited time your doctor has for you.

He will need to do all his diagnostics in a short period of time. Plus, doctors also rely on parents telling them if they observed anything different.

Experienced parents can easily tell if something is wrong because they’ve already been through this at least once before. Unfortunately, most first-time parents usually can’t tell if there are any problems.

As such, doctors can still miss a lot during check-ups. Having a milestone tracker handy can provide you with the signs you need to look out for.

Combine your daily vigilance with your doctor’s assessment, identifying probable learning disabilities and neurological problems can be done earlier.

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