28 Best Baby Carrier for Newborn & Toddlers (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

One of the most useful newborn baby accessories is the baby carrier. So, if you’re looking for the best newborn carrier, continue reading and you will find them below.

With a baby carrier, you can bring your baby everywhere with you and still have your hands free for the other activities you need to do throughout the day.

But what is the best baby carrier for a newborn? There are a lot of different kinds of carriers to choose from, and the best carriers for newborns will highly depend on your personal needs.

Some are great for maximizing skin to skin contact. Others are amazing for outdoor activities. Even more, you can use other carriers from birth until toddler age.

One thing’s for sure, though. For a newborn, you will need a carrier with ample neck support.

So, in this article we’ll explore:

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Discover the Best Baby Carriers for Newborns



Now that you know that the best carrier for a newborn depends on what you and your baby personally need, it’s time to look for the perfect choice.

Well, you can always read about baby carrier reviews. They are a great way to know what other parents think of the carriers they’ve been using.

There’s also a high chance that you’d like the features that the top-rated baby carriers carry. A baby carrier review will provide you with enough information to buy one for yourself easily.

Here are some of the best newborn carrier for you to check out:


BABYBJORN Original Baby Carrier

The Original baby carrier from BabyBjorn allows you to give your baby the essential closeness that he needs for better bonding.

It is the perfect size for newborns and does not need any infant inserts to work. You can use this baby carrier from birth until about a year old.

We are using this carrier for 7 months already and we are completely satisfied with this one. It is adjustable to baby’s height and weight. We are using to both ways… – Ana V., Amazon

You don’t need to worry about its design because it was developed by pediatricians to ensure that your baby gets proper support where he needs it like his head, neck, spine, and hips.


LILLEBABY The COMPLETE Airflow Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

LILLEbaby prefers to give you excellent functional performance above anything else. However, it also provides you with a way to naturally bond with your baby.

It also allows you to enjoy hands-free comfort and enables you to perform certain activities that would otherwise be impossible like hiking or walking the dog.

This carrier is made from 100% cotton and is breathable to keep your baby fresh and comfortable.

It also provides you with six positions. Its two-way straps enable you to carry your baby front-facing or backpack style.


Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan is one of the best brands out there when it comes to baby carriers. This design allows for hands-free, buckle-free, and hassle-free babywearing.

It’s made of 100% natural cotton which makes it super comfortable and easy to clean. It has even been deemed ‘hip-healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute because of its ergonomic design.

It is light and compact and it’s versatile. Ready-To-Wear: No wrapping – No hardware. It is comfortable and ergonomic, I have back issues and it doesn’t cause me pain to carry my baby in it: this is perfect for anyone who has to back pain because it evenly distributes the weight so your back won’t hurt. – Rose H., Amazon 

Plus, the Baby K’tan carrier can fit a number of sizes. From XXS to XL, parents wouldn’t need to worry about how comfy this would be because you know it will fit nicely.


Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier

If you’re looking for an all-in-one carrier, then the Ergobaby Omni is a great choice. For one, it adapts to your baby as he grows. That being said, you can use this carrier from birth until toddler age.

It doesn’t even need an infant insert.  There are other great features as well like the UPF 50+ babyhood that protects from both the sun and the wind. It can also offer privacy for breastfeeding.

This 100% premium cotton carrier also provides amazing lumbar support so that it can prevent back pains from happening.


Tula Ergonomic Carrier

The Tula Ergonomic carrier is not only functional, but it is also beautiful. There are many colorful and tasteful designs to choose from.

Aside from that, this 100% Oko-Tex cotton carrier is made to be easy to use and comfortable. It features an ergonomic M-position that effectively supports your baby for optimal development.

I bought this carrier for my 3-year-old for hiking in a Rainforest. It made the hike and vacation in general so much easier. We did not have to miss out on any trip we planned. – Yana, Amazon

It also has a removable hood that protects your baby from the sun and the wind as well as provides privacy for breastfeeding. It also features dual-adjustment straps for a better fit.

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Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for a carrier that is slightly more structured than a sling or a wrap but more flexible than the standard structured carrier, this one from Infantino is your best bet.

Most of the body is made from 100% cotton, but its detachable hood is made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The hood also protects your baby from the sun and the wind.

This baby carrier is designed to be buckle-free and acts like a wrap.

You can even carry your baby in three different positions: facing in, hiphugger, and backpack.


Best Baby Sling Carrier for Newborns

When it comes to the best newborn baby carrier, many mommies and daddies will swear by a sling or wrap carrier.

That’s because this is the type that allows for the most skin to skin contact with baby, and that helps with bonding.

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Ergo Baby Wraps

The KeaBabies baby carrier is made from fabric that is both stretchy and sturdy to help carry your baby’s weight.

It has the right amount of elasticity to wrap around your body and keep your baby comfy while in the wrap.

This ergonomic baby carrier is also designed to fit you whatever size you are. It is also suited for newborn babies and babies up to 35 pounds.

With this baby wrap, you can keep baby near you at all times. You can even breastfeed comfortably because of its enhance bonding, not to mention that you can use it as a postpartum belly belt as well.

There are still many other good baby sling carriers for newborns too. Check out the ones below:

Want to know how to use a baby wrap? Watch this video:



Best Newborn Carrier for Summer

When summer comes around, the usual problem would be the heat. Keeping your baby in a carrier might be too hot for the both of you if you don’t have the right baby carrier.

Lightweight baby carriers are made from breathable fabric that allows excellent airflow to keep you and your baby comfortable throughout the day, even during the hottest season.

Windsleeping 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

With this baby carrier, you can easily carry your baby in six positions: facing in, facing out, backpack style, hip seat facing in, hip seat facing out, and facing in with a hood.

Its ergonomic design features a 30-degree incline arc-shaped, non-slip hip seat to provide your baby more support.

It also has a natural latex layer that traps bacteria and allergens. It also has a 48-inch adjustable lumbar band and thick shoulder straps to ease any back pain you might feel.

There are still many other good alternatives carriers for the hot summer season below:


Best Soft Structured Carrier for Newborn

The most common type of baby carrier today is the soft structured carrier. It’s a very economical choice since this type of carrier can be used from birth until about two years of age.

While the baby wrap is slowly catching up in terms of popularity, the best soft structured carrier for a newborn remains to be the most convenient and practical type of baby carrier in the market.

Ergobaby Bundle

If you want a baby carrier that grows with your baby, then you should probably get this Ergobaby Bundle.

It is super easy to adjust and features a bucket seat that supports your baby’s weight in a natural ‘M’ position.

You can also carry your baby facing in or facing out without any problems.

What’s more, is that its wide wraparound waistband offers amazing lower back support and comfort even after your C-section operation.

It even comes with an infant insert so that it will fit your newborn snuggly.

There are still many other good soft structured baby carriers too. Check out the product below:


Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Not all baby carriers have a hip seat. A hip seat provides your baby with more sturdy support when he’s sitting down.

The best infant front carrier with a hip seat will allow your baby to watch his surroundings comfortably.

MiaMily HIPSTER Plus 3D Baby Carrier

The HIPSTER sear from MiaMily has an ergonomic design that promotes better health for both you and your baby. It distributes the weight evenly between your shoulders and hips.

Even baby can sit comfortably all day since the hip seat provides a natural sitting position that keeps his knees even with your hips. It is made from natural fabrics and has self-locking zippers and Duaflex buckles.

You can even carry your baby in 9 different positions which include for front facing and backpack style.

This baby carrier is all about safety as well.

There are still many other good baby carriers with hip seats too. Check out the products below:


Best Back Baby Carrier

Front baby carriers are great for newborns. But the front isn’t the only type of carrying position you can get.

In fact, back baby carriers are also handy especially when you need maximum arm movement. They are most useful when you’re going on hikes.

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

When it comes to durable carriers, this one from Luvdbaby is a great choice especially if you love going on outdoor adventures.

It has many safety straps and stirrups that will securely sit your baby. It even has a detachable sun visor for better sun protection.

This carrier was designed to withstand time and was made with waterproof 60D & 300D Ripstop Polyester.

Not only that, but this carrier has multiple pockets (and even an insulated pocket for your baby’s bottle) that can carry everything you need for the trip. It also has a foldable diaper pad.

There are still many other good back baby carrier brands. Look for these products on Amazon:


Why Do You Need A Carrier?

First things first, is a baby carrier actually necessary? No, it’s not.

You could always use a stroller when you’re out and about, or a bouncy seat when you’re at home.

However, a baby carrier is the only baby accessory that allows you to carry your child and leave your hands free to do your chores.

Just think about the convenience. You could walk around in malls or airports without having to worry about navigating your stroller.

Your baby can see you easily when he’s upset. Plus, you can even bring him along outdoor adventures like hiking.

Want to know other essential things do you need for your newborn beside a carrier? Watch this video:



Types of Baby Carriers

A baby carrier can be described as anything that is constructed from a flexible and durable fabric with structured materials like straps and belts to help you keep your baby while your hands remain free.

It is also a tool that assists babywearing easily. However, there can be many ways to design a baby carrier by that definition. So, how would you know which one to get?

To help you out, below are a few examples of the types of baby carriers that you will typically see in today’s market:

  • Sling

A sling is a type of baby carrier that is shaped like a long fabric looped around your body, and help place by a metal ring.

It is perfect for newborns since a sling carrier is designed to hold only lightweight babies. It is one of the simplest designs and is not padded.

A sling carrier is one of the types of baby carriers that allows your baby to get as close to you as possible.


  • Fabric Wrap

Another simple design is the baby wrap carrier. Like the sling, it is shaped like one long fabric which you can wrap around your body in different ways.

Think of it as an infinity dress or origami. The carrying position highly depends on how you wrap the carrier around you.

Because of the lightweight fabric, this type of carrier is usually reserved for babies one year of age and under.


  • Mei Tai

A Mei Tai carrier is more structured than the first two types mentioned. It still offers the minimalist approach that the sling and wrap have but with a more secure pouch for your baby.

It also features a tie-around design that gives a perfectly personalized fit with every use.

However, like the other two, it does not have any padding for both you and your baby.


  • Soft Structured Carrier

Soft structured carriers act more like a backpack with padded shoulder straps and a waist sash.

This kind of carrier can be used for any age, from newborn to toddler age. That is because it can support heavier weights.

The more ergonomic design also helps distribute your baby’s weight more evenly to reduce the chances of back pains.


  • Frame Carrier

Another baby carrier type that acts like a backpack is a frame carrier. They are designed for long-period use and are great for older babies who have better neck control.

Frame carriers also offer excellent back support to lessen your back pain. Its sturdy and reliable design also makes it an excellent carrier for outdoor activities like hiking.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Carrier



Since there are many different designs of baby carriers, it’s not surprising if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.

To help you choose the best baby carrier for you, here are a few factors that you should keep in mind:

  • Design

The design of your baby carrier is essential to the proper development of your baby. It will also go a long way for your comfort.

Firstly, you should ensure that your newborn can do a C spinal alignment, meaning you can see a nice curvature to his back with his legs tucked up.

This position can reduce pressure on your baby’s hips and spine. At three months old, your baby carrier should be able to support your baby’s buttocks and hamstrings effectively.

Most top baby carriers have crisscrossing shoulder straps for better weight distribution, as well as a wider waist belt to help reduce pressure on your shoulders.


  • Versatility

Modern baby carriers can offer you multiple carrying positions instead of one.

That being said, you can now buy a single carrier for all your needs instead of specific ones for every day and other activities like hiking.

You can even buy ones that can grow with your baby, meaning the carrying position can easily transition from newborn to toddler.


  • Comfort

There’s a massive chance that you’ll be using your baby carrier every day for most of the day. That’s why it’s critical to get one that you’re comfortable wearing and is comfortable for your baby as well.

Get a carrier that is made from breathable fabric to ensure that your baby won’t get too hot while inside.

Padding will also keep you comfortable. Just make sure that the padding doesn’t interfere with your baby’s airflow.


  • Safety & Reliability

The most important factor to consider is safety. After all, you’ll be placing a lot of trust on your carrier to take care of your baby safely.

Check how durable the stitching and seams are as they are the backbone of your carrier. Make sure that they don’t easily tear or your baby might fall.

Look into the buckles, zippers, and other types of fasteners like Velcro. They should be able to keep the baby carrier and your baby in place.

Your baby’s position and the weight-bearing component of your baby carrier is equally important. Some positions can cause harm to your baby’s development.

Make sure that your baby fits perfectly in the baby carrier.


  • Ease of Use

As part of your routine, ease of use is also an essential factor to check. No matter how safe a carrier is, it defeats the purpose if you can’t wear or secure it properly.

Make sure that you can use the baby carrier even when you’re alone. Does it make carrying your baby easier or does it just get in the way?

Can you put it on quickly or do you waste precious time putting it on? The perfect baby carrier can keep you and your baby comfy and would not be too hard to use.


  • Price

The cost of baby carriers is widely varied. You can probably get one for as low as $25 and others for more than $200.

Regardless, the price should be the least concern for you. It’s better to look into comfort, safety, and other pertinent features before concerning yourself with the amount.

But to give you an excellent range to play in, there are many great options between the $100 and $150 range.


Baby Carrier vs. Baby Wrap

Both types of baby carriers have pros and cons that you will learn about as you experience it with your baby.

But the main difference between the two is their fundamental design. A baby wrap is more flexible while a baby carrier is more structured.

Baby carriers are better for long days and strenuous physical activities. They usually come in a front or backpack style with many adjustable straps and buckles.

Baby wraps are less structured but more adaptable and easily customizable. It’s the best choice for better skin-to-skin contact. They are usually lightweight and breathable so that your baby remains comfy.


Benefits of Babywearing

There are many benefits to babywearing. For one, you could keep your baby close to you at all times. This promotes bonding and a feeling of security for both of you.

But that’s not all the benefits you can get from the best newborn baby carrier. Here are a few more:

  • Helps babies suffering from reflux by keeping them upright
  • Helps breastfeeding as skin to skin contact aids increase milk supply
  • Helps baby expel wind naturally and provides colic relief
  • Improves baby’s core strength


Other Type Baby Carrier Reviews

Like what you have learned above, there are many types of baby carriers out in the market for you to choose from. The best newborn carrier isn’t the same for every parent and child out there.

You could choose the best newborn baby carrier depending on a number of factors such as use, style, or versatility. Regardless, the best baby carrier for you will highly depend on you and your baby’s personal needs.

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