Is A Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Reliable?

Many women consider all home pregnancy tests to be the same. While the basic work of a pregnancy test is the same but not all pregnancy tests are create equal. Each brands come with their own set of instruction. For instant, some pregnancy test can let you test midstream but other requires you to dip the test stick into urine for 5 seconds.

While all pregnancy tests basic work is to test whether you are pregnant or not but the more expensive ones have digital panel to show you the result which can be very helpful. For the more economical one like Family Dollar pregnancy test is just a regular pregnancy test kit you usually see in your local store.

When come to buying pregnancy test kit, cost can be a major factor in determining which brand to buy and cost can be escalating if you need to test multiple times. So, if you worry about spending too much on pregnancy test kit, let’s us look into the economical Family Dollar pregnancy test kit and see if it’s a reliable pregnancy test or not.

Why Some Women Choose Family Dollar (cheap) Pregnancy Test?

  • Affordability – When it come to products that we usually use and discard immediately, it’s only natural we look for the cheaper alternative and this is especially true for a pregnancy test kit. This pregnancy test cost only from $0.99 to $2, which is very easy on your pocket.
  • Easy available - While some high-end pregnancy tests can only be bought at known pharmacies or clinics, this cheaper alternative is easily available in most local stores that sell pharmaceutical or medical items.
  • Easy to Use – This pregnancy test come with very easy to follow instructions and a simple testing kit. It is almost impossible to get an invalid result caused by incorrect usage.

How the Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Works

The family dollar pregnancy test is designed to detect the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone found in women who are pregnant. As soon as a woman conceives, the body begins to produce this hormone. One of the lines that form the plus sign in a pregnancy test is meant to detect this hormone while the other line just detects urine, serving as an indicator that the urine has successfully passed through the kit.

So if only urine is detected, only one line appears (negative sign) but if the hCG hormone is present and detected within the urine, then both lines appear, thus, forming the plus sign.

For more about how an pregnancy test work, see this short video…

How Do You Use The Family Dollar Pregnancy Test?

The family dollar pregnancy test usually comes in a stick. After opening the package, remove plastic case covering the absorbing tip. There are two ways to expose it to your urine:

  • Midstream: urinate directly into the absorbing tip for 5 seconds. After that place the stick in a flat surface for the urine to soak through the test chemical for 3 minutes. Check the result after that.
  • Dipping: urinate into a clean plastic cup. Make sure the plastic cup/container is clean so it won’t contaminate the test.  Dip the absorbing tip for 5 seconds and place it on a flat surface for 3 minutes. Check result after that.

Want a printable instruction? I got that covered. Click the link below to download a printable pregnancy test instructions. Stick them at your fridge and refer to it whenever you need.

Family Dollar

One-Step Pregnancy Test Instructions (PDF)

Is Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Accurate?


So far, there have been very few results from the family dollar pregnancy test that are considered incorrect. More often than not, results are 99% accurate. This is a big deal for women because it is such an effective pregnancy test at a price they can easily afford.

Some tests are expensive and may require doctor's supervision. As for the family dollar pregnancy test, women can buy it themselves, use it on their own, and get results quickly and easily, all for a dollar. Based on online reviews, women are satisfied with its price and performance.

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Family Dollar Pregnancy Test Review

Many women are concerned about the accuracy of the family dollar pregnancy test that's why they often post questions on online forums and FAQs to ask other women about their experience. Based on most answers, the results are above 90% accurate in detecting hCG levels in urine. Most women who used it to test themselves are indeed expecting.

Some doctors even say that most pregnancy kits are all the same. They only reason they are priced differently because the more expensive ones are manufactured and distributed by prominent names in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Also, for a pregnancy test work properly, it also depends on how accurate the test was performed and how early urine was tested. For instant, if you tested too early (miss period for a week), there might not have enough hCG hormones for the kit to detect.

Here are a few reviews from people that tested the Family Dollar pregnancy test:

I used 4! All positive. I’m 15wks.

Diane B

Yes I took 2 and it gave me my positive. Try another or call your doctor.

Geneva R

I got 3. They came out positive so I went to the doc n yup...I’m pregnant.

  Susan G

Got mine at the 99 cents store. At first I only saw one line so I was ok. Then a very faint line appeared and I freaked out. But it worked. 26 weeks with a boy

Phyllis M

Negative Isn’t Always Accurate

More often than not, false plus sign results are more common than false negatives. However, there are rare cases when a negative result actually means positive.

If you feel unconvinced that you are not pregnant, instead of taking another pregnancy test right after a negative one, wait a week before taking another. This way, the chances for a more accurate reading are higher.

There are many reasons why it can be a false negative result:

  • Incorrect testing procedure
  • Foreign substances might have been diluted in the urine during testing.
  • There is not enough hCG hormone yet to trigger a positive result.

Urine Dilution

One of the most common reasons for an inaccurate reading is urine dilution. This means the urine might have mixed with other substances, such as water, which weakens the possibility of hCG being detected.

Also, it is highly advisable to take the test first thing in the morning. Why? Because you have been sleeping all night, meaning your bladder is full enough for your first pee in the morning.

When the bladder is full, the amount of hCG hormone contain in the urine is higher, thus, making detection a lot easier. However, if you were drinking alcohol or any drink excessively, these could also affect the level of hCG in the urine and there would be a lot of other substances mixed, thus, causing the pregnancy test results to be unreliable.

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