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Hello! awesome moms & dads

When my wife delivered the news that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic and jump up with joy. It was my first child, and I am about to be a father for the first time. So I spent the next five minute congratulating myself for unlocking a new achievement – ‘Soon To Be Father’ and do some achievement dance!

Haha! just joking. I am no dancer. The next day I took a day off. On a usually day off I would lazy at my cozy couch and watch some Game of Throne but not today! Game of Throne gets no love from me today. 😀 I went on full mode and do search around the Internet for advice, tip, guide or anything related to baby. I remember that I even search for the best baby guide and hoping I could turn into a baby pro immediately. Haha!

You know…a soon to be father and never handle any baby before, it can be pretty nervous. The closest I get was taking care a guinea pig – Hario, that always shed hair *grumpy face*.

Frankly speaking, I was kinda disappointed as it was hard to find anything that was helpful, unbiased and written in plain English. Some blogs claimed to be the best baby guide but turn out that the information that I found was rather sketchy and some of them are not up to date. It was bad enough that most of the information was misinform but some are simply nonsense.

I didn't know what to buy, how to shop for it, what I should and shouldn't do, and it were hard to find any good resource for this information. I ended up getting help from parenting forums and also some friends of mine that already in the parenthood journey long before me.

It has been a year plus since I started this fatherhood journey. It was fun and stressful at time but more fun for sure! Watching my baby girl grow up healthily every single day worth all the hard work I have done so far and I am glad for it.

So the other day when I was visiting a friend of mine that just recently becomes a mother. Without realizing we spent the whole day talking about newborns and I was sharing all my fatherhood stories with her; all the tips, tricks and baby hacks. LOL!, I think I shared a bit too much and got her husband freak out a bit.

It really feels like I am a walking baby dictionary. When the day was getting late, I bid them farewell and head back home and while driving, suddenly an idea strike me like a lightning. I was thinking that it would be great if I could share all my fatherhood experiences with everyone and this breed a new idea in me. Lo and behold, BabyDotDot was born.

I started BabyDotDot.com aiming to be the best resource for mom and also dad like me who love to roll up their sleeve and get involve in taking care baby. In my opinion father should also play the role of taking care their baby. This will encourage father and child bonding which is good for building trust between father and children.

So, what is the purpose of this blog?

Simple: To deliver the best baby guides, tips, advices, baby hacks and anything about baby that can help your parenthood journey less bumpy then the usual. BabyDotDot will be the best resource for moms and dads searching for anything and everything related to baby gear, kid gear, recipes, tech, DIY and everything about baby under the sun.

What makes BabyDotDot different to the other baby blogs?

Glad you ask.

Yes, there are countless of other baby sites and I have read a lot of them. I couldn’t say they are not good but I though they could have done better...

Not providing values

I found that most of the baby blogs out there scrimp on the detail and does not appear to be a place that you can find the information that you seek for. Most of the information was loosely represented and I know it can be frustrating when you cannot find what you looking for.

Billboard setup

While exploring other baby blogs I noticed that their sites were cluttered. The most annoyance is multiple advertisement appear everywhere on the site. This is so distracting and how can we read when there are some many distractions? Worst, some even had pop up ads blocking the whole page. Gosh!

BabyDotDot is all about providing values. All content published are carefully curated and making sure they are providing values to our readers. Although this site does monetize through purchases made through my partner and affiliate sites, such as Amazon.com but there will be no intrusive kind of ads suddenly pop-up in front of you like the others. Well, someone has to pay the bills right? 😉

In short, I will try my best to make the kind of site that I would have found useful as a new clueless dad when I was searching for the best baby guide. You know — all the 101 questions that I had and nobody is answering them satisfyingly? Now, I am gonna tell you everything.

Would You Like To Help?

Only you can help me make this blog awesome.

As a reader, you help shape this blog into an amazing resource. Get involve and comment if any post didn’t help you. Let me know if you have any story, guide, tip or anything great that you want to share with the community. I will cover them on my write up. With your help and nurturing this blog will grow and become valuable resources for all parents. Let’s make this happen and thank you for making this blog awesome!

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