The Top 4 Organic Baby Play Mat That Is Safe For Your Baby


Play mats are essential for all doting mothers and their babies. It is completely understandable that we all want the best for our infants and toddlers. And when one says the BEST, it just means that the mats are not only comfortable for the baby, but it should also promote health and general well-being as well as be gorgeous to look at. An organic baby play mat is just the right choice to fulfill all that and more.

Mats may look mundane and ordinary. But their importance in the rearing and safekeeping of young ones can never be overstated. A responsible parent must choose a child’s play mat very carefully. A better choice would be an organic baby play mat.

Top 3 Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat

For many people, baby play mats merely serve as a cushion where one can put the baby at ease and in comfort. But baby play mats are not entirely for that purpose alone. They serve a variety of benefits.

Visual Development

The baby’s mastery of images, most particularly of colors and motion are first experienced while on the baby play mat! Organic baby play mats allow the baby room to explore the patterns of everyday life. Through the baby’s senses, he sees the world before him - colors and how they differ from one another, moving objects, and even his movements. While on the baby play mat, the baby learns to build his ideas - like how he can cause movement or stop movement. The child also gets to familiarize himself more with his home, his family, and his surroundings in great ease.

Gross Motor Development

The organic baby playmat will be the virtual playground of your child where he will try and perform his very first independent motor movements such as kicking, crawling, attempting to sit, and who knows - maybe even his first steps and attempts to walk. Be sure to document these little things!


Undoubtedly, the organic baby play mat is of great help to all parents as you can bring it anywhere you want at any time of the day!

Best Organic Baby Play Mats

I really love baby play mats, and I think it's the most important purchase all parents should do.

Play mats help to protect your baby from the hard and cold floor, and it's not good for your baby joints to consistently impacted by the hard surface when they are playing on the floor. Here, I’ve scoured the web and find 9 best baby play mats that I think it’s worth to buy.

Personally, I prefer the organic baby play mat as they are non-toxic and gentle to my baby skin. Also, I can have a peace of mind knowing that my child is safe from any harmful substances.

Here are the top 4 organic baby play mats that I love, and you won't go wrong with any of them.

The CorkiMat By Pillobebe


CorkiMat is made in the USA and also a favorite of mothers who are very protective of their young ones.

The CorkiMat baby play mat has properties that prove to be very comforting for parents who have near obsessive-compulsive tendencies as the mat is 100% organic, very soft, and with proven anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.

CorkiMat padding is made of natural cork, bamboo fibers, and organic cotton it’s soft and comfortable to put your baby on the mat. The removable cover is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Each pack comes with 4 CorkiMat measured approximately 38" x 38" and is easily connected with anti-slip Velcro strips. There are also 6 and 9 tiles option and price start from $159.

Pillobebe Organic Cotton Play Mat


Organic Cotton Play Mat by Pillobebe is made in the USA and is praised for being 100% free of chemicals that may harm the baby. An added feature is its soft texture that is anti-slip and water-resistant. It also comes in various colors that are very attractive for the child especially the Yellow Pebbles design that is simply gorgeous.

The different between this playmat and the CorkiMat is that CorkiMat comes in many pieces of mats, and you connect them later, but Organic Cotton Play Mat come in 1 one complete mat.

This play mat padding measured approximately 1" thick which is good enough to protect your baby from hitting the floor. The cover of the mat is 100% GOTS certified organic. One more excellent feature is that the cover is easily removed and for laundry.

The zipper is hidden in an enclosed pocket which is perfect for preventing your baby from accidentally scratch by the zipper. While this playmat lack of online reviews but one of my BFF brought it and she loves the mat so much that she spend a lot of time with her baby on the mat together.

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Baby Bello Organic Play Mat


The Baby Bello Organic play mat is 100% free from toxic materials and is completely comfortable due to its cotton fiber and thick and fashionable padding. It is made up of eco-friendly materials and is very easy to wash. The cover is 100% organic cotton cover, and it's made in the USA.

Those who have limited space at home would be very happy to know that the mat is easily foldable and takes up very little storage. Baby Bello Organic Play Mat is suitable to use on any surface.

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Nook LilyPad Play Mat


The Nook Lily Pad offers extreme comfort and health hazard free playtime for your baby. Come in many different vibrant and eye-catching colors; this baby play mat was manufactured with materials that are purely found in the environment and completely rid of synthetic and hazardous materials that may do your child lots of harm.

Nook Lily Pad is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, microbe-resistant and anti-mite. Nook Lily Pad is not only can be used as a playmat, but it’s also great as a cushion for meditation use.

The Nook Lily Pad measured 40" and is round shape was extremely comfortable and breathable - providing a natural space for your baby during playtime and even nap time. Nook Lily Pad’s cover was made of organic cotton and eucalyptus, and the core materials are PETE. A great feature about this mat is that it's machine washable which make your laundry work a breeze.

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Non-Toxic Baby Play Mats

What differentiates non-toxic play mats from organic play mats?

Organic play mats are entirely made up of materials that are found in the natural environment. Meaning to say, they are NOT made of materials that are created artificially in the laboratory.

On the other hand, non-toxic play mats are not 100% organic. This means that some of its materials are synthetic and manufactured. However, non-toxic mats only use materials (i.e., food grade materials) that are proven to be safe and healthy for humans, especially babies.

Examples of these types of play mats are enumerated below.

MyLine Baby Play Mat - Extra Thick


This play mat has superb design and soft, thick, and very comfortable cushioning. It passed the U.S CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) inspection, and it's safe for babies to use. MyLine Baby Playmat is made of food grade materials which are safe if contacted with baby skin.

The playmat is waterproof and is very easy to clean. It is also very visually appealing for both parents and children - as it features a string of colors, characters, letters and number designs that aid in the baby’s visual and motor development. It is truly eye candy!

Check out this review video no MyLine Baby Play Mat.

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Baby Care Play Mat - Large


The baby care play mat is one of the most creative and artistic baby playmats in all the land. It is soft and durable and can withstand even the most active babies and toddlers.

The Baby Care Play Mat also have a noise-reducing feature which is perfect for those who want a quiet and cozy home despite many baby musings. The mat is designed with beautiful vector images and vibrant in colors that are sure to be eye pleasing to your child.

Baby Care playmat is tested to comply with the European Toy Standards EN71, a standard to make sure that the toy produced is safe for children before can be sold at the European market. A manufacturer that passed the EN71 standard will carry a CE mark on their toys.

Baby Care playmat is made to be waterproof and easy to clean. Spilled milk? No problem! Just wipe with a clean cloth and the mat is like brand new again.

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Dwinguler Large Kid's Play Mat


This playmat is famous for its resistance to slips and its elasticity. Despite these strong features, the playmat is also extremely comfortable and germ-free. It possesses materials that keep the baby free from dirt, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful antigens.

Dwinguler manufactured this playmat with baby safety in mind. It's made of earth and baby friendly materials which are 100% free from any toxic materials including phthalate.

The Dwinguler Playmat is completely waterproof which make cleaning a breeze, and it easily keeps after use. Just roll up the mat and put it aside. The mat is also printed with high-resolution vector images and very vivid in colors that help with your child visual development.

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Lollaland Play Mat


Lollaland first appear on Shark Tank is the company that made this fantastic play mat aims to balance creativity and usefulness - and succeeds in doing both! It has a unique double design feature where one side reveals a playful and active baby while the other side is more serene, calm, and perfect for babies after considerable play time. It also slips free and is extremely comfortable for kids.

Lollaland playmat also featured prints that you can make it as discover-and-learn with your child which are engaging and fun! Place Lollaland plays mat in your nursery, and it will make it a beautiful centerpiece art.

Lollaland also has other great products like their celebrity famous Lollaland Sippy Cup, which successfully got them the initial funding from Shark Tank to expand from a garage operation to an international company.

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Wonder Mat - Thick Rainbow Foam


This mat features interlocking and multi-colored parts that are thick and very reliable during play time. Its thickness and waterproof feature assure that children are protected from any untoward accident.

Wonder Mat is made from recycled, non-toxic, light weight, durable, lead-free and high-density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). This mat can last up to 10 years under proper care. You can see their non-toxic passed test report here.

Wonder Mat is also very visually appealing - with strong neon colors that are good for the baby’s brain and visual development. Measured 1" x 1", each pack comes with 36 pieces of mats. You can create different patterns as the pieces can be interlock like a jigsaw puzzle.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this mat. Wonder Mat is not only ideal for protecting your baby, but this colorful mat can use for many other purposes like in the yoga class, gym floor or even in the karate class. Hundreds of places can use Wonder Mat!

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Skip Hop Geo Playspot Foam Floor Tiles


The Skip Hop Geo Playspot baby play mat not only provide protection and comfort for your baby on the floor but it also comes with a stylish design. The chevron design is classic and yet contemporary.

Each Skip Hop Playspot tile is designed with soft-foam triangle shapes that let you easily connect to create trend-setting patterns for the ultimate customization for your little one's play space. The design pattern is almost limitless.

Skip Hop Geo Playspot comes with a generous oversized tile, and that mean extra-large play space for your baby. Also, what I really like about this mat is that it includes extra edge pieces to give it a nice finishing at the edge of the mat. (40 triangles and 32 edge pieces).

When fully assembled, this baby play mat measured at 70 x 56 in. Also, from the reviews, we found out that many parents are saying good thing about this mat and they are loving it.

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How To Clean Baby Play Mats

The majority of baby play mats are made to clean easily except for those made of cotton which you have to either dry clean or machine wash.

Cleaning a baby play mat is not hard. While the following cleaning method is suitable to clean waterproof type of baby play mats but they can also use to clean the non-waterproof baby play mats too, but you have to dry the mats under the sun after clean to make sure they are complete dry so that it does not grow mold.

Here are some materials that are commonly found in one’s home and are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting baby play mats.

Vinegar and Water Solution

Vinegar is an acid that helps in fighting off germs and disinfecting play mats. An acid such as vinegar has the capability to disinfect. This is done by combining equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. The solution is then sprayed onto the play mat for complete disinfection and general cleaning. After spray, wipe with a clean cloth and leave the mat air-dry before storing.

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

The combination of ⅓ lemon juice and ⅓ baking soda creates a semi-solid/semi-liquid substance that is applied to the playmat using a sponge. After 10 minutes, soak the sponge in water and apply to the playmat to rinse it off and leave it air-dry.

All Natural Cleaner

An all-natural cleaner is recommended for parents who have children that easily develop skin allergies and rashes. An all-natural cleaner contains hypoallergenic substances that are mild to the baby’s soft and supple skin. The best hypoallergenic cleaner is Babyganics Multi Surface Cleaner, contained no ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes.


Detergents may clean your play mat very well, but any responsible parent needs to choose a detergent that is free from dye and other perfume as these harmful chemicals may adversely affect the baby’s skin. The recommended detergents are from Babyganics. Babyganics' detergent contained no SLS, phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes and they are made of plant base ingredients which are perfect to clean your baby play mat.

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