The Best Tula Baby Carriers to Buy (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Nowadays, carriers are an essential accessory to have when taking care of your child. The Tula carrier is a great choice to get and we’ll be discussing the best Tula carrier in this post.

It’s one of the most well-known brands today because of its so easy to use. Some parents love it so much that they even buy multiple.

But why need a baby carrier if you already have a stroller?

For one thing, a carrier allows your baby to be safe with you and still provide you with a hands-free choice.

And let’s face it. Babies love to be carried. It’s a kind of bonding activity for you both. There’s very likely that you’ll be carrying your child from when he’s born up until he’s 4-years-old (or more).

After reading this article, you will know:

  • More about the brand – Tula
  • The different kinds of Tula carriers
  • What the best Tula baby carrier is for you
  • How to buy the perfect baby carrier for you and your baby
  • And many more

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Discover the Best Tula Baby Carrier

There are a few different kinds of baby carriers that you can purchase from Tula.

In fact, there are a few different kinds of baby carriers in general. Get one depending on what you need.

For example, you can get a standard baby carrier that has the typical design you see in-stores. Or you can also buy a Tula baby wrap for a less structured experience.

You can also divide baby carriers depending on your baby’s age, so a Tula infant carrier is great for when he’s younger while a Tula toddler carrier is better for when he’s about 2 years old and above.

To help you choose which carrier to get, you can read a few of the Tula baby carrier reviews below. Check out the buying guide for more information as well.

On this page, learn:

The Best Tula Carriers – Product Reviews

Tula Carrier Guide


Tula Standard Ergonomic Carrier


The Standard carrier is Tula’s original design range.  It was created to be easy to use, and for your daily baby carrying purposes.

The Standard carrier can be used for newborns to toddlers. This carrier also has a removable hood, pocket storage, and breastfeeding ability for extra convenience.

Here is one of the best Tula standard ergonomic carrier:

Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Betty-Standard Size (Baby)

Even though this is the first ever design Tula released (and they have released a lot of improved designs), the Standard is still a high quality baby carrier you should try out.

It is made with 100% cotton and can be used as a front facing or back carry.

It supports your baby’s body with its ergonomic M-Position seat for better physical and hip development.

This carrier can accommodate babies weighing 15-45 pounds, and even ones as light as 7 pounds if you use an insert.

…the elastic bands on the end of each strap are a surprisingly exciting feature. Since the straps are so long to allow it to fit so many different body types… – Sarah Jones, Amazon

Not only that, mommy and daddy will have a better and comfier time wearing this carrier since it has a wide padded waistband as well as dual-adjustment padded straps.

The Betty Standard features a retro design that makes your baby carrier stylish and funky. It shows black fabric with white polka dots and cherry prints all over.

You should also check out these awesome patterns: Looking For Helpers and Bliss Bouquet.


Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier

Why are most parents going gaga over the Free-to-Grow carrier?

Simple! It’s a great deal!

Not only is this carrier easy to use but it also allows you to transition from using it for your newborn up until he grows into a toddler.

It also offers multiple inward facing positions for you to choose from.

This carrier also has a removable hood, pocket storage, and breastfeeding ability.

Here is one of the best Tula Free to Grow Baby carrier:

Tula Ergonomic Carrier Free to Grow – Blossom

One of the more recent designs of Tula is the Free-to-Grow carrier, and it is aptly named.

The primary function of this excellent baby carrier is that you can use it for your newborn until he grows up to become a toddler.

That’s such a money-saving quality!

It is also made from 100% cotton, as well as breathable and lightweight twill fabric. Whether it’s hot out or not, you and your baby will feel cool.

The ergonomic design of the carrier promotes hip and spine development as well.

After using this for about six months I still use it daily and is just as important to me as my purse (or in my current stage of life, my diaper bag). – JennK, Amazon

The Blossom Free-to-Grow features a stunning navy blue fabric with white polka dots and floral patterns. It is classic and dainty at the same time.

You can also look into these dashing designs: Discover and Indigo.


Tula Coast Carrier

Another design from Tula is their coast carrier.

Unlike the other two designs, this one isn’t from the main line. Instead, it is a carrier that uses a different type of fabric.

It has the same innovative features of the other Tula carriers, like the ergonomic design as well as being easy to use.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Coast Mesh Baby Carrier


The main difference between the Coast Carrier and the other Tula carriers is the fabric used for it.

It features an innovative mesh body panel that allows you to support your baby from day 1 up to his toddler days without needing any insert.

It can also accommodate front and back carry for more comfortable positions that improve your baby’s development.

That’s not to mention that is has a wide padded waistband and dual-adjustment padded straps to make mommy and daddy comfy while using it.

The mesh on this one is actually breathable! I do not like the thick “3d” mesh they claim is better. This one is just a plain old mesh panel and it’s thin (but strong) and has fantastic air flow. – Lee, Amazon

The Overcast Coast carrier features an adorable, gender-neutral light gray color that can match with any outfit.

You can also check out these other designs: Electric Leaves and Hyacinth.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Carrier



Aside from reading a Tula carrier review, it also pays to know certain factors and features that make one baby carrier perform better than others.

It’s not only about being stylish, after all. You should also consider the quality and care that has been put into the designing and making of the child carrier you’re choosing.

Is it safe? Is it comfortable? Is it adjustable? Is it Mom-approved?

See, there are lots of questions you need to be answered before buying your carrier.

  • Ergonomics and Design

The design of your baby carrier is crucial since it dictates the ease of use, comfort, and pretty much everything you will experience with it.

You should probably choose one that is ergonomically designed.

Getting a properly designed carrier is beneficial to your well-being, as well as your baby’s comfort and development.

You will want a baby carrier that encourages your newborn baby to have a ‘C Spinal alignment’ with his legs tucked up to help minimize the pressure in his hips and spine.

In that position, it can also promote better digestion as well as a sense of calm.

You should also make sure that your baby’s bum and hamstrings are adequately supported by ensuring that his legs aren’t dangling dangerously.

Finally, the carrier’s design should be able to provide you with back, neck, hip, and shoulder comfort.

Some features that provide these are criss-cross straps and wide waist belts.

  • Versatility of Design

For more efficiency and a better deal, you should probably get a baby carrier that can offer you different carrying positions.

Nowadays, one carrier can have a six-position feature so you don’t need to choose only front-facing or back-facing.

You should also get one that can grow together with your baby, from being a newborn to a toddler. This kind of carrier allows you to use it as soon as your baby’s born up until he’s about 4 years old.

  • Safety & Reliability

If there’s one very critical feature you need to research on, it’s your baby carrier’s ability to keep your baby safe while you’re using it.

Check the quality of the materials they’re using. Make sure that each stitch, buckle, zipping, clips, and Velcro are sturdy enough.

You should also consider the breathability of the fabric used.

The last thing you want is for your baby to have an accident because of the baby carrier you bought.

  • Ease of Use

Sure that carrier looks super chic, and that one feels really comfy.

But both of them just have too many straps, buckles, and whatnot that you might get lost in. Don’t settle for those!

Ease of use is another worthy feature that you should keep in mind.

Look for a carrier whose design you like, is comfortable, and can quickly be put on and off without harming your baby and you.

  • Comfort

Some baby carriers are marketed as more environmentally friendly, easy to use, and etcetera. But you should make room for comfort when it comes to the one you choose.

Remember that your baby will be staying in your carrier for long periods of time. He should be able to develop properly and have a nice time regardless.

Make sure that all the essential places in your carrier are padded. Your baby should also be able to breathe comfortably.

  • Price

The cost of a baby carrier varies widely in the market today. It’s possible for you to be able to buy one as low as $50 and another one for a whopping $400 or more.

The good news? More doesn’t mean better, in this case. However, less isn’t more as well.

There are baby carriers in the $100-$150 price range that can work perfectly for you.


What Is Tula?



Tula, as you might have surmised now, is a brand of ergonomic baby carriers that are very popular nowadays.

They use canvas as well as brightly colored and patterned European textiles for their products.

The Tula baby carriers come in two sizes: standard and toddler. They can also be divided into two weight classes: 15-15 pounds and 25-50 pounds.

Want to try another type of babywearing product? Watch this video to learn more about baby wraps: BABY WEARING HOW TO! (+Mini Review)


Tula Standard vs. Toddler

Alright, now that you know that Tula carries two sizes, what do you get?

The Standard is their baby-sized carrier.

If your baby is 7-15 pounds, Tula highly recommends using their Baby Tula Infant Insert.

The Toddler is the brand’s toddler-sized carrier. It’s not for newborn use, and Tula suggests using it for kids 18 months and above.

To keep it simple:

Standard Carrier

  • Newborn-toddler age
  • 15-45 pounds
  • Must use Baby Tula Infant Insert for 7-15 pounds

Toddler Carrier

  • 18 months old and above
  • 25-60 pounds
  • Not for newborn use

But your child is less than 18 months old but is over 25 pounds, what do you get then?

I suggest that you get the Toddler carrier. Your baby will still comfortably fit the Standard. However, you will feel less strain if you carry him in a Toddler one.


Ergo Baby vs. Tula Carriers

If you’ve done other baby carrier brand research, you would know that most parents choose between Tula and Ergo Baby.

Ergo Baby, for those of you who do not know yet, is another favorite and high-quality baby carrier brand.

But if they’re both famous and made of high-quality materials, which do you choose?

To help you weigh your options, just read on below:

Ergo Baby

  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in 3 different models (360, Performance, and Original)
  • A wide range of solid colors
  • Can carry up to 45 pounds
  • Has multiple-position functionality

Tula Carrier

  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in 4 different designs (42) (Explore, Free-to-Grow, Standard, and Toddler)
  • A wide range of colors and patterns
  • Can carry up to 60 pounds (for Toddler)
  • Has multiple-position functionality

Want to see more comparisons? Watch this video:



Standard Tula Weight Limit

Like most baby carriers, even Tula has a weight limit. This is put in place to ensure that your baby stays safe always.

The weight limits in Tula carriers vary depending on their design.

Tula Weight Limit

Explore: 7-45 pounds (Newborn-Toddler)

Free-to-Grow: 7-45 pounds (Newborn-Toddler)

Standard: 15-45 pounds (Newborn-Toddler) *needs insert for babies 7 – 15 pounds

Toddler: 25-60 pounds (Toddler 18 months+)


How Much is A Tula Carrier?

Each Tula Carrier design differs in price. Here is a rough estimate of how much each cost.

  • Explore: $179.00
  • Free-to-Grow: $149.00 – $159.00
  • Standard: $139.00
  • Toddler: $169.00
  • Tula Infant Insert: $40.00


How to Wash a Tula?

Each different type of Tula carrier has its own sets of washing and care instructions. So, make sure to follow whatever is on its reference tag to get the most use out of your carriers.

Before tackling each carrier, you should note: Don’t use fabric softeners, detergents with brighteners, or bleach on your Tula carriers.

Explore Carrier

  • Don’t bleach, dry clean, iron.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Line dry.
  • Don’t use detergents with perfumes, bleach, dyes, chlorine, or brighteners.

Free-to-Grow Carrier

  • Don’t bleach, tumble dry, iron, dry clean.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Don’t use detergents with perfumes, bleach, dyes, chlorine, or brighteners.

Standard & Toddler Carrier

  • Spot clean with soft cloth, soap, & warm water
  • Machine wash cold, on delicate cycle (only when necessary).
  • Use only mild detergent
  • Air dry.

Now, you more about Tula but this brand isn’t the only baby carrier brand in the world. There are lots to choose from!

So, if you didn’t find one that fits your needs in this list, don’t despair. There are still other types of carriers out there to look into.

Aside from Tula carrier models, you can even broaden your search! Don’t just stop with Tula toddler carrier reviews.

You can check out different designs like ring slings, or different uses like special carriers for hiking and whatnot.


More Baby Carriers

The brand, Tula, isn’t the only baby carrier brand in the world. There are lots to choose from!

So, if you didn’t find one that fits your needs in this list, don’t despair. There are still other types of carriers out there to look into.

Aside from Tula carrier models, you can even broaden your search! Don’t just stop with Tula toddler carrier reviews.

You can check out different designs like ring slings, or different uses like special carriers for hiking and whatnot.

Hungry for more information? Check out these articles below, and you might just find what you need!

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