Interview With Adam Bottino The Founder Of BabyMoso


About BabyMoso

BabyMoso is an eco-conscious clothing brand that features onesie’s made from soft and sustainable bamboo fabric.

For everyone onesie sold, BabyMoso donates one to a child in need! Feel good knowing you bought an amazing product and feel even better knowing that you are supporting an incredible social cause!

As an added bonus, bamboo material wicks naturally - pulling moisture away from the body - which is great for babies in warmer climates as this can drastically reduce the chance of developing heat rashes.

Parents will also appreciate that these garments do NOT shrink in the wash and the spandex blend allows for some comfortable stretching, so babies can enjoy wearing these garments longer than any others.

The Interview


Tell me about yourself.

I'm a husband, a father, a son and a brother. I love to make people laugh and feel at ease. I'm originally from New Jersey. It's a fantastic place and growing up near the ocean truly inspired me to want to travel. Something about standing on the beach and looking out over and ocean and wondering what was on the other side.

In my adult life, I've been blessed with opportunities to travel all over the world and connect with people from all different cultures. As a supply chain professional, I am fascinated by the concept of trade and transportation, how it shapes our world and how it connects people, now and all throughout history. For these reasons, I was driven to start my own international business that would involve connecting people with interesting products and helping people all over the world.


How did BabyMoso start?

I had the idea to make something with bamboo fiber ever since I discovered it at a Shanghai eco fair back in 2011.

I was just so amazed at how soft the material was. I just didn't know exactly what I wanted to make with it until my wife, and I was expecting our first child in 2014. At that time, I remember spending a lot of time shopping for baby clothing and I wasn't finding anything quite as soft as bamboo.

I also wasn't finding any baby clothing brands that were giving back to help those in need.  So, I saw that I had the unique opportunity to fill the space by creating the first and only company that would make the softest baby clothing while operating under the One for One policy, helping babies in need.


Where do you gather your inspiration?

My daughter is my inspiration and motivation. After becoming a father, I look at the world through a different lens these days. I want to make this world a better place, for her and all the other babies that will inherit it after we're gone.


What is your favorite part of contributing to the industry?

I enjoy operating a niche business that raises awareness of sustainability and proves that companies can do even more to give back.


What do you love?

There are the obvious answers like my family, music, nature and helping people, but I also love to put myself outside of my comfort zone and experience new things- things that I can use to improve everyday life, share with others or incorporate into my business.


What do you dislike?

Closed mindedness.


What motivate you?

I am motivated by the thought that we all only have such a limited time on this planet. I want to take full advantage of that time to love, create and inspire.


Which of your current creations that you like the most and why?

I'm particularly fond of all of the illustrations that we have printed on our onesies. When considering designs for my clothing, I discovered a young passionate artist from Stockholm Sweden named Jacob. He was completely switched on and we had such a great connection from the start.

I really love his attitude, style and enthusiasm for the BabyMoso concept and raising awareness of endangered species. I'm incredibly proud to feature his beautiful and meaningful illustrations on the BabyMoso onesies.

How did you select the materials you used?

I mentioned before how I was awestruck after touching the bamboo material. Well, I was even more impressed after researching just how sustainable the material is compared to anything else on the market.

The cotton lobbyist may be knocking on my door one of these days to have a 'chat', but I'm proud to spread the word about bamboo being an alternative material that's far more sustainable, earth-friendly and of course, softer than anything else. 

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