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The Benefits of Yoga Poses for Babies

You’re never too young to start doing yoga. Did you know that yoga practice can be very beneficial for babies? With proper precautions and care, it can be really helpful for their mental and physical development.When babies are very young they’ll need your help to get into certain poses, but as they grow older, they […]

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Can Babies Drink Distilled Water?

Once your baby reaches 6 months old, you can start to introduce water for drinking beside milk. Giving her a few sips of water a couple of times through out the day are actually good to keep her body hydrated.If your baby already started on solid, giving her water together with the food is great […]

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Can Babies Have Almond Milk?

Recently I have a friendly trying to find alternative milk for her daughter as she is planning to wean from breast-feeding her baby. We discussed all sort of milks and one particular milk that interest me was almond milk. Today we are going to see what is the goodness that almond milk for a baby […]

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Baby Enemas – Is It Safe To Give Enemas To My Baby?

Babies at any age will come across with constipation issue. While there are many less invasive remedies for constipation in babies like introducing prune juice or giving medicine like Miralex but when a baby’s stool become too hard, all these remedies can be powerless. Related: Is Miralax safe for baby?Related: Prune juice as remedy for […]

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Can I Give My Baby Eye Drops?

Eyedrops is a common over-the-counter med that be easily found in our house. While it’s no big deal for an adult to apply some eye drops to soothe itchiness in our eye due to the dry eye but that does not mean you can do the same for your baby.Eyedrops deliver medicine directly to our […]

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Is It Safe To Give Miralax To Babies?

Since it was first introduced 13 years ago, Miralax is a laxative solution that is in fact aimed at adults but the product is also said to be safe for baby. Giving the right dosage of miralax to your baby from a young age actually has many benefits.According to Steve J. Hodges, M.D., associate professor […]

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