7 Best All Terrain Stroller (Quick Buy Guide and Top Choice Brands for 2018)

Having a baby means you need to get your hands on a new set of wheels. Therefore, investing your money in the right stroller is essential for the comfort and safety of your baby. There are plenty of best all terrain strollers available in the market irrespective of your budget.

Strollers have become a necessity to navigate and enjoy life with your little one. When you plan to leave the house with your infant or toddler, having a stroller will make it easier for both of you to travel. In this post, we will show you which are the best all-terrain stroller you can buy as well as guide and tips in choosing a stroller that fit your child.

List of Best All Terrain Strollers

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The Top 4 All Terrain Stroller Reviews

Here are some of the best lightweight all-terrain stroller which is made of high quality and durable which can last for a long time:

Thule Urban Glide Stroller

One of the best all terrain stroller travel system, the Thule Urban Terrain Stroller gets the job done without the excessive baggage. This is a lightweight jogging stroller but is tough enough to handle all the stress of different terrain.

The Thule Urban Glide Stroller comes with a storage basket along with a zippered cover that can easily be opened and also reclines. An adapter is also present for the infant car seat so that you can easily take your baby along.

This stroller can even be used as your everyday stroller because of its compact design and smaller footprint. Moreover, the front wheel swivels which make maneuverability easier and also locks in place for a jogging session.

Additional Specification

Weight Range - From 6 months up to 75 lbs

Stroller Weight - 23 lbs


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller is designed with a durable and high-quality material. Another signature feature of Joovy Zoom strollers is the large sun canopy and swing away snack tray. Moreover, the extra wide and high riding seat give the child a better visibility.

Being an all-terrain stroller, it comes equipped with a shock-absorbent suspension which smoothes out the bumps while keeping the kid safe and have a smooth ride. It is also equipped with a 12-inch front wheel and pneumatic 16-inch rear wheels for extra comfort. The stroller also comes with a tire pump to top off the pneumatic tires even on the go.

It is light, simple and better performing than its counterparts. It can be carried around easily due to its compact fold. Moreover, cleaning and caring for the stroller is easier as it can be cleaned with a soft cloth and water.

Additional Specification

Weight Range - From 6 months up to 75 lbs

Stroller Weight – 25.7 lbs


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


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BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

The BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller comes with easier recline system, larger basket, improved brake system as compared to previous model and more. It comes with a huge canopy that is made up of two panels. It goes all the way down thus providing full coverage. It also has a window with a Velcro closure.

This stroller also has an adjustable handlebar which can easily be adjusted in one of the 9 different positions to suit different height for the parent. It goes from 34 inches to 45 inches from the ground. It is also padded for added comfort for the parents. The handlebar also has a runaway strap attached to hold the stroller in case it slips from your hand while jogging.

The seat is 14.7 inches wide and 23 inches high. It is padded to provide your little one with extra comfort and support while out for a walk or run. The stroller also has a deep recline which makes it easy for the little one to catch up on his sleep.

If you want to go for a jog with your child, make sure to use the all-terrain stroller with car seat. This will prove extra support to the baby so that he stays comfortable during the jog.

Additional Specification

Weight Range - From 6 months up to 75 lbs

Stroller Weight – 28.5 lbs


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller

Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller has everything that you want in your all-terrain stroller. From rolling resistance to ease of use and maneuverability, this is one of the best strollers present in the market.

This Graco all terrain stroller can easily travel any road surface including dirt tracks, sand, and rough roads. You can also go on a jog with your little one in this stroller as it comes with 3 to 5 point harness with a tether. It has a manual locking front swivel wheel which can be locked when going for a jog or left unlocked when roaming around the town.

The Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller provides smooth handling and comes with air inflated tires for added comfort. It has an extra large canopy that will shelter your little one from the sun, rain and wind. It also has an extra large storage basket to keep the diaper bags, bottles, etc.

Additional Specification

Weight Range - From 6 months up to 70 lbs

Stroller Weight – 25 lbs


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best all terrain stroller for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Thule, BOB and Graco are the best all-terrain stroller brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Thule Urban Glide Stroller, BOB Revolution Stroller and Graco Connect Stroller score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these strollers a good buy too.

What Is an All Terrain Strollers?

As the name suggests, all-terrain strollers are equipped to handle all kind of terrains. They generally have three or some models have four large air-filled tires resembling bicycle tires and can roll over a grassy pavement, cracked surface or even rocky ground, without causing any harm to the child. Moreover, you can also get your hands on the best all terrain double stroller if you have twins. Find more side by side stroller for twins, here.

The all-terrine strollers provide extra control especially while traveling in slippery snow or the muddy road. However, being large, less compatible and heavier than regular strollers, the all-terrain strollers are not recommended to be used in narrow hallways, crowded places and when traveling in tight spaces that have a limited walkway.

Do You Really Need a Stroller?

A majority of parents use the stroller to go out for a walk, go running, walk around the streets, go shopping and indulge in a lot of other activities. One of the benefits of a stroller ride can calm a fussy baby and make him fall asleep.

Moreover, if your lifestyle mostly involves city roads, apartment buildings, and subways, you need to get your hands on a stroller. Sometimes you need to free up your hand to attend other matters and a stroller will be extremely helpful in this kind of time.

Also, if using the stroller is a part of your everyday life, investing in an all-terrain stroller would be the best deal. This will make it easier to go with your child even on off-road adventures.

All-terrain strollers are perfect for a trip to the beach, picnics, mini hiking trips and other adventurous trips with your little ones. These strollers can even be pushed over uneven terrain with ease.

Are All Terrain Strollers Similar to Jogging and Standard Strollers?


You must be thinking what differentiate an all-terrain stroller from a baby jogger? Well, the difference lies on the front wheel as the rear wheels perform the same functions. While jogging stroller or also known as baby jogger has a fixed front wheel for stability, all-terrain strollers have a swivel front wheel for greater maneuverability.

Some jogger strollers also come equipped with swivel front wheel similar to all terrain strollers and it can easily be locked. In addition, jogger strollers also have a handbrake. While there are more similarities than differences, all terrain strollers are also capable of handling jogging sessions with ease. To find out the best jogging stroller, we have a detailed post, here.

How to Choose the Best All Terrain Stroller for Your Baby?

Before you start investing in a stroller there are few things that you need to consider:

Know your priorities

Before rushing to make a purchase, set your priorities right. What is the essential feature you are looking for in a stroller? Do you plan to take your baby along when you go jogging or will you be using the all-terrain stroller only on occasional off-road strolls? Moreover, it is essential to set a budget before you choose to splurge on a stroller as your child will outgrow it soon.

What’s your kid age?

Don’t consider taking your little one on a hike or a jog before he can balance his neck. However, you can choose to use the all-terrain stroller for everyday use by installing a compatible bassinet or infant car seat locked into place until he gets big enough to use the stroller seat. Also, it is not recommended taking your newborn out for a jog in a stroller without an infant car seat.

Size is important

For example, the all-terrain stroller travel system is big and comes equipped with big wheels. Therefore, when investing in an all terrain stroller, make sure your car has enough storage space to carry it around with ease.

All terrain strollers are difficult to carry even when they are folded and put in stroller bag. Thus, you may want to invest in a standard stroller for the baby as well. So, make sure there is enough space in the car and in your home to adjust two strollers.

If you want a compact size stroller, try looking for the umbrella type stroller. They are lightweight and easy to carry. We have written a detailed post about the best travel umbrella stroller in this post.

Opt for an extendable canopy

While investing in an all-terrain stroller, you must have made plans to travel places with your little one, haven’t you? This is why investing in a big canopy for the stroller with UPF 50+ to protect the baby from the harsh sun. You can also choose to go with one that is enough to cover the child in rough weather. Also, remember to keep a windshield and rain cover handy.

Check the wheels

Wheels of an all terrain strollers are large and this fact sets them apart from the regular strollers. Moreover, they are big air filled tires for better shock absorption.

It is necessary for the front wheels to have a great suspension system as this is the part where the impact from rough terrain will be felt the most.

The front wheel of all-terrain strollers should be swivel and lockable at the same time so that it becomes easy to switch between all-terrain mode and everyday use mode.

Importance of 5-point harness

The safest harness available nowadays is the 5-point harness and all high-quality strollers come equipped with it. While all terrain strollers are equipped to handle rough strolling easily, there is always 1% chance that you may lose control for a moment. In such a case, a 5-point harness won’t let your little one fall as it secures the upper body.

Price Range

There is a variety of brands that have come up with stylish colors, sporty look and a lot of other features. However, when you are picking up an all terrain stroller make sure to pick one up that fits your budget. So, whether you want to buy a high-end stroller or want to pick up a budget-friendly stroller, the choice is yours.


If you are traveling places with your little one, make sure to invest in all terrain umbrella stroller. Strollers can make your life easier as you are not required to carry your baby in your arms throughout the trip.

Out of the above-listed road stroller, the Graco all-terrain stroller is the best all terrain stroller. You can also choose to get your hand on a custom off road stroller. However, it will cost you more than the models available in the market. So, before you zero onto a stroller, make sure to consider your budget.

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