10 Best Portable High Chair (Travel-Friendly Hook-On & Booster Baby Seats)

If you are a new mom, you must be aware of the responsibilities that come along with the baby. A stroller can help while you plan to take your baby out for a stroll, getting your hands on the best portable high chair will make it easy for you and your toddler to sit and eat his food comfortably.

With a lot of different brands offering high chairs for kids, it can become difficult to find the best portable baby high chair. To make it easy for you to shop the best chair for your little one, we have put together a list. Read on until the end to find out the best portable chair for your little one. Also, if you have a twin, check this post for the best high chair for twins.

List of Best Portable High Chair

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Top 5 Portable High Chair Reviews

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair is perfect for parents who are looking for a highly functional high chair which won’t take up much space. It comes with three different heights and reclines positions thus making it easy to feed the baby.

The seat pad is machine washable which makes it easy for busy mom to keep it clean. Moreover, it is everything you need but in a compact design. If you love traveling or have limited space at home, this will be the best bet.


  • Suitable for kids up to 50 lbs
  • Comes with three modes for newborn, infant and toddler
  • Five-point harness provides security
  • It is easy to secure the child
  • Comes with machine washable seat cover
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe tray


  • Quite a pricey chair


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Portable Lucky Baby Accessory

The portable Lucky Baby accessory is a 3 in 1 baby harness which can be used as a portable high chair, walking harness and a cart safety strap. The harness lining allows free movement of air thus preventing discomfort from moisture buildup.

As a portable high chair, the safety harness can be attached to the back of a high chair or any chairs. This provides extra support to the baby and prevents him from falling off the chair. It is extremely easy to use and the strap is adjustable with a hidden clasp that prevents accidents such as undoing of the harness by the baby. This is great for parents who travel often.


  • It can be wiped clean
  • It can be carried in the handbag with ease
  • Can be used as a harness or a portable chair
  • It's light and airy
  • It's adjustable and suitable for toddler to grow up kid
  • It can be used from 6 months to 5 years old kids
  • Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • An award-winning product for good quality


  • If used as a restraint, the holding string is rather short


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Inglesina Fast Table Chair

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is one of the best hook-on baby chairs and is extremely popular among parents. This chair folds flat and can thus be carried along. It is a lightweight chair at only 4.2 lbs and comes with a carrying bag which is hidden beneath the seat. Moreover, the travel bag is sewn directly into the material and thus can never get lost.

The Inglesina offers secure and firm chair which has a comfortable design and comes with a backrest and pockets for placing things. It comes with a single Velcro strap which is thick and does its job perfectly. So, if you love traveling, make sure to grab this hook-on chair.


  • Easy to carry chair
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Comfortable design which makes sitting for longer period easy
  • Maximum weight up to 37 lbs


  • Does not come with a shoulder harness
  • Only hook on to table and cannot be converted to stand alone chair


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Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

The Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster make feeding time fun, safe and interesting. It is a real lifesaver for parents who love camping and off-road trips. If you are not sure which one to get your hands on the right chair then just pick Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster as it is one of the best folding high chair seats.

It comes with a travel case that fits the tray as well as the chair. Moreover, it is easy to set up the chair. Just extend the chair rubberized grip legs and arms to create a sturdy seat. It also includes 3 point safety harness which is an added benefit.


  • Protective rubberized grip feet
  • It is ideal for babies up to 40 lbs
  • Detachable and dishwasher safe tray (BPA free)
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Some users termed it as an uncomfortable chair
  • Leg holes are little narrow


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Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Booster

The Graco Simpleswitch 2 in 1 Portable High Chair readily converts to a booster chair when your child outgrows it. It is a smart choice for parents who want the chair to grow with their child. The portable high chair includes three reclining positions which make the transition easier.

When picking up a baby gear, parents often want to choose multi-tasking gears. This is when the Graco Simpleswitch fit in the scene. This chair has been built for the child’s comfort so that every mom can enjoy the feeding time with the kids. The maximum weight capacity for highchair is 37 lbs and feeding booster seat is 60 lbs.

Kids can create a mess while eating and this is where this portable chair excels. It is easy to clean, thanks to the machine washable seat pad and easy to wipe tray. Moreover, it also comes with built-in leg storage which keeps all the parts together when you convert it into a booster seat.


  • The tray can easily be removed
  • Comes with integrated side handles
  • The chair cover is machine washable
  • Comes with three and five-point harness
  • The three position reclining makes feeding comfortable
  • 1-year manufacturer defect warranty


  • Some of the plastic parts feel rather flimsy


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Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best portable high chair for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Graco, Fisher-Price and Inglesina are the best portable high chair brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Graco SimpleswitchFisher-Price SpaceSaver and Inglesina Fast Table Chair score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these portable high chair a good buy too.


Why Would You Need a Portable High Chair?

While a majority of restaurants do accommodate growing up children by keeping things such as kids menu, coloring books and high chairs in storage, consider a situation when you forget to make reservations in advance only to find out that the restaurant is out of high chairs. In such a case, you will end up holding the child in your lap throughout the evening.

Moreover, it will be impossible to enjoy the meal as the child may constantly trying to crawl out of your lap, grab things from the table or spill the drinks. This is one of the most compelling reasons why you need to carry a high chair that attaches to chair or table.

Furthermore, even if the restaurant provides you with a baby chair, think about your baby’s safety. The high chair provided by the restaurant can have more bacteria than a public toilet; therefore, it is always a great idea to carry your own chair.

What Are the Different Types of High Chair?


There are many different types of portable high chairs that you can choose from. However, before you plan to buy a portable high chair, you must decide which type suit you most. Here is the type of high chair commonly available in the market.

Traditional High Chairs

If you have a picture of a high chair in mind, it may probably be the traditional high chair that you will be thinking. The traditional high chair is the most basic types and is the least expensive of all. It is generally constructed out of plastic and metal tubing and is best to help a child to sit comfortably.

However, the traditional high chairs often lack some features such as adjustable height, reclining seat, tray, ability to fold up and wheels. But the good news is that it comes at a lower price as compared to its counterparts.

Multifunctional High Chairs

The multi-purpose high chairs allow the users to adjust the seat height along with the height of the tray. These are easy to clean high chairs and can be extremely handy for families who love to get involved in their kids feeding time.

It is a good chair which can easily be adjusted according to your needs. Moreover, it comes with features that are not found in a basic high chair. The multifunctional model is best suited for parents who want more flexibility than the traditional high chairs.

Space Saver High Chair

Not everyone has a room for an extra chair in their homes; this is when a lot of parents chose to go with space saver chairs. These are not the regular plastic chairs; rather they are meant to save space as the seat gets attached to your existing dining chair.

The space saver chairs are convenient because there is no need to deal with a bulky high chair that takes up a lot of space. Instead, you just need your regular chair and put it on when required and remove it while not in use.

Moreover, they come with a removable front tray which is smaller than the typical high chair thus is easy to clean. The removable tray enables the chair converts into a booster seat for when the child still needs some help to reach the table but have outgrown the high chair.

Hook-on High Chair

The hook-on-high chair or the portable chairs are meant for parents who do a lot of traveling. If you travel places, or when your child is going to have a babysitter or if you are planning to visit a restaurant where they don’t provide high chairs, this is the best alternative.

Some brands offer portable chairs which are similar to the regular high chairs but are lightweight and easy to fold up while others hook-on to the table without a stand. These are one of the best clamps on high chair for parents who travel a lot or spend a lot of time outing.

Convertible High Chairs

Also known as 3 in 1 chair, the convertible chairs are seen as a good investment by parents who want the chair to last for the longest time. The chair can easily be converted to toddler sized seat and can even accommodate a grown-up child.

It is an excellent choice for parents who want to make a large one-time investment for an item that will stay with them for years to come. Some toddlers enjoy eating on their own on their own chair and this chair offers them the right opportunity. The only downside is that it is highly expensive as compared to its counterparts.

How to Shop the Best High Chair?

When it comes to buying a portable high chair, make sure you keep your kid’s safety in mind. With high chairs, they will be sitting at a height so you want to make sure they don’t slip or fall from the chair.

There are numerous things that must be considered, but here are a few essential considerations that will help you to pick the best portable high chair.

Your Requirements

When picking up a portable chair for your little one, your requirements can make a huge difference. If you face space issues in the house, opt for space saving chair. However, if you want to use the chair for a long time, a convertible chair will be the best bet. A travel chair is suitable for those parents who travel a lot or most of the time spend time outing.

A Versatile Chair, Yes?

If you are eyeing something that will last for a while and you can use it for a longer period, then consider buying a convertible chair. Otherwise, you may need to get your hands on a booster seat, once your kids outgrow the high chair.


No parents want their baby to slip out or stand up on the chair. Therefore, it is essential to pick a chair that offers proper restrains feature.


Baby chairs that come with an adjustable seat, tray and heights options are the most popular high chairs these days. Being able to make the adjustments will mean that the chair can easily adapt a growing child.


You must pick up a chair that comes with easy to wipe and dishwasher safe tray. Moreover, the tray must be easy to remove as you don’t want to spend half an hour wrestling with the tray.

Safety standards

Any high chair must have safety harness or shoulder strap to protect the baby from slipping off. Moreover, they must be certified by the JPMA and the logo must be displayed on the packaging.

Wrapping Up

So, just because you became a parent, does not mean you must stay indoors. Go out and enjoy your life with your little one. Shop for the best portable high chair and make sure you don’t miss on the fun. Pick one according to your preferences and the number of babies as the market has many types and brand of high chair available.

Just so you know, we stray away from high chair model like the Regalo Easy Diner, Chicco 360 Hook-on and Summer Infant SecureSeat Chair & Hook-On Booster due to low buyers satisfaction level which caused by the quality and design issues. So, treat with caution if you are ever looking into these high chair models or just pick one of the above featured high chairs and we guarantee you will love it.

  • February 7, 2018
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