The Best Double Jogging Stroller for Running Parents (ft. Single Jogging Stroller too!)

In 1986, the very first baby jogger for two children was born. You can now bring not one, but two children during your running exercises. The best double jogging stroller affords moms and dads the needed exercise outside the home with babies in tow.

Quick History


Unknown to many, the jogging stroller came around in 1984. A male parent decided to improvise and placed bicycle tires on a regular baby stroller. From that simple overhaul, the three-wheeled baby jogger was developed. Parents who are also runners saw the brilliant use of the so-called joggers.

The Top 2 Best Double Jogging Stroller

From our research and review, the amount of good quality double jogging stroller in the market is limited. Although there are many brands has manufactured the double jogging stroller, but we found out that many buyers are not satisfied with their purchase except these two strollers:

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

  • This lightweight double stroller offers superb mobility and greater functionality.
  • The adjustable reclining seats are ultra-padded for enhanced seating comfort
  • It comes with a five-point padded harness, multi-position canopy and a peek-a-boo window
  • As added safety, it has a swiveling locking front wheel for stability and balance
  • The padded handlebars offer 9 positions to suit your height
  • The air-filled polymer wheels are durable for high-impact situations
  • The easy two-step fold makes it convenient for storage and transport


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Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

  • There are limited choices for a dependable double jogger stroller but this one came out to be the second best
  • Although the net customer satisfaction rating is relatively low, the product received a decent amount of verified reviews
  • This double jogger is ideal for a combo of a baby and toddler riders. The seats recline and adjust upright separately so baby can be asleep while toddler looks around
  • The wheels use rubber pneumatic bicycle tires which are excellent at absorbing impact
  • You can lock the front wheels in place to go jogging and unlock them when used as stroller inside the mall or for strolling in the park
  • While this product is for the budget-conscious, it does serve its intended purpose and works pretty fine
  • The size is not compact as you would think because it does not fit through standard doorways


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The Benefits of “The Twinner”


Your exercise activities need not be hampered just because you have babies to take care of. Keeping in shape and staying healthy while nurturing your babies is very important. The “twinner” or double jogging stroller will make you achieve both.

  • Physical well-being

    You can accomplish your health goals even with babies in your midst. You can still jog around in the morning to maintain your healthy form. Jogging while pushing the stroller will help you increase stamina, burn calories and boost your cardiovascular system.
  • Untenable to have two jogging strollers

    If you have more than one kid, it would be difficult to manage two jogging strollers. You either have to leave one baby and bring only one. In all likelihood, you will not jog at all. With a double jogging stroller, it would be a breeze to take a spin around the neighborhood.
  • Designed for safety of jogger and babies

    Parents would not experiment with jogging strollers if babies are at risk. Makers of these specialized strollers understand the concerns of parents and the hassles of bringing two kids. The double running stroller was crafted and meant for jogging with little ones.
  • Can be a regular dual stroller

    A double jogging stroller can be converted into or used as a regular stroller but not the other way around. The regular baby stroller, single or double, is not suitable for use as a jogging machine. They lack the ability to withstand the shocks and bumps of the ground you will be navigating. Besides, you will only be placing your babies at risk. It is dual purpose.
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The Salient Features of a Jogging Stroller


You will see striking differences between a regular stroller and the jogging machine. Your babies will find the experience of riding a jogger absolutely different from the standard stroller.

  • Suspension System

    A jogging stroller has an efficient suspension system to lessen the jarring effects to babies. Almost all types have rear suspension and a sling style seat to cushion and absorb the jogging motions
  • Rubber Tires

    A typical jogging machine uses air-filled rubber tires with 12 inches front wheels and 16 inches rear wheels. The larger wheels roll over bumps easily which is less stressful for babies. There is also less rolling resistance so there is less effort during long runs.
  • Front Wheel Locking System

    You can lock or fix the front wheel depending on the jogging conditions. However, in order to avoid wobbling or strong vibrations, lock the front wheel. Locked front wheels will not result to sharp turns that can tip over the stroller. All strollers designed for jogging provide the ability to lock the front wheel fully, and the better products offer adjustable tracking for straight movement.
  • Safe Distance Between Wheels

    The front wheel of jogging strollers is placed further forward and away from your baby’s center of gravity. The purpose is for the front wheel to bounce and steer your baby away from the stress or shock.

Also ft. the Best Single Jogging Stroller

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer of the best double jogging stroller is also the same one who made the best single jogging stroller. If you only have one baby, you can consider the best singles for your little one.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller

  • If you have one baby to bring, this single jogger has the best adjustable suspension system. The push and the ride are extra smooth
  • This is your rugged all-terrain stroller that is suitable for eight-week-old to 75 pounds kids
  • Just like its jogger counterpart for two, the safety features are embedded in this single seater


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Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

  • This easy compact fold jogger is lighter and stronger so you can go long distance with a lone baby rider
  • It has an extra wide seat and multi-position seat recline for your baby to truly enjoy the view as well as the ride
  • The parent organizer has adequate space like in the double version
  • The aluminum frame is sturdy and complemented by a shock absorbing suspension


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Other Worth Considering Single Jogging Stroller

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A Win-Win Situation

The best double jogging stroller offers a different kind of experience for you and your babies. You can still keep your mental and physical state in check while providing your babies a fun break from indoor confinement. The reward is extraordinary because it is a win-win situation for the running parent and the riding babies.

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