Feminine Hygiene And The 9 Best Menstrual Cups

Have you ever thought about using an eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads? A feminine hygiene product has been developed since the 1930s but never caught fire with the ladies then. Today, women are talking about the best menstrual cup and how it can be used effectively on ‘red letter days.’

"Inside" Look At Menstrual Cups

Here is an informative video on an "Inside" look at menstrual cups and how to insert the cup. This video is especially helpful for women that just adopted to use the menstrual cup.

Menstrual Cup As the Healthy Alternative


Menstruating women generally favor using sanitary napkins, pads or tampons because it can effectively absorb light, medium and heavy blood flows. Apart from cramps, and other menstrual pains, changing them often is also irritating.

Advocates of the product have interesting and compelling reasons in justifying their stand.

1. Main Difference

Compared to napkins, pads or tampons that absorb menstrual fluid, menstrual cups collects and contains blood in a cup made of medical grade silicon.

2. Healthy Vagina

Menstrual cups are hypo-allergenic that retains your natural Ph balance down there. Unlike pads or tampons, it does not contain irritants like chemicals and perfume.

3. Changing Pads vs. Emptying Cups

During menstruation, it is common advice to change your pads or tampons every 3-4 hours regardless of the intensity of blood flow. With menstrual cups, you can empty the contents after 12 hours. That minimizes the nuisance of changing every so often.

4. Holds More Volume

Menstrual cups hold 5 times more fluid than the normal absorbent protection. You can feel more comfortable longer during your period.

5. Leak-Free

The cup functions as a suction when properly inserted. The blood effortless flows directly without worry of leaks. Leaks are likely to happen in napkins or pads when it is full and moved out of position.

6. Avoid Bacteria Growth

Sometimes women take too long or feel lazy to replace blood-filled napkins or pads. The longer it takes, blood dries out which could lead to bacteria growth and infection. Chafing can also lead to irritation similar to diaper rashes.

7. Protection from Harmful Objects

There is a tendency in napkins and pads to shred fragments of cotton while filling up with blood. The bits can cause small cuts in your vaginal walls which can spur TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Small wounds are breeding grounds for bacteria causing TSS.

8. No Movement Restrictions

Just go about your daily routine and stay active for the most part of the day. You can even exercise or dwell on physical activities without feeling uncomfortable or restless.

9. Economical

The useful economic life of a menstrual cup is about 3 to years. You can save time, money and effort compared to sticking to the disposables for period protection. The cups are reusable, convenient and dandy. No extra napkins or pads to carry when you are on the go.

Common Concerns Against Menstrual Cups

As a precaution for latex-sensitive women, purchase menstrual cups that are silicone made and none-other. However, even if the cup is 100% silicone, there are bones of contention against menstrual cups.

  • It’s Messy

    Emptying the cup is one bloody mess. Suitable techniques are required to get over the ‘yucky’ feeling.
  • Difficulty of insertion

    Women who have not had IUD or sexual experience will find it difficult to insert the cups. It takes time and effort getting used to it.
  • Fit Problems

    Just like buying your outfits, you look for the perfect fit. The cups come in various sizes and formations too.
  • Cup Removal

    If the insertion is a problem, removal needs practice as well. There is a need to rinse before reinserting.
  • Proper Care

    After each round of use, the cups need to be sterilized using boiling water or with a sterilizing solution used for baby bottles. You need to do the procedure as a regular maintenance and upkeep.

The Best Menstrual Cup

The mounting popularity of the menstrual cup can no longer be overlooked. Choosing a menstrual cup may add more confusion than ease because of the sheer number of choices.

This quick review is intended to narrow down your choices and firm up your decision to shift to a better means of period protection.

LENA Feminine Hygiene Cups- FDA Registered

  • Made in the USA and FDA-registered.
  • The design of this bell-shaped, 100% U.S. medical-grade silicone. This reusable cup is patented.
  • It is guaranteed leak-proof, odorless and irritation-free on the first and succeeding uses. The double sizes in the package (small and large) are options for the user (adult or teens) and menstrual flow intensity (light to heavy).
  • The main selling points of this Top-ranked brand are the perfect fit, less adjustment period, pliability of the material for easy insertion and removal.
  • It comes in 2 sizes only, small and large, for normal and heavy flows respectively.
  • The flat tab stem also has a soft touch feel for a firm grip. It allows for smooth insertion and seamless removal. No need to trim stem like the other brands.
  • Even beginners will get accustomed quickly because of the smooth sides and little ridges. One notable product attribute is that it fits well for most women.
  • Guaranteed no leak for long hours as it can carry as much as 25ml for normal days and 30ml for heavy days. No discomfort while working or sleeping.
  • The cup is washable and minimal effort is required when cleaning. It comes with a carry pouch to store the cup when not in use.
  • One of the best menstrual cup that has the most good rating and high net customer satisfaction grade.


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


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Lunette Menstrual Cup – Clear

  • This brand is made in Finland
  • Made of the highest medical grade silicone approved by FDA.
  • The dimensions of this cup are smaller compared to other brands, yet it can max out capacity like most cups. This is a distinct advantage because stems of longer cups protrude when inserted. Stem trimming is not necessary.
  • It comes in 2 sizes too with varying consistencies. The large one is firmer and pops open when inserted. The smaller cup is softer and squishier for easier insertion.
  • The small cup is ideal for the younger ones or beginners. It also caters to women with sensitive lower cervix and bladders.
  • It is zero-leak. The suction loosens when removing the cup. That is a clear sign when the suction is working, and the menstrual fluid is exclusively contained inside the cup.
  • Air holes are larger for easier cleaning and to prevent residues from accumulating. It comes with a satin carry pouch for cup storing.


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Other Worth Considering Best Menstrual Cup

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Time To Shift

We trust this quick review that points to the best menstrual cup is insightful to help you shift forthright from the traditional to the modern and healthy feminine protection.

If we were to choose, the LENA Feminine Hygiene Cups is our best menstrual cup pick. This reusable menstrual cup not only have all the plus features but it also has the highest rating as well as net customer satisfaction grade among the rest! We trust that you will never go wrong with the LENA brand.

​So, conquer your doubts. Experience the convenience, comfort and economic benefits that these featured best menstrual cups can offer. Be the woman of today!

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