The 7 Best Overnight Diapers (No More Wet Bed With These Best Nighttime Diapers)

When you have a baby or a toddler who fusses at night even he has just been fed or is swaddled up comfortably, chances are his diaper is too full or worse, has leaked causing him so much discomfort. Let’s look at whether you’ve considered any of these best overnight diapers.

Most babies, especially newborns have an erratic sleep schedule. Most factors are uncontrollable but we parents can take into account some considerations to help build a better sleep pattern for them.

Today there are many diaper brands and types to choose from. There are cloth diapers and there are disposable ones. While there probably is a separate list of the best overnight cloth diapers, in this particular write up, we chose to feature disposable diapers and look into what to consider when picking the best night time diapers.

List of Best Overnight Diapers

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Basics of A Diaper

Let’s take a look first at the three basic components of a diaper:

Top Sheet

This is the part of the diaper that directly touches your baby’s skin. This should be made of top quality material i.e., non-toxic and hypoallergenic material to ensure it does not cause any rashes on your baby’s skin. If your child has extra sensitive skin, check out this post for the best natural diapers that are made of eco-friendly material.

Absorbent Core

This is made of 2 parts, hydrophilic polymer and fibrous material. You would want a hydrophilic polymer that can soak as much water as possible and fibrous material like wood pulp to ensure faster absorption.

Waterproof Outer Shell

This is usually made out of plastic and is the outermost layer of the diaper. Some diapers are eco friendly and are made out of plant or wood pulp.

Choosing the Right Diaper



Obviously a very important factor. The more absorbent, the longer it stays on your baby. Study the features of the diaper and check the number of layers it is made of. The best overnight diapers for heavy wetters should be able to last up to 12 hours, 8 hours to say the least.


Babies vary in size so not all size indicators on the package label may actually fit your baby comfortably. Consider the weight and size of your baby and compare with the specifics on the diaper package.


This is always almost one of the foremost considerations given the frequency of changing a baby’s diaper. Not all expensive diapers prove to be the most effective and just because a particular brand is cheaper does it mean that it’s not an effective one. The best is always to compare product features and reality is, it can be a trial and error process before you find the most economically effective brand that suits your baby.

Reaction to The Diaper

There is no one type fits all when it comes to diapers and how a baby reacts to it. When introducing a diaper to your baby, check whether it fits well on your baby, observe whether your baby seems comfortable wearing it and see whether it gives your baby any rashes or not.

Top 3 Best Nighttime Diapers Reviews

From the time your baby is born until he is completely potty trained, diapers will forever be on your ‘list of things to buy’. So, let’s take a look at some of the best overnight diapers for toddlers we have found for you.

Best Overnight Diaper For Newborn

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

The Pampers Swaddlers diapers are said to be the #1 choice in US Hospitals making it one of the best overnight diapers for baby. This diaper is made of soft material ensuring your baby is comfortable. It has a wetness indicator to let you know when it is time for a diaper change.

Pampers Swaddlers come in 10 different sizes so babies can use it from the time they are born up to when they are toddlers. With its extra absorb channels, this diaper provides up to 12 hours of protection making it a good overnight diaper.

Overall, customers liked the Pampers Swaddlers on their babies however, some parents noticed gel like substance on their babies’ tummy. This meant the diaper was heavily saturated. There is nothing to panic about when this happens. Just wipe off the substance from your child’s skin.


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Best Diaper For Toddler

GoodNites Bedtime Underwear

The GoodNites pants can be used from XS (28-45 lb.), S-M (38-65 lb.), L-XL (60-125+lb.). This overnight diaper has a 5-layer protection giving it a very good absorption function.

The diaper has a good snug fit especially around the legs but does not hurt your child. Plus they are not the bulky type of diapers. It provides very good protection through the night and some toddlers can even use it a few more hours after waking up.

GoodNites diapers come in colorful and attractive designs too. Based on the very good reviews, this diaper comes out as one of the best overnight diapers for boy and girl. You can find GoodNites for girl, here.


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Best Organic Diaper

Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Diapers

In their quest to promote a healthy lifestyle, Earth’s Best created this chlorine free, latex free, dye free and fragrance-free eco-friendly diaper. This diaper is made with renewable resources and fewer petro chemicals to also reduce the harmful effects of disposable diapers to the environment.

This hypoallergenic diaper provides your baby with the comfort he deserves. The package does not specifically say it is an overnight diaper, however, based on reviews this is a good enough diaper that can be used through the night. This is also a cheaper alternative to the other organic diapers in the market.

There have been minimal to almost no negative skin reactions of babies and toddlers who have used this brand.


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Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips on disposable diapers:

  • Limit fluid consumption before bedtime
    Try not to give your baby a full bottle right before he dozes off. For toddlers, opt to stick to an earlier dinner time so that he has time to settle down before bedtime.
  • Consider getting a bigger size
    Especially for overnight use, most parents recommend a bigger size. This does not necessarily mean the diaper is loose (because the elastic lining will still remain snug), just that there are more room and space for absorption.
  • Change diaper right before goes to bed
    Give your baby or child enough down time before bed and then change to a new diaper when he is just about to go to sleep. In doing so, hopefully, he pees the last fluid intake by then.

Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best overnight diapers  for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Pampers, GoodNites and Earth's Best are the best overnight diapers brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Boys and Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these overnight diapers a good buy too.


Always be open to trying different brands before settling on “the one”. Also, if you are using diaper, most probably you will be needing the following item to help out with the diaper change - diaper wipe warmer, wet bag, diaper pail and some chic diaper bags. Click on the link to read more.

So, there you have it. We hope that this post has given you some helpful information about nighttime diapers and also has helped you in selecting the best overnight diapers for your child.

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