The 8 Best Exersaucer Spells Fun for Baby and Toddlers

Exersaucers are synonymous to fun except perhaps for pediatric therapists. If you are familiar with enjoyable baby merchandises after the stroller, then the next fun item in your list would probably be the best exersaucer. As mentioned earlier, not all are in agreement with parents who marvel at this great invention. Exhausted parents deserve a break, and bored babies need some entertainment.

Exersaucer for Baby


For whatever it’s worth, you want your child to move on from the monotonous lying and sitting down in the stroller or baby jumper when he or she is more than willing to try avenues to test their new-found skills and sensory perceptions. Pacifying a restless baby takes it toll on parents when there is nothing else to do.

If you baby is not quite ready for exersaucer, see this post for the best baby jumper. Baby jumpers or jumperoos are excellent to build and develop baby’s leg muscle.

What Brought About The Exersaucers?

Baby exersaucers came into existence in the 90’s as an alternative to the baby walkers. The backlash against the baby walkers was because of the reported injuries which put the blame on the product’s imperfect biomechanics and movement patterns.

While walkers aim to assist kids to learn how to walk, it did not prevent mishaps like falling the stairs or hands touching the hot stove. Also, on the contrary to popular belief, the baby walker might delay the walking process instead of facilitate it because the walker can be a discouragement for baby to learn to walk properly.

​In response to the walker’s loophole, developers came up with the idea of simplified playtime for babies. Besides the marketing pitch that it is safer, it promises a fun-filled entertainment and skill development activity.

What Is Not So Fun About the Exersaucers?

If the baby walkers did not escape criticisms, exersaucers have some too.

Giving exersaucer for a baby above 8 months old is fine but it’s may be counter-productive for young babies below 5 months old. While not all product is made perfect, let’s see what are the lack of an exersaucer if use for young infants:

Poor posture

Babies in exersaucers tend to develop poor posture: a head position that tips back too far, too high shoulders, pulled hips and arched back. Babies are not yet ready to stand with locked knees that their weight put pressure down on their little toes while standing upright.

No sense of balance

​Babies standing inside exersaucers lose their sense of balance and control because the tendency of the small frame is to slant forward as a way of countering the pull of gravity. The position interferes with their development of balance. Further, babies to not see their feet which hinder coordination and control.

​Limited exploration

​The development of cognitive and motor skills is hampered by the limited space and fixed place. Although exersaucers include many toys and ornaments for sensory stimulation, opportunities to explore the environment instinctively are lost. Babies cognitive and motor skills develop the most during crawling stage.

​Lack of interaction

​Fault finders view exersaucers as relief as an item to keep kids busy so parents can do other things. The lack of social interaction is unhealthy for children in the early stages of growing up.

What Are the Unquantifiable Benefits?


Despite the brickbats thrown against the exersaucers, satisfied users do not regard them as the end-all with regards to baby entertainment and development. The key here is to use it with moderation.

  • When used as an play center, the exersaucer is an excellent and safe place for your learning baby to be. Rather than move around the house crawling and reaching out for things, your child can bounce or jump in a confined space.
  • The best exersaucer is equipped with toys and interactive ornaments (visual and audio) which make it conducive for development and fun. It is complete with motor skills testing, strength building, and mental stimulation. Use it every day with time limits and see how your baby gradually develops with the help of the exersaucer. You are preparing your baby for the bigger activities ahead.

The Top 3 Best Exersaucer

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumper

  • Fisher-Price came out with a winner with this stimulating interactive exersaucer for boys and girls. The rainforest theme will surely provide fun, learning, and entertainment experience.
  • The seat can rotate freely so your baby can face whichever side he or she chooses while playing with all the bright-colored animals, toys and forest ornaments surrounding the exersaucer. The flashing lights and fun music are the added attractions.
  • Your baby will be thrilled to jump, spin, and bounce in a playful atmosphere. All features are present to keep babies visually engaged while enhancing auditory senses. The exersaucer promote eye-hand coordination and create cause and effect scenarios when buttons for music and lights are activated.
  • The free-standing steel frame is sturdy to prevent it from leaning or tipping over. The spring seat is soft and comfortable. The covers are washable and dryer safe too.
  • The set-up is stress-free as well as the take down for packing and storing.


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Fisher-Price Step and Play Piano

  • Parents who want to expose their baby early to musical instruments would love this exersaucer. It is a musical extravaganza. The step and play piano truly work as a real piano with the four piano keys (C E G C).
  • This is a complete amusement package - physical, musical, and mental stimulation integrated into one.
  • It will boost your baby’s gross motor skills and developing coordination with the piano keys with the hand and feet keyboards.
  • The 360 degrees rotatable seat will thrill your baby while tinkering with 12 colorful toys around the exersaucer. It is a removable seat so that even a toddler can use it.
  • For babies too young to sit, the floor keyboard converts to a tummy mat. It will become the best baby activity mat your toddler ever had.
  • The economical use of this exersaucer goes from the baby stage and well into the toddler age.


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Bright Starts Safari Bounce-a-Round

  • Prepare your little girl for some jungle adventure with this safari-themed exersaucer in a striking pink color. The Sweet Safari is superb for pure bouncing because its unique bouncing pad will keep your baby engrossed in lots of bouncing fun.
  • The contraption is basic and without the electronic toys most. There are a dozen activities to lengthen your baby’s attention span. Some of the activities geared for motor skills development include bead chasers, ball poppers, sunshine baby safe mirror, and a flexible palm tree with crinkly leaves.
  • The seat rotates 360 degrees so your baby can engage and play with all the 12 colorful interactive toys and fun characters. The seat is adjustable to three height positions to accommodate your baby as she grows and can be remove to be come a chair too.
  • When fully set-up, the safari activity center is the best exersaucer for small spaces.


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Other Worth Considering Best Exersaucers

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Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best exersaucer for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Fisher-Price and Bright Starts are the best exersaucer brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Fisher-Price Rainforest and Fisher-Price Play Piano score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these exersaucers a good buy too.

A Safe Playground

The best exersaucer will give your baby the freedom of movement and relative independence without really going far from you. Your inquisitive baby will remain active yet safe as long as that saucer is in a designated play area instead of wandering around the house unmindful of the perils. Keep your baby engaged with the exersaucer that has made many moms appreciative of the crafty invention.

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