Featuring The Best of 31 Organic Baby Clothes Brands

As information becomes more accessible to parents today, we find that parents nowadays are more inclined to purchase organic baby clothes, in order to minimize their babies’ exposure to toxic chemicals used to make fabrics (petrochemicals, acrylic/polycrylonitriles, PVC, and esters, just to name a few).

While toxic chemicals are dangerous for any one of us, it is exceptionally bad for babies, as they tend to be more vulnerable to its adverse effects. This is because babies’ organs and metabolism are not as capable as that of an adult’s when it comes to fending off those toxic chemicals.

In addition, most babies have a habit of putting their hands into their mouths so if they’re wearing things like mittens then they’re also ingesting harmful chemicals through that. Non-organic baby clothes are often made from synthetic fibers manufactured with a host of petrochemicals that are linked to various health problems.

Watch this short video on the benefits of organic clothing to your baby...​

Fortunately, organic baby clothes are manufactured by quite a few companies today, and these organic baby clothes brands are loved by many parents. These non-toxic baby clothes are available for purchase either through some retail stores or online like Amazon. Check out these top organic baby clothes brands below, in alphabetical order.

Top 31 Organic Baby Clothes Brands

Don't have time to check out all the brands? No problem! Use the 'Quick Navigation' table to jump to the brand you like and find out more information about the brand.



Babinca specializes in organic baby clothes and accessories, made and designed with 100% love and certified eco-friendly cotton, influenced by the flower of life and sacred geometry.

Babinca received many good reviews for their products and it’s definitely an organic baby clothes brands that loves by many. Price ranges from $15 – $65.

Miron Ginzburg, the founder of BABINCA is kind enough to create us some discount coupons. Use the coupon code BABYDOTDOT on your next check out to enjoy a nice 10% discount. 🙂



From the folks who brought you the original baby legwarmers, BabyLegs have now expanded to adorable socks, tights, and bodywear.

This organic baby clothes brand has seasonal pieces, which come with Insect Shield for the summer seasons and WinterWarmers for the cold.

Keep your baby warm and cozy with their pieces, all made with latex-free organic cotton. Price ranges from $10 - $20.



Babysoy carries its own line which includes tops, bottoms, onesies, one piece suits, and other essentials made exclusively of eco-friendly soybean protein fiber.

All these non-toxic baby clothes are so cute and make you wanna own them all.

Bambino Land


Bambino Land is a mom-owned business that makes organic and eco-friendly leggings, crib sheets, and double layered swaddling blankets. They also happen to support a Nepalese charity through the sales they make.

Bambino Land is a great organic baby clothes brand you should definitely check it out.

Bibi & Mimi


Bibi & Mimi utilizes 100% certified organic, allergy free cotton to produce one-piece body suits.

Bibi & Mimi is one of the organic baby clothes brands that won awards like the iPranting Media Award, 2009 Top Choice Of The Year Award man many other awards.



Cariloha makes island-style eco-friendly bamboo clothes for babies up to age two, including body suits, coordinating layette sets, and bedding.

This non-toxic baby clothes company also carries a wide range of women’s clothing. They’re available online as well as through their own stores.

Colette Kids


Colette Kids sells its own line of 100% cotton tops for babies and children and organic onesies.

You will going to love all their cute clothing designs, and Colette Kids is definitely one of the organic baby clothes brands you can count on it to fulfill your child organic clothing needs.

Colored Organics


If you’re looking for their GOTS-certified Fair Trade pieces, Colored Organics can be found at your local Target. Their designs are simple, bold colored and of high quality.

Price ranges from $10 - $34. A great range of Colored Organics clothing is available at Amazon.

El Goo


El Goo clothing are made in the E.U. They have a line of natural and organic baby and children’s clothing, besides selling BPA-free pacifiers and baby shoes.

This non-toxic baby clothes brand is a great companion for your baby wardrobe.

Finn & Emma


Finn&Emma is a unique organic baby clothes brand that designs classic pajama sets, stylish bodysuits, and creative rattles; all made with 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all natural wood in Fair Trade settings.

Price ranges from $14 - $32.

From Babies With Love


From Babies With Love is a UK-based apparel and accessory social enterprise. Their proceeds benefit children around the world in need of families through SOS Children.

From Babies With Love products feature fun multi-color and patterned products, ranging from tier-ruffled dresses to soft, cozy blankets. Price ranges from $18 - $50.



Frugi clothes are all certified organic by GOTS and the Soil Association. They specialize in homewares, apparel, and bedding. Proceeds each year goes into supporting children in India.

Their price ranges from $10 - $30.



Funkoos sells affordable, quality apparel for babies. They carry a range of organic newborn basics such as onesies, mittens, burp clothes, and sleep suits, and baby clothing essentials such as tops, pants, and onesies, from sustainable and fair trade sources.

Some of their profits go back to charitable causes. Price ranges from $5 - $44.

Green Babies


Green Babies have been in existence for more than 10 years and they make great non-toxic baby clothes. They offer baby essentials made of organic cotton and printed with water-based paints.

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Hanna Anderson


Hanna Anderson features stylish organic clothing; made with 100% organic pima cotton that makes all of their clothes breathable, relaxed, and very comfortable.

Price ranges from $5 - $40.

Happy Babes


Happy Babes is an Australian company that makes only 100% Australian nursery products and clothes for babies, manufacturing all their products in Australia using locally supplied wool.

This organic baby clothes brand carry a wide range of baby staples, including locally knit wool sweaters, hoodies, vests, beanie hats, and baby blankets.

iPlay BabyWear


The i play., Inc. Family of Brands provides healthy and practical products for baby’s well-being and whole development, along with resources for parenting naturally.

i Play Organic Essentials are made from organic cotton that is free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. They are designed with inside-out seams for flexibility and comfort to support movement and play.

Available in a variety of bright, coordinating colors for everyday use at affordable prices.

iPlay BabyWear sells sunglasses, hats, swimwear, raincoats, rain boots, and a line of organic cotton basics, such as onesies, hats, bibs, and socks for babies as well as toddlers.

This baby brand focus on producing non-toxic baby clothes that is safe for your baby. Use the coupon code BestOrganicBaby on your next check out to enjoy a nice 10% discount. 🙂

KAIOTE Designs


Kaiote Designs is a family-owned clothing business inspired by the family’s son, Kai.  They carry baby onesies, as well as t-shirts for kids and the rest of the family.

Their uniquely designed pieces (which are sold online) are made of organic cotton. 

Kate Quinn Organics


Kate Quinn Organics designs feature clean lines and beautiful textures. Their products are made from GOTS-certified cotton and dyes with low environmental impact.

Their line includes a selection of organic clothing for baby and children, including body suits, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, and accessories.

Price ranges from $22 - $48.



Kee-Ka Organics designs and manufactures eco-friendly and colorful baby body suits, t-shirts, leggings, and socks, and t-shirts for toddlers.

Their clothes are made of 100% organic cotton, provided by Fair Trade and Fair Wage suppliers, and low-impact dyes. Even their packaging is eco-friendly!

The clothing items come in several colors, with cool designs. They also sell organic purl cloths, bibs, and similar accessories.

Little Green Radicals


Little Green Radicals is a leader in making organic clothing for babies, toddlers, and kids (up to age 8); being one of the first to utilize fair trade practices.

They carry a wide selection of products, including dresses, natural skincare products, and coats for babies.

Price ranges from $10 - $50.

Mini Mioche


Mini Mioche’s non-toxic baby clothes are made with baby-friendly dyes and soft organic cotton.

Besides baby apparels, they also sell swaddle blankets, toys, and slippers.

Price ranges from $15 - $45.

Our Green House


Our Green House not only sells organic clothing for babies and children.

They also carry other products such as organic bedding and blankets, mattresses, BPA-free feeding and nursing supplies, organic toys and books, natural skincare, and eco-friendly home supplies (non-toxic paint, safe wood finishes, home cleaning supplies, and home scents).

If you are re-painting your baby crib, read this article to learn more about non-toxic paint for repainting baby crib.



Wear Pact’s mission is to create comfortable, stylish cotton apparel and accessories; but not at the expense of the people involved in its creation.

Price ranges from $8 - $19.



Pediped’s carries an “original” shoe line for toddlers up to 24 months, and a “flex” line of shoes for children aged 1 to 6.

Their adorable shoes are made with leather uppers and natural rubber soles and are light and supportive.

Besides shoes, the company also offers organic socks, capris, and tights in various colors.

Penguin Organics


Penguin Organics’ baby clothes and products are made from 100% GOTS certified cotton.

They specialize in baby blankets, rompers, bibs, hats and more. Price ranges from $18 - $50.

Penguin Organics also has gift registry services that you can check it here. Use the coupon code lovepenguin on your next checkout to enjoy a nice 10% discount. 🙂

Polarn O. Pyret


Polarn O. Pyret, the first Swedish children’s wear brand to become GOTS-certified, is now available online and through retail stores in U.S.

They carry stylish, bright and colorful clothes for children. They also offer a wide selection of non-toxic baby clothes.

Price ranges from $10 - $42.

Sprout San Francisco


Sprout San Francisco sells not only baby clothing, but also toys, furniture and décor, bedding, bath and other home goods.

Price ranges from  $20 - $160.

The Spunky Stork


The Spunky Stork, managed by a husband-and-wife team, hand makes their soft, organic baby apparels using 100% GOTS certified cotton.

Their profits are channeled back into the community. The Spunky Stork is definitely one of the best organic baby clothes brands you ought to check it out.

Price ranges from $22 - $45. Use the coupon code BABYDOT15 on your next checkout to enjoy an awesome 15% discount!

Under the Nile


Under the Nile sells its own line of organic baby and children’s clothing (including clothing for preemies), blankets, towels, and toys.

All items are made from 100% handpicked organic Egyptian cotton.

Price ranges from $5 - $26.

Wild Dill


Wild Dill sells onesies and one piece items, pajamas, sweaters, tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear from manufacturers such as Babysoy, Bamboo Baby and Kate Quinn Organic.

Their apparels are made of natural, organic and fair trade materials.

Use the coupon code BABYDOT on your next checkout to enjoy a nice 15% discount.

Also, you can read our interview with Tina Bar, the founder of Wild Dill here and get inspired by her success story 🙂

Worth Mentioning

Some of the brand(s) mentioned here, the fabric is not certified organic but the material use to make the clothing is certified organically grown.



Soft, cool, sustainable, and charitable!

BabyMoso is an eco-conscious clothing brand that features onesie’s made from soft and sustainable bamboo fabric.

For everyone onesie sold, BabyMoso donates one to a child in need! Feel good knowing you bought an amazing product and feel even better knowing that you are supporting an incredible social cause!

As an added bonus, bamboo material wicks naturally - pulling moisture away from the body - which is great for babies in warmer climates as this can drastically reduce the chance of developing heat rashes.

Parents will also appreciate that these garments do NOT shrink in the wash and the spandex blend allows for some comfortable stretching, so babies can enjoy wearing these garments longer than any others.

Which One Your Favorite?

There you have it. All the top organic baby clothes brands. Aren't they all gorgeous? Buying ORGANIC clothes for your baby is not only beneficial to our baby health but you've also made an effort to make this earth a greener place for your children future. So, which organic baby clothes brands is your favorite? 🙂

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