9 Best Baby Push Walker To Help Your Child Learn To Walk


Babies in their initial stages of development need some support to get them up and start moving. As well, all know that a fully functional baby can only start walking by the age of one. To help them to learn how to walk better, it's best to use some toy to support them in this age.

A baby push walker is the best for them in such times. There is a wide range of push walkers for children that you can search for in the market. In this section, we will take a look at the benefits along with some of the options of the various purchases you can make for best baby push walkers.

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Benefits Of Baby Push Walkers

Improves Motor Skills

This is the earliest time when the child starts having notions of moving. At this time, you need to help support the child by providing the push toy. It helps them build up their motor skills and gives them a sense of movement and coordination. The more help they get from these toys, the faster they can generate their motor skills and hence start walking.

Develops Imagination

You need your baby to be curious and imaginative. What could be the better way to stimulate their imagination than through such toys. It helps to boost your child's self-esteem and skills which he has already developed, like lifting one foot while balancing other at the same time.

Learn More

Most of the modern day push walkers have other toys that come built in with them. These toys can be the blocks to make or a whole new activity center for your kid. These toys will help them rejuvenate their imagination.

These are some of the benefits of the best baby push walkers and why you need them for your child.

Qualities Of A Good Baby Push Walker



​Stability is the key to a great walker. You want to keep the walker steady so that your baby does not go through any mishaps during his initial stages of walking. To keep that into perspective, you need to make sure that the base of the walker is pretty steady and heavy. The sturdy base will help in keeping the center of gravity close to the ground and does not aid in tipping the walker.

Sturdy Base

Search for walkers that have a wider width, as this also helps stability. Narrow walkers have the tendency to tip and fall which can be dangerous for your baby.

Good Wheel Design

Make sure that you get your baby a walker that has enough traction on it and helps it walk better. Wheels with less traction can hamper the walking ability of your child. Also, it's best if the wheels can be tightened or loosened depending on the age and how accustomed the baby is to walk.

Height Does Matters

​A higher base will allow a beginner to pick himself easily as compared to a base that is too close to the ground.

Non-Toxic Materials

If possible, get a walker that is made from natural materials, which is wood in most cases. Though plastic materials are not going to be harmful, natural materials are always preferable as it's safer compared to plastic. Babies have a tendency to chew on things in the beginning stages of their development. Therefore, natural material is deemed more harmless even if accidentally chew by your baby.

These are some of the most important features that will help you purchasing the best baby push walkers for your kids.

The 9 Best Baby Push Walker

While there are many different baby push walkers brands in the market but we have taken the liberty to pick out for you some of the best baby push walkers you can find on the market right now and also we think they are the best and the most efficient designed baby push walker.

We have written a summary for each baby push walkers and list out the most important features for your ease of reading. You can’t go wrong with purchasing any of them. Let we take a look at the 9 best walkers you can get your hands on. 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker



Walker features

  • Has a detachable play panel and can be removed from the walker and play on the floor.
  • Frustration-free packaging. No complicated opening from the box.
  • Has 5 piano keys for the baby to play with that will surely instill some creativity.
  • Wheels are properly designed to run smoothly on carpet and tiles.
  • There is also a set of 3 shape sorters and 3 light up buttons, 2 colorful spinning rollers for the motor skills of the baby.
  • A pretend telephone for role-playing.
  • Over 70 sing along songs.
  • Suitable for toddler from 9 months to 3 years.
  • Available in 2 beautiful colors - lavender and orange.
  • 2-speed wheel system to cater for different walking levels.

Fisher Price 3-in1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant


Walker features

  • Cute elephant designed with ample of colorful lighting, sings along songs, entertaining music, and fun sounds.
  • Featuring Fisher-Price’s "grow-with-me" play system to gets baby moving: first bouncing up & down; then steadying baby’s first steps as a walker; then later on as a ride-on pal. 'Vroom-vroom...'
  • The soft elephant ears will flap as baby moves the walker.
  • Easily convert to different play style to suit your baby play mood.
  • 30 songs to choose from that include tunes, fun sounds, and phrases.
  • Light up buttons for the baby to play with.
  • Designed with child safety in mind. The base is very sturdy and does not easily topple when pushed.
  • The Elephant Ride has a lot of hands-on and movement activities that will help to develop and improve your child motor skills as she plays along with the walker.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.
  • Recommended for children age from 8 months to 3 years old.

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker


Walker features

  • Has an activity center that includes sliding beads, flipping doors, turning gears and spinning panels that encourage children motor development.
  • Can be folds flat and provides hands-on activities for younger babies that help improve fine motor skills and inspire a sense of curiosity and discovery.
  • Plenty of hands-on activities for your baby to discover.
  • An attractive spinning ball that rolls when children play with it.
  • Packed in a frustration-free packing. No complication opening the box.
  • You can fold this walker that will help you store it easily as well as carry it around easily.
  • A great baby push walker with playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies and nurture budding personalities.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.
  • Recommended for 9 to 36 months toodlers.

Fisher Price Musical Lion Walker


Walker features

  • Different hands-on activities that will keep the baby engrossed and learn. Thye more she play the more she learn.
  • A myriad form of lights and music for the baby to enjoy.
  • A perfect grow-with-me baby push walker; sit & play when your child is not ready to walk. After that convert to push & walk when she is ready to learn walking.
  • Ample of hands-on activities: Light-up nose, musical piano keys, peek-a-boo mirror, flip page, bat-at rollerball ears, clacker-bead toes, spinning dial, slider butterfly.
  • Attractive lights, sounds & music play as your child pushes the walker along.
  • Design with sturdy 4-wheel base to prevent fall over.
  • Recommended for baby from 6 to 36 months old.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

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Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Music Walker


Walker features

  • A perfect musical activity walker to inspire your child to be the next Beethoven.
  • Your baby will get the thrill to enjoy music at an early age.
  • There is a plethora of music to choose and play along.
  • Plenty of sounds and tunes; different music plays as baby push the walker along.
  • Sturdy and well designed base for beginning walkers.
  • Ample of musical activities like piano, guitar, flipping book and spinning wheels for your baby to explore and enjoy.
  • Recommended for toddler from 8 months to 3 years old.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

Chicco Baby Activity Walker


Walker features

  • 2-in-1 baby push walker: an activity center and push walkers.
  • Music start when baby pushes the walker. It will encourage your child to walk more. The more she walk, the more music is played.
  • Lights and shapes that glow and make a sound when proper puzzles are solved.
  • Recommended for babies above 6 months to 3 years old.
  • The activity panel will help to stimulate your child’s imagination and coordination with amusing games, blocks, shapes, flashing lights, and sound effects.
  • Sturdy base and wheel design including a safety feature to lock the wheel from moving.
  • A great entertaining companion for your child to sit and play when she is not ready to learn walking yet.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

The Best Wooden Baby Push Walkers

Wood made baby push walkers usually cost a bit more compared to their plastic cousin, but the advantages are you get the walker made out of safe materials and is also harmless to your baby to use.

While all the baby push walkers listed above are great but if you're looking for extra safe and healthy option, the following baby push walkers made from safer materials like wood and water based paint are your good choice.

Melissa And Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy



Walker features

  • Made up of sturdy wood and painted with non-toxic paint.
  • A broadly designed base to avoid your child from easily tripped over and fall.
  • Brightly colored; an eye candy not only to children but also parents.
  • The alligator mouth open and close when the walker is pushed and make interesting sound along the way.
  • Perfect for building the motor skills and improve hand-and-eye coordination of your baby.
  • Wheel designed with rubber-trimmed setback wheels to protect floors and better grip.
  • Handles are designed to have proper grip for your child when pushing the walker.
  • It also has cute butterfly and ladybug beads on the handle. You child can sit and play when not pushing the walker.
  • Wheels painted with colorful fish images to make this baby push walker a true masterpiece of nursery furniture.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toy


Walker features

  • Moveable knobs, gears, and colorful balls offer five different activities for your child to explore.
  • Design to have a designated space for your child to bring along her favorite toys.
  • Ample of hands-on activities to help develop your child motor skills.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and manipulations.
  • Gross Motor Skills (Physical Skills): Boosts coordination, balance, and physical strength.
  • Wheel designed with rubber-trimmed setback wheels to protect floors and better grip.
  • Made of full wood with sturdy craftsmanship which makes it non-toxic in nature and uses water based paint.
  • Convenient height that is just excellent for children from 9 - 36 months.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

Plan Toy Baby Walker

best toys-for-babies-6-12-months

Walker features

  • Perfectly built by taking into account the stability factor.
  • Ideally designed for helping young children to take their first step.
  • Specially designed handle that can be adjusted to cater for different children height.
  • A non-slip wheel design and adjustable tension wheel to change the speed and stiffness of the wheel.
  • Includes 24 colored and natural blocks for your child to explore and play. Use them and stack up a castle!
  • This toy is made in Thailand from all natural organic recycled rubber wood.
  • The non-toxic materials does not pose a threat to the children even if they chew on these walkers.
  • Ideal for children and toddler age from 10 months to 3 years.
  • Suitable for tile floor and carpet.

Safety Is Always First

Always remember to have someone supervise your child when they are using the walkers. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it's estimated that in 2010, there are 4,000 cases where children under age 5 suffer injury related to baby walkers, jumpers, and stationary exercisers.

Although all the best baby push walkers we shortlisted are child safe but there is no safe features are foolproof if it is not use properly. 

Most importantly is to make sure that you also take into account the stability of the walkers so that you do not threaten the health of your baby.

If uses it right, these walkers are an excellent way to keep your child engrossed in various activities throughout the day so that you can also take out some free time for yourself.

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