The 3 Best Infant Toothbrush Brands for Your Child Oral Care

Oral care is one of the basic health care for your baby that should come sooner rather than later, even before the appearance of their first tooth. There are good reasons why you should clean your child’s mouth. Not only is hygiene important, but the act of doing so gets you and your baby into the habit of keeping the mouth clean. After reviewing the ratings and feedbacks, we have found some of the best infant toothbrushs for your child to use.

​There used to be a misperception when some parents thought the teeth during infancy is not important. The thought then was to take better care when the permanent teeth grow. But besides developing the habit of brushing teeth, the baby teeth acts as placeholders for the permanent teeth. So, to ensure the proper growth, oral care should begin early.

Also, the choice of toothpaste is important too. Make sure your baby is only using the safetst choice of toothpaste. Check out this post ​the best organic toothpaste brands for baby and toodlers.

Different Type of Children Toothbrush


Out there in the market, there are a lot of choices of a baby toothbrush. There is teething toothbrush for infants and training toothbrush as they transition to toddler and early childhood. In choosing the best infant toothbrush, we need to make sure that they are made of materials that do not harm your precious child.

​Also, to understand more about an infant teething process, stage as well as how long teething pain last for a baby, here is a post we have written to cover these topics.

The Top 3 Infant Toothbrush Brands

Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

The Baby Banana is known not only for how cute it looks, but also for how effective it is as an infant training toothbrush. It has soft textures that you can use for your 3 to 4 months old baby or up until 1 year old. Baby Banana uses the highest-grade silicone and makes its products in compliance with the highest standards. Compared to the traditional baby training toothbrush, its flexibility results in a lesser risk of mouth and gum injury.

Parents who used the Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush appreciates the wide handles that are easy to grasp making it the ideal child training toothbrush. Another advantage of the medical-grade silicone is that it helps soothe sore gums. It is also dishwasher safe and freezer friendly.

RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush

RADIUS makes sure that your child is safe by using materials free of harmful chemicals to make an excellent baby toothbrush. The BPA and synthetic dye-free Pure Baby Toothbrush is designed for use with 6 to 18 months old children. It has a smooth and corner-less oval brush which can softly massage the whole mouth and remove plaque buildup. As for the brush head itself, it has 8,000 flexible and super soft vegetable-derived bristles.

​Often overlooked is the importance of the handle design. It has to be designed in a way that makes it easy to hold. RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush has an easy-to-grip tapered handle developed over a period of time through research and feedbacks from parents. The result is a handle that both you and your child can handle comfortably and effortlessly.

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MAM Learn to Brush Baby Toothbrush Set

MAM Learn to Brush Baby Toothbrush Set consists of 2 brushes. One has a long handle which allows you and your baby to hold together and works as an infant training toothbrush. The other one has a shorter handle for your little one as soon as your child has learned independent brushing. MAM is suitable for baby 6 month and above.

​This BPA-free infant toothbrush set is an alternative to the RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush, with two separate baby training toothbrushes as opposed to one. Some parents consider that the shorter handles that their child could handle better than a larger one, as one reason to pick this over RADIUS.

Other Recommended Toothbrush for Toddler and Baby

*For more information about NCS (Net Customer Satisfaction) grade, please click here. (Price range: $ = $1 - $10 / $$ = $11 - $25 / $$$ = $26 - $50 / $$$$ = $51 - $75 / $$$$$ = $76 - $100 / $$$$$$ = Above $100)

Choosing the Best Teething Toothbrush for Babies


Before your baby starts teething, rubbing the gums is a good way to begin developing the habit of washing the mouth. Safety is the top concern when shopping for a good teething toothbrush for your child. One of the best materials to do this task is silicone. But silicone varies in grades and without a way of testing which one is better than the others, we have to depend on feedbacks from parents who have used the products.

​On Amazon, all sellers and suppliers claim they use the highest-grade materials. The fact is that many of these sellers depend on what they were told by the manufacturers abroad. For this reason, the reputation of a brand and parents’ satisfaction becomes our best reference. The more recommended baby teething toothbrush is Baby Banana mostly based on its use of medical grade silicone and easy to use design.

Choosing the Best Training Toothbrush for Toddlers

Besides the safety of the components that were used to make toddler training toothbrush, there’s also the matter of design. A well-designed handle, for instance, makes it easy for the little one to hold as you guide your child in the brushing motion. On the other hand, a poorly design handle does not only make the training harder than necessary, but slightly increase the risk of accidents.

​In the market, one of the best-designed training toothbrushes is the one made by RADIUS. We think it is a good fit for you and your baby, and a great toothbrush to consider as you transition from a baby teething toothbrush such as the one from Baby Banana.

Conclusion on the Best Infant Toothbrush

Your child deserves the best, for the sake of having the best, but because they are that precious. Infants and toddlers are far more delicate hence the need to spend more time in finding the best product you could use.

​To say that the three products featured in this post are the best is unfair. But they were selected because they have the highest net satisfaction ratings among parents who bought and used them. As a matter of due diligence, after reading this post, you may also consider taking a quick look at the other recommended infant and toddler toothbrush too.

​While looking at toothbrush, we also have another post on the best natural and organic toothpaste you could use for your child.

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