Baby Hair Care Tips (Also ft. 8 Best Baby Hair Brush and Combs)

Are you thinking of picking up a nice baby hair comb? Having a baby is an exciting time while waiting for your child to be born, or if you have a newborn. Because of practicality, it is best to shop for the things you need before you need them. But when it comes to caring for your baby’s hair, there are a few things you need to know, before you could decide on the best baby hair brush for your precious child.

Newborn’s Hair


A newborn’s hair is soft and delicate, and much more so than the regular baby hair. Some are born with thicker hair than others, and some may be born bald. Most likely, having more or lack of hair is a result of maternal hormones, and perhaps genetics have something to do with it.

Regardless of how your baby’s hair look, it will be gone. That is why it is common to refer to newborns’ hair as “hair today, gone tomorrow.”

A newborn’s hair will shed starting around the 3rd month and will be gone by the 6th month. It is because of the pregnancy hormones (the same one that gave moms their great hair) plummeting after childbirth. So, don’t worry if you see your baby losing all the hair in a short period by the 6th month.

At this time, a new phase kicks in where after the hair loss, or sometimes at the same time, new hair starts growing. The new hair growth may not have the same color and texture as the newborn hair. Not all babies are the same, though, as some may take more time.

Until then, here are some tips for caring for your baby’s hair.

Tips for Baby Hair Care


If you see your baby losing hair in one spot, perhaps it may be due to consistently sleeping in one position. This is most prevalent at the back of the head where the hair rubs against the pillow or mattress. Shifting the position of the head could lessen the hair loss in one spot. Or, whenever she is awake, do some tummy time is helpful too.

You don’t have to wash your baby’s hair daily, especially newborns because their scalp does not produce much oil. Once or twice every week, and you could use the gentlest shampoo to do so like the all-natural baby shampoo by Puracy.

Baby's Cradle Caps

One of the best way to remove baby's cradle cap is to brush their hair with soft hair brush after bath but you have to brush it diligently.

Remember how delicate those hairs are, and there’s not a lot of them. Be gentle in massaging the scalp to prevent stressing the hair follicle which may damage the hair or result in hair loss.

An ideal baby hair brush or comb for babies are wide-tooth and made of soft material that will not snag on tangles and pull your child’s hair. The same feature is what you want to look for in a baby hair brush with soft bristles.

Haircut for Newborn

In some cultures, babies get their first haircut after one year. For that reason, headbands and ponytails became the means to manage the long hair. But doing that, especially when tied too tight, may pull and damage the hair. Besides, those accessories are choking hazards, and you know how much your baby loves grasping at anything and putting his/her hand in the mouth.

Trimming your baby’s hair is still recommended, though.

Pedicure, Manicure and Bathing Tips


Since we're talking about hair care tips, let's also take a look at other tips like how to take care for your baby fingernail and bath.

Nail clipper for babies

Talking about trimming, always make sure your child finger nail is short and tidy. Until your baby has full control over their motor skill, they can easily scratch themselves if the finger nail is longer. Check out the best nail clippers for babies that is suitable to use for cutting infant fingernails.

Bath thermometers for safety

Also, do not forget to make sure that the water temperature is safe. Check out this cute little duckie bath thermometers that can use as a bath toy as well as bath thermometer to test the water temperature.

Shower head filter for hard water

And bath time can be a fun thing. But what if the regular water coming from the shower is hard water? As hard water can be rough on your baby delicate skin, so use one of the best shower head filters to filter the water, so it’s safe for baby to use.

Anti-slip bath mats

The bathroom and bathtub can be slippery for children and can cause accidental tripped and fell easily. Always place a bath mat in the tub or on the floor so that your child do not fell victim to the wet floor. Check out the best bath mat for baby we have found for you. They are also excellent for an adult too!

Cute hooded towel

After taking a shower makes sure to dry your baby immediately. Otherwise, they might easily catch a cold. While a regular towel is enough but why not use one of this cute hooded towel instead? I bet you and your baby will like it a lot.

Our Top 3 Baby Hair Brush and Combs Pick

After reviewing over hundred of brush and combs, here are our top 3 picks:

OCCObaby Baby Wooden Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers

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Choosing the Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb

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