5 Best Baby Washcloths That Are So Soft And Gentle For Cleaning Babies

Baby bath time is an endearing ritual in infant care. It is the moment when you spend quality time with your squealing little one. From your baby’s perspective, bath time is extra special because of the tender loving attention he or she receives from you. Many mothers have been using a bath time essential like the best baby washcloths to soothe babies while washing and drying.

Baby Washcloths


This baby product has been found to be an effective cleaning complement in skincare. The cloth not only works for children but also for adults with delicate and sensitive skin. Regular washcloths will only harm your baby’s skin during scrubbing because it is rough even if you rub them gently. You wouldn’t want your child’s skin to be irritated.

So, are you a new mom? Giving a bath for your baby is fun, but you have to do it right. Here is an excellent quick video on how to give a baby sponge bath that they would enjoy.

Why Use Baby Washcloths Instead Of Regular Towels?

The material of a regular towel is not as soft as that of a baby washcloth. A softer washcloth is necessary if you want to wipe or dry your baby with a fabric suited for the delicate and sensitive skin. The softest baby washcloths are not only perfect for bath time, but they are also ideal for various cleaning situations involving your baby.

What Are Its Benefits and Convenience?

  • Regular towels or adult sized washcloths are too oversized for infants or small babies.
  • The size and thickness of baby washcloths are ideal for little faces and infant crevices, and won't slip from your hands while using them.
  • ​Ordinary washcloths are rough which tend to hurt babies rather than soothe them.
  • ​The terry cloth material is super soft, yet it is an effective exfoliating scrub to wick off dirt. It will refresh and rejuvenate skin especially in babies.
  • ​The use of baby washcloths is economical compared to using disposable wipes. You can discontinue or minimize the use of baby wipes.
  • ​Cleaning is not a hassle since they are machine washable and the small square cloths won’t occupy space in your washing machine. Place them separately inside laundry bags and drop them in.
  • ​The towels are petite enough to use for wiping tiny noses, back of the ears, around the small neck and even the tender scalp.
  • Constant washing will not diminish effectiveness but will even make the cloth softer.

Are There Alternative Uses for Baby Washcloths?

The use of baby washcloths is not exclusive to bath time. There are alternative uses which moms would appreciate.

  • Dentists recommended using a warm baby washcloth to rub babies’ gums for oral care.
  • Use them as clean-up wipes since babies often drool and spit up to make awfully icky stains on clothes. Stains are harder to remove with regular washcloths.
  • ​Another interesting use of this little absorbent towel is a beauty gadget. Resourceful moms include baby washcloths a part of a double-cleansing routine. Instead of washing off facial creams or balms in running water, run the cloth over the face to grab excess dirt for complete facial cleansing.
  • Moms eventually recycled baby washcloths into cleaning rags for cleaning small crevices or spaces in the home. The material is excellent to use for polishing fine furniture and electronic devices or components.

Some Tips When Using Baby Washcloths

You can make the most of the softest baby towels by following these useful tips:

  • Do not use hot water. Hot water is not good for the skin. It will dry up the skin, cause redness or lead to irritation.
  • Do not scrub the face and body too hard. You are scrubbing your baby’s skin and not the floor. Firm but gentle pressure is sufficient to avoid skin irritation.
  • Use a fresh, clean cloth every time. Replace a used towel with a new one and do not risk spreading bacteria by reusing a dirty towel.
  • Hang them to dry. Baby washcloth should be completely dry before using them. A damp or wet cloth will easily breed bacteria as well.
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The Most Liked Baby Washcloth

Matimati Bamboo Baby Washcloths (6-pack) - Premium Extra Soft & Absorbent Towels For Baby’s Sensitive Skin

  • The top-choice is made from super soft organic bamboo which is a fabric material that is undisputed in terms of softness and absorbency.
  • The natural fabric is totally safe to use on your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It is chemical-free and anti-bacterial. Even microfiber washcloths will pale in comparison.
  • ​Besides being hypoallergenic and ecologically friendly, the 10” x 10” size is more than sufficient. For a perfect use in baby or meal times. They made it larger in size to make bath times and clean-ups much easier.
  • ​Moms can use it for themselves as well. It’s not heavy and very soft when wet. Rub a bar of soap over it and use it as a cleaning cloth just like you would your baby. It’s a delight to use it on your face.
  • ​The washcloth is machine washable and will get softer after each wash given the characteristic of the natural fabric. For best results, set your washing machine in cold wash, low dry settings.
  • ​If you are particular about colors, the 6-pack has three off-white and three light green cloths which can match any baby gender.
  • ​Another validation why this product is best and safe is because some surgery patients use them too to clean-up surroundings areas of surgical wounds without experiencing irritation or redness.
  • The real high note about this product is that it is super absorbent and dry out so quickly too. This is by far the best alternative to baby wipes.


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Must Have Baby Essential


Preparing the essentials for the coming of a baby or caring for one is a mother’s chief priority. The best baby washcloths will find it’s way into the list of the baby must-haves if you weigh the tangible benefits, safety, and convenience the product offers.

Your child will experience so much more than just the soothing feeling. It’s a demonstration of a mother’s genuine concern for the well-being of her child. For, after all, a mother’s love is gentle and kind.

Also, baby bathing essentials are not only limit to washcloths. Other items like the hooded baby towels, infant toothbrush, baby hair brush and baby nail clipper are also necessary to have so that your little angle can have a complete bathing experience.

Speaking about baby hooded towels, we have a prepared a list of the best baby hooded towels for kid and toddlers. Do check them out and they are very cute too!

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