The 11 Best German Wooden Toys And Non-Wood Toys Brands For Kids


German wooden toys are a classic in the toy industry and are known as timeless classics that never lose their luster or appeal in the industry and to children and parents alike.

​As the years pass, toys evolve in order to best fit what any child may want or need. In this modern day and age, many toys feature complex maneuvers that go far beyond just lights and sounds.

​The alternate effects of this is that toys become very expensive or easily breakable and many parents are trying to find a simpler alternative without having to compromise their child’s fun. One of the excellent alternative are the wooden toys and toys made by the Germans are really superior quality.

The Best German Wooden Toys Brands For Kids

The Wooden Wagon


The Wooden Wagon is a small family owned company that has been around since 2003. They pride themselves on the provision of fun, colorful, imaginative, and educational toys for children from sensory baby toys, to role play figures, to birthday themed toys.

Besides wooden toys as their specialty, the wooden wagon also sells various arts and crafts pieces as well as accessories for playing dress up and other items. The Wooden Wagon is indeed an excellent german wooden toys for kids company that is worth to admire.



HABA sells products that are high in quality and good for children’s fun while maintaining elements of safety and education as well. In fact HABA is a well known german woodern toys manufacture around the world. Many children at least own a wooden toy from HABA before.

​In the wooden department, they provide sensory and logic toys aimed at teaching children the fundamental aspects of logic from a very young age. HABA also carries other brands in their franchise to cater to the optimum overall toy experience for children. Check them out on Amazon.

Grimm’s Wooden Toys


Grimm’s Wooden Toys create a broad range of wooden toys from the classic building blocks of shapes, puzzles and even doll houses for imaginative play.

​Grimm’s wooden toys are all natural, and evidence of that is clearly visible to the differences in the toys wooden grain. See what Grimm’s wooden toys has to offer on Amazon.



Selecta is a veteran in the German wooden toy industry with over 40 years of experience under their belt not just for providing excellent quality wooden toys but also toys that are safe throughout all levels of manufacturing.

From the harvesting of the wood to the coats of paint, Selecta uses completely natural and non-toxic substances. They also sell their products via Amazon, and you can check them out here.

Ostheimer Toys


Ostheimer Toys have been in the industry of providing traditional wooden toys for over 50 years and used only the best quality maple and elm wood.

They specialize in character figures for imaginative play such as animals, knights, pirates, fairies, vehicles and such. Look at their selection and find something you might like on Amazon.



When it comes to babies, you question the quality of products even more and whether or not they may be safe for your child who may be at the stage where he puts everything in his mouth.

Heimess specializes in baby toys and is a superior German wooden toys for kids company that has proven their reputability time and time again through the provision of great sensory toys for kids that are efficient and safe. See what they have on Amazon.

The Best German Non-Wooden Toys Brands


German manufacturers have known the world over for their attention to detail, the quality of their production, and their advancements in toy making technology. With these advancements, they can make children’s toys that are both fun and educational which can appeal to both parents and children.

​While the Germans are well known for their wooden toys but their non-wooden toys are equally famous. Here are some of our selections of non-wooden toys that are still great choices for your kids.



This company has been around since 1919 and has only grown with the times to provide great toys for kids.

The appeal in Spielstabil lays in their provision of toys that can be played with outdoors and thereby encouraging kids to go outside. Their selections include gardening toys and sand toys amongst others. Spielsyabil also markets their products on Amazon.

Kath Kruse


Kath Kruse offers beautiful, timeless pieces with prints that will never falter in style. Their primary product is vintage collectible dolls that will appeal both to children and adults, including collectors. Check them out on Amazon.



Ravensburger is a company that specializes in puzzles of all the different themes you might think. They even have a service where they can customize your puzzle for you. Ravensburger products are also available at Amazon.



Steiff has been around since 1880 and has grown with the times ever since developing new toys that will appeal to a new generation of children.

The one thing, Steiff has maintained is its ability to produce only the best quality toys made of only the finest sourced materials.

Besides toys, Steiff also provides other products such as children’s clothing and baby essentials. Buy Steiff at Amazon.



Playmobil is a company known worldwide which caters to imaginative and creative play much like Lego Duplo for toddlers and children of all ages.

Playmobil comes in various themes such as firefighters, police officers and nearly anything you can think about.

Playmobil can be found in any major toy store but are also available on Amazon.

Featuring The Best Selling Wooden Toys For Children Made By The Germans

Wooden or non-wooden aside, in this section we but brands away and offer you a selection of the overall best and most purchased and preferred toys by children and their parents for their overall appeal in every aspect.

HABA Magica Clutching Toy

This wooden toy is a series of round balls all attached to one another perfectly shaped to fit into even the tiniest hands. This toy can be used as a sensory device as its colors appeal to younger children ad also as a teether.

HABA Walker Wago

Walkers, are a part of babyhood and an extremely helpful device in teaching babies to walk. Walkers need to carry a certain amount of weight and be angled properly to ensure that a baby neither goes too fast or tips over.

The HABA walker wagon is fitted all the criteria for an effective walker with all the awesome effects of wood and even has a small chair for babies to sit in for a rest. The HABA walker wagon is indeed a beautiful piece of German wooden toys that every child should own one.

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HABA Marble Ball Track Building Set

Marble Ball Tracks teach children logic and calculation and with this build-it-yourself ball track, possibilities are endless for your future engineer or architect.

HABA Basic Building Blocks

This German made wooden toy building blocks are one of the oldest traditional toys, the most classic, and are still widely popular today.

Let your children’s imaginations run free with building blocks and all the different shapes and structures that can come out of them.

Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker

This unique rainbow stacker goes far beyond the regular cup stacker and reaches a whole new level of creativity for children. With this, your child can build brightly rainbow colored 3D structures.

Not forgetting to mention that Grimm is also one of the best German wooden toys company that is loved by parents

Favorite Animals Wooden Picture Book

Picture books have always been an excellent way to teach babies and toddlers new words and what better way to have a picture book of farm animals than a wooden picture book to bring that barn theme alive.

Featuring Best Selling Non-Wooden Toys Made By The Germans

Spielstabil Watering Can

Let your child enjoy playing outside and teach them how to enjoy simple chores such as watering the plants.

This Spielstabil watering can have a 1-liter capacity, just big enough to give smaller children a good supply of water but also not so much as to be too heavy for them.

Kathe Kruse Puppa Plush Doll Milena

This pink plush doll is perfect for any child and their imaginative role play. It can also be used as a great tool for children that are about to become older siblings.

The soft body of the doll ensures that this toy can be huggable during bedtime.

Ravensburger Labyrinth

A strategic board game designed for children aged 8-12. The Ravensburger Labyrinth is not only great for entertaining your child, but it will also teach you child about strategizing skills.

This game is designed to be fun and interactive and will provide hours and fun for children.

My First Steiff Teddy

This adorable beige teddy bear is great to be the first toy for any child or baby. Make an heirloom or a timepiece that lasts with this teddy that is sure to be included in many memories in the years to come.

Playmobil Playground Set

Imaginative play for younger kids is a sure thing with this Playmobil Playground set.

This set comes complete with characters and a full playground set up to provide hours of fun.

Toys nowadays are being used as educational tools for children to learn things such as structure, engineering, strategy, logic, and even physics; and why not?

Toys can have multiple purposes and with the accompaniment of reputable German manufacturing, we have provided you with this compilation of German wooden toys that are sure to be a hit with kids.

Shopping for the perfect toy for your child can be a cumbersome task which leaves you guessing at a toy store. We hope that the list above can help you to find the best German wooden toys non-wooden toys for your children. Let us know which one you think is the best by commenting below.

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