Featuring The Best of 12 Soft Leather Baby Shoe Brands


There is almost nothing more fun than dressing up a baby and little children. Why? Because they never say no and look nothing less than completely adorable in their little outfits. If you want your child to look their best then there are many fashion accessories you can use to include in their outfit, one of those accessories are soft leather baby shoes.

​Shoe in general have always been the game maker of outfits and whether or not they are tied up to be right or bad and leather shoes is a staple in classic fashion.

​Baby leather shoes have been tailor made to express all the fashionable effects of leather but maintain a soft enough texture to keep baby comfortable without having to hinder their mobility. If you are looking for soft leather baby shoes, here’s some suggestions on where you could find them.

Where Can I Find Soft Leather Baby Shoes?

Here are the companies that made awesomely gorgeous soft leather baby shoe that you ought to check them out.

Dotty Fish


Dotty Fish is a small family run company from the United States who can greatly relate to parents and their desire to attain fashionable pieces at affordable prices.

Dotty Fish was established in 2006 with leather baby shoes specifically in mind; their founder knows how exorbitant the price of leather can get and offers much more affordable alternatives without ever compromising the fashion aspect and quality of the shoes.

Over the years, Dotty Fish began to release other products such as bibs, hats, baby leggings and much more. You can buy Dotty Fish shoes directly from Amazon for more convenience.



Robeez is a Canadian based company with stores available all over. They provide leather shoes to both boys and girls with designs ranging from play shoes to formal wear all between an average price of $25-$40.

Robeez ships internationally at a cost and is also available on Amazon should you ever be interested in one of their cute soft leather designs.



Shooshoos has been around since 1996 and has been providing the world with all natural, non-toxic, and high quality affordable soft leather baby shoes all the way from Cape Town in South Africa.

​This company prides itself on its competitive designs made with the brightest of colors. Shooshoos has products from babies to toddlers and can cater to the different seasons and occasions to suit your needs best.

Minifeet Shoes


Minifeet is a small company that makes their handcrafted shoes. All the shoes are only made with the best of materials all the way from the United Kingdom.

Minifeet aims to bridge the gap in the leather baby shoe market between the exorbitantly expensive high-quality shoes and cheap compromises with unacceptable quality.

​Minifeet ensures that babies and parents are given timepieces that last and are worth every penny.



Shoobees is an award winning European shoe company who provide parents with a range of designs that can grow with their child.

​Parents can stick with Shoebees from infancy all the way until their child is well into toddlerhood.

​Designs by Shoebees are simply awesome, and many of their design are cut outs of things such as different animals, flowers, rocket ships and such are displayed on the shoes themselves.



Snugglefeet are a UK based company that provides leather shoes for infants until toddlers up to the age of three for as low as 7 GBP. What a great deal!

What sets Snugglefeet apart from other soft leather baby shoe companies is that they can customize a baby’s name into a shoe free of charge should the buyer want to avail of this option.

​Snugglefeet also offers next day delivery regardless of where in the world you are.

Cheeky Little Soles


This company all the way from Australia offers shoes that can be adorable play shoes and also pieces that befit being called high fashion pieces from metallic doll shoes, to cowboy boots, to leopard printed shoes.

​Cheeky Little Soles offer wholesale discounts and they do international shipping as well. Just check out their website and get your hand on one of their cute little pair of leather boot.

Jack and Lily


Jack and Lily is a brand new shoe company made by a mom based in Canada. This company strives towards shoes that not only look good, are made with the best quality and are affordable but also shoes that are good for children’s feet.

​Jack and Lily provide babies and toddlers with just the right amount of flexibility that is needed to keep them mobile but keep the feet safe. Non-slip soles on every option also provide an added level of needed assurance especially for toddlers and babies learning to walk.

Each shoe is hand inspected for quality purposes as part of the Jack and Lily promise of only the most excellent of products. Jack and Lily is available for purchase from Amazon.com



Bobux has been around since 1991 and has been in constant partnership with podiatrists to include the medical health aspects of footwear into the creation of their shoes.

​Bobux provides leather shoes and leather inclusions for newborns until the child reaches pre-school age. All of their soft leather baby shoes are really cute!

Bobux selections include classics, boots, and play shoes which range from $35-$75 depending on size and design and can be seen on the website and on Amazon as well.

Daisy Roots


Daisy Roots is a small company that hails from Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom and specializes in handcrafted leather shoes that range from as little 12 GBP to 22 GBP with designs for both boys and girls.

​Daisy Roots will soon have a place on their web page for customers to create their designs, crafted by them and sent straight to your doorstep.

​Check out their current selection on Amazon.

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Olea London


Olea London is a family business that creates adorable pieces for as little as 10 GBP with bold and classic patterns and designs.

​Olea also provides other accessories such as clothing and even lunch boxes. Olea guarantees only the best materials free of all hazardous chemicals as tested to meet British standards by the necessary agencies.



Skeanie is an Australian based company that have been established since 1994 and over the years have developed shoes for babies and toddlers.

Shoes made by Skeanie are both classic, perfect for play, comfortable and meet expectations set by parents for affordability, quality, and safety for children.

Skeanie is also available for purchase on Amazon.com.

The Best Soft Leather Baby Shoes For Baby Boy and Girl

A selection that is too broad could often lead to confusion. To narrow things down for you, we’ve created this list of the best soft leather baby shoes that are most commonly bought by parents for their kids

​All of these soft leather baby shoe brands are excellent, and they offer a broad range of cute and beautiful shoe for your little one. Check the out below.

Soft Leather Baby Shoe For Boy


Orgimmar shoes are hand sewn pieces that come in all sorts of ranges from slip on’s to Velcro, to buckle on’s. They come in both boys and girls designs and range from play shoes, complete cover, open toe, and trainers.

In the specific link feature, we chose a navy blue strap on classic with laces that will match all your little boy's outfits. Orgimmar ranges from $15.99-$20.96

Petit Marin

Petit Marin is the perfect handsome baby shoe for your dapper baby boy. They also have cute soft leather shoe for your little girl too. It comes in designs that mimic the appearance of sneakers complete with laces as well as animal prints and fun graphic prints.

​This design, in particular, is an adorable combination of powder blue and gray at just below $20.

Sayoyo – Lion

Sayoyo shoes can come as low as $9 a pair and come in a variety of different designs such as animal graphics, bold colors, nude colors, and even metallic and open toe versions.

​This shoe has a fun lion print to bring out the brave in any little boy, and the best part is, it does not cost you much. Check out Sayoyo on Amazon.


We found a very handsome gentleman shoe from Emolly. This shoe is perfect for formal occasions and will keep your baby boy within the theme but still comfortable as babies should be.

Emolly offers a very affordable selection of classics to modern designs like camouflage slip on’s, patterned designs, animal prints, and more modern pieces.

Leather shoes are an excellent piece of any outfit, but Emolly offers a wider selection of modern designs than any other supplier or designer.


This selection from Agusta features a navy blue soft leather baby shoe with a dump truck print and bright yellow accents perfect for your little boy and his future love of all trucks.

​Agusta Baby also offers play shoes, boy’s trainers, and fun prints such as dump trucks, trains, animals, and camo.

Soft Leather Baby Shoe For Girl

Sayoyo - Butterfly

This Sayoyo butterfly print is sweet with its cream background and coral pink accents and perfects for your little girls spring time outfit.

​Sayoyo also has a wide range of beautiful soft leather baby shoes for you to choose. Highly recommended to check out all the what Sayoyo has to offer. I bet you will fall in love with their baby shoes.

aGu Gugu

aGu Gugu comes in one standard fit with a wide variety of designs to choose from. This choice, in particular, has a sweet baby bird design perfect to tie up a baby girl’s outfit and still leave her feet comfortable.

The best part about aGu Gugu is that every purchase even comes with socks. This is a good deal!


Desdemona provides you with the most adorable selection for your little girls. This cute little shoe designed complete with metallic bows and tassels.

Any one of the soft leather baby shoes in their selection would be enough to leave you cringing with absolute cuteness. Desdemonda is definitely is one of our favorite when it comes to aesthetics.

Tipsie Toes

Tipsy Toes offers a range of classic leather designs with print options of different characters and graphics to look adorable on babies and little children.

This choice, in particular, features an adorable frog graphic and is in various shades of pink, a classic when it comes to little girls. Tipsie Toes is completely mad of leather from all angles and does not have a rubber sole like other do.

There may not be anything cuter than a baby and making babies look cute through their outfits is so much fun especially wearing them a complete outfit matching with a pair of beautiful soft leather baby shoe.

​However, always keep in mind that you will also need to consider child’s safety and health. Do your research on any manufacturer before buying and make sure the leather used wasn’t treated with any harmful chemicals.

​Also, it would be good to note that a soft lining should be in place to keep baby’s feet either warm or cool depending on the season.

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