6 Best Air Hockey Table (Fun Home Arcade For Family)

If you’re looking for the best air hockey table, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning to give it as a gift or just want to buy one, choosing the perfect one is essential so that you get the most out of your purchase and you enjoy the product.

With that, we’ve researched many air hockey table on the market to help you choose the right one for you. We’re also going to share some information about air hockey and the things you should consider before buying an air hockey table.

Best Air Hockey Table List

Whatever the level of the player is, the price is also another factor to consider in buying an air hockey table. So here are some of the best air hockey table under $500:

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Top 4 Air Hockey Table Reviews

MD SPORTS Air Powered Hockey Table

The MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table has a very sleek and modern design. Its table top surface of 80 inches long is high-gloss yet scratch resistant so you get smooth playing experience and its 5-inch leg levelers allow a stable playing surface. It also has cool stadium graphics to let you feel the game even more.

Other features are it's inlaid LED electronic scoring system that lets you play continuously without having to score manually and some stadium sound effects that add up to the energy and challenge while you are playing with your opponent.

This is very easy to assemble and can take less than an hour. However, it would be very helpful if you have a companion to help you carry the hockey table as it is cumbersome to lift alone.

Using this air hockey table is very easy and the on-off switch is conveniently located under the table. Although, the downsides of this table are you have to use batteries to activate the LED scoring and the sound effects and the cord for the plug is a bit short.

Overall, this is a pretty good purchase for an air hockey table considering its price and the quality of gameplay. This is much cheaper than most brands and if you’re looking for something that is mid-range priced, then this is the best to choose. You get to play and have fun without spending too much.


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Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

This Harvin Air Hockey Table has a very playful design that looks enticing for kids. It has a very compact design that will comfortably fit in your game room and won’t need a lot of space. It is 28 pounds heavy and measures 48x24x31 inches which seems like a small air hockey table. Assembling it is also easy but will need help from someone else.

It has an electronic scoring system to allow you endless fun and play. However, it is also battery operated which might not work once the batteries are all used up. We also find that the scoring unit can be too sensitive that won’t keep scores accurately.

The table itself is very stable and stands on L-shaped legs with leg levelers. This makes it withstand any kind of active gameplay without toppling over. Also, the playfield of the table is very spacious, so you have more area to move the puck. The broader goals can accommodate the puck easily and will let you retrieve it without hurting your hands.

Overall, this Harvil Air Hockey Table is not bad. Despite some users having trouble with the electronic scoring system, it’s still a good buy for kids to enjoy at home. It is very affordable and is on the low-priced category of air hockey tables.


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EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer

The EA Sports 60-inch Air Hockey Table looks like an arcade quality air hockey table because of its amazing design and features. This is perfect for your game room which will let you feel very competitive yet enjoy all the fun with your family and friends.

It has an overhead electronic scoring unit that allows you to monitor you and your opponent’s score easily, and it’s conveniently located across and on top of the hockey table. This set is created with UL certified powered motor that ensures even air flow on the game table, making the puck slide smoothly on the surface.

The hockey table is 60 inches long with full-panel leg supports, leg levelers, and lateral cross braces, unlike other game tables. This makes sure that the table is very stable and durable during your games, unlike others that can wobble. This makes it one of the best commercial air hockey tables on the market.

Overall, this air hockey table by EA Sports is our top pick. It’s the best air hockey table for the money because of its design that seems very sporty, its perfect size, and its price that is very affordable for the high quality that you are paying. This is definitely worth the buy and we recommend this air hockey table.


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Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

This Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table may look very bulky at first glance, but it seems like a professional-style hockey table for tournaments. If you’re looking to be a professional air hockey player, then this is the perfect purchase.

This table measures 85.5x45.5x31 inches and is considerably huge compared to other air hockey tables. This is very heavy so it’s advisable to pay extra to have it installed or have more than one companion to help you assemble it.

The table has professional-style aluminum rails that let the puck bounce off easily. It has a special laminated table top that prevents wear and tear throughout use, proving its durability and quality. Score keeping is also easy because it comes with an electronic scoring system on one side of the table, making it easy to monitor for both players.

Professional quality is this table’s main feature and it is also seen in the full-sized puck that comes with it, and also because of its thick legs that prevent it from wobbling. Unlike other hockey tables, this doesn’t have sound effects, but the sound of the air blower is pretty loud.

So far, this is also highly-recommendable especially if you’re looking for a very durable and sturdy air hockey table. Despite being bulky and huge, it is very affordable for its price and you get professional quality which you can enjoy for years.


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What is Air Hockey?


Air hockey has a similar appearance to a pool table when viewed from a distance; however, the playing surface is very different. Air hockey tables are built using an incredibly smooth surface perforated by thousands of tiny air holes.

Underneath the table, a fan is fitted that blows upwards into the table cavity and ultimately forces jets of air to rush thought surface holes thus making the puck float. It is this reduction in friction that allows the air hockey puck to reach such high speeds.

In a nutshell, air hockey is a game similar to ice hockey but is played on a low-friction table where two opponents fight to shoot the puck in each other’s goal. You can easily find this entertainment in the arcane and it has been a favorite game among kids and adults even up until today. Also, learn about the rules and regulation to air hockey table, here.

History of Air Hockey

Air hockey was conceptualized and brought to life by a group of Brunswick Billiards company employees. The three engineers namely Bill Crossman, Bob Kenrick, and Brad Baldwin started coming up with a new game using a low-friction surface, however, they didn’t have any idea as to what kind of game would be best for their invention.

Because of that, their game table project paused for a few years until they met with Bob Lemieux who inspired them to use it as an air hockey version of ice hockey. It was then that they modeled it to look like an ice hockey rink and they decided to make it available to the public.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

Carefully watching and hitting the puck requires much concentration and planning. So that you can defend your goal and direct the puck back to your opponent and at the same time planning how to score a goal.

Just like any other game or sport, playing air hockey has its benefits. Whether professional or just for fun, it provides the players' relief from stress, improvement in agility, enhanced eye and hand coordination, and improved tactical decision-making.

Types of Air Hockey Table


Throughout the years, air hockey tables have evolved and advanced, just like any other invention. So, there are different types of air hockey tables available. Knowing each type will help you choose the best one that will suit your preferences.


Arcade types of hockey table are considered the most expensive kind. They are made with solid and high-quality material and measures 8 feet or 96 inches long, which is approximately the regulation size air hockey table. These also have all the features that are necessary for a maximum arcade experience like strong motors for the air, bright electronic scoring, loud sound effects and music.

This type of air hockey table is also one of the most well-known among gamers not only because of its incredible features but also because of its durability which makes it last through many years. This is recommendable for heavy use in arcades, restaurants, or other businesses that will make it useful for many years.

Basic design

Basic design types of air hockey table are a bit similar to the arcade-style air hockey table but is a lot less expensive and just like its name says, it is very basic. It doesn’t have the full features that arcade types have and is highly recommended for kids or teens that want to play air hockey at home.


A tabletop air hockey table is a type that is very portable and can be easily stored. It is an excellent option for houses with limited space but wants to have an air hockey table. This type features a rubber foot which can be placed on top of a table without slipping.

Because these can be put on tables, these are usually smaller than other kinds and are also an excellent option for little kids that can’t reach regular-sized air hockey tables.


A multi-game air hockey table usually contains games more than just air hockey. It lets the user experience other selection of sports like football, table tennis, bowling, chess, or even other board games.

How to Pick A Good Air Hockey Table

There are many different air hockey table types so before going out to buy one, you should know what you’re looking for. You can buy a used coin-operated air hockey table or a used arcade air hockey table instead of a new one for a lower price.

You can easily find the used one from places with eBay or Craigslist. Either way, you’d have to know what you need. So here are certain things to consider before purchasing an air hockey table.

Air Hockey Table Size

Size is the first thing you have to consider because you’ll have to allow space for a big item. How much space is available in your home? Remember that you’ll also need space to play and move freely, so a few feet from the table is enough.

In general, the size of full-size air hockey tables are 90 inches by 50 inches, and you’ll need to have a room that is 10 feet by 7 feet so that you can fit the table and play comfortably.

Air Hockey Table Material

What’s the air hockey table material? You should also take this into consideration so that your table can last many years. The table should be made of solid and sturdy wood. The legs should also be made of thick solid wood to take the weight of the tabletop and the players who lean during gameplay.

There are air hockey tables that have a leg leveler feature under the legs so that it can be leveled correctly when placed on an uneven floor.

Other than those, the rink walls should be made of durable nylon or solid aluminum. These allow the puck to bounce off the walls and these materials are less likely to dent or scratch over time.

Air Motor

An air hockey table uses a pneumatic motor for the air that is pumped across the surface of the table. A robust motor will ensure that enough air gets across the table evenly. Also, an excellent quality motor will run silently, won’t overheat, and will allow you to play for long periods of time. A number of motors use a Plenum chamber to distribute air evenly across the table surface.

Different Skill Levels

Before buying an air hockey table, another thing you should consider is your skill level and what you plan to achieve in the future.


If the main person who’s going to use the air hockey table is a beginner or a child, then purchasing an expensive one is unnecessary. Tables under $500 or even $100 should work well for beginners as they still gain experience in the sport. However, these tables can lack in quality, so they are also easily replaceable if a more advanced air hockey table is necessary.


An intermediate player already knows the rules of the game and have ample experience in playing air hockey. Tables that suit intermediate players are those with a number of features for an easier play. These may be a bit more expensive but these are more sturdy and durable to last years until the player becomes advanced.


Air hockey tables for advanced players are usually those arcade style tables that have complete features – electronic scoring and sound effects. These are usually full-size and great for those who compete in air hockey competitions. Tables for advanced players are made with thick and sturdy legs that will also last a long time.

How to Care for Your Air Hockey Table

When you get your air hockey table, it doesn’t end there. Keeping it clean and maintaining it is also important to make sure that your hockey table will last long. Here are a few tips to remember to keep your air hockey table clean:

  • Regularly clean and dust the surface of the table. You can use a vacuum to suck out any dust in the air holes of the hockey table surface.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the surface after vacuuming. This will make all the remaining dust stick to the damp cloth and ensure that there is very minimal left. Do not use any kind of wax or cleaner on the surface as this can clog the air holes over time. Same goes for puck and paddles.
  • If you really want a sure clean, you can use a glass cleaner but spray on the cloth instead of directing it on the hockey table surface. You can also use this on pucks and paddles if they have stains.
  • Do not eat or drink on the table. Any liquid spills or food crumbs can block the air holes and eventually ruin the table surface, preventing the puck from floating.
  • Cover your air hockey table when not in use and never store anything on top of it.

Wrapping Up

Getting your own air hockey table is a really great opportunity to have fun for the family. That’s why knowing how to choose the best air hockey table is important so that you can purchase the perfect product which will last for years. Choosing the right table is a process and it’s important to know the different considerations before buying.

Also, we eliminate other well-known tables like the Atomic Blazer 7' Air Hockey Table, Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table, Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table and GoGlory Highly Powered Hockey Table, 48-Inch due to low customer satisfaction and quality.

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