The 6 Best Cloth Training Pants Brands for Babies (>40 Patterns to Choose From)

Behind the smiles and the giggles that fill your heart with immense joy comes the less glamorous part of caring for your baby. But all parents go through the same process, and that is to potty train your child. To help you do that, we have selected the best cloth training pants you could use.

Why Should You Use Cloth Training Pants?


For one, using potty training pants makes it easier and less stressful, both for you and your baby. The main benefit of using cloth training pants is that it lets your child feel the wetness that occurs. At the same time, the chances of making a mess are less and contained. Such is not the case when you bypass this stage and choose to use the regular underpants.

The logic...

Disposable pull-ups and other diapers are good at absorbing the wetness, but there is one disadvantage. The purpose of potty training is for your child to feel the discomfort of wetness so that he/she would react by letting you know it’s time to wash and change. Furthermore, as your precious one becomes familiar with the uncomfortable sensation, it follows that your child learns how to signal you before discharging.

Green and safe

Cloth training pants are reusable because you could wash them. But it’s not only about saving money as opposed to using disposable ones. It’s also about safety because synthetic alternatives may contain materials and chemicals you want to avoid. And that brings us to this report on diaper dye dermatitis. In this report, the conclusion that one could get is that some diapers use dyes that cause rashes.

So, parents. It may be more chores for you to do, but using cloth is safer and healthier for your baby and toddler and contribute to a greener environment too. As your child continues to learn, cloth training pants offer an easier transition to regular underpants, because removing or putting it on is the same.

Some Things to Keep in Mind


No one ever said potty training is easy. As a matter of fact, those who claim they have 100% way of guaranteeing that no accidents occur such as poop spilling out, they are lying. So, with that in mind, do not get frustrated when it does happen from time to time. When it does happen, think of it much like you are developing the habit of having longer patience.

Body’s signals

Potty training begins when your child recognizes their own body’s signals. A form of basic communication is necessary so that your child could let you know when they feel the urge, and the wetness.

Once your child is able to recognize and communicate, then that makes it easier to teach your child the motor movement of removing the soiled cloth training pants and wearing one after washing. At this point, it’s too much of a wish that your child could wash himself/herself, though.

Motivation and encouragements

Potty training could also be a moment of bonding. Instead of simply going through the motion of cleaning your baby, it would be better to talk and motivate your child. Reinforce the important steps in potty training so that your child is encouraged to continue doing the right things. Your child does love the attention and praises, right?

Since we mention about washing, do you know that the water uses to bath your baby might not be safe? If you are taking water from the shower, using one of these best shower head filters will filter the hard water and making them safe for use especially for small children. And after a nice shower, it’s nice to wrap around your little precious with one of these incredibly cute hooded baby towels.

Top Cloth Training Pants Brands

While any cloth training pants are the same – to help you potty train your baby. But we think that certain type of design is more suitable for a baby girl than a boy. Anyhow, all the cloth training pants brands featured below are excellent and should able to help you to find one that your little toddler will like.

Best Cloth Training Pants for Baby Boys

Gerber Training Pants 18 Months Striped

Gerber Baby and Toddler Boys’ 4 Pack Training Pants 18 Months Sports
Babyfriend Lovely Baby Boys’ Washable 5 Pack Toilet Training Pants 12 Months Multicolor
Super Undies Potty Training Pants

Best Cloth Training Pants for Baby Girls

Gerber Baby and Toddler Girls' 4 Pack Training Pants 18 Months Polka Dot

Gerber Potty Training Pants 18 Months Big Dots

Babyfriend Baby Girls’ Washable 5 Pack Training Pants 18 Months Multicolor

Best Unisex Cloth Training Pants for Babies

Mom & Bab Toddler Training Pants/Underwear

Under the Nile Organic Training Pants 12-24 Months Off White

Gerber Unisex Baby 3 Pack Training Pant 18 Months White

I Play Green Sprouts Pack of 2 Training Underwear 18 Months White

The Best Cloth Potty Training Pants for Your Child

When it comes to babies and toddlers, there is not really a significant difference between those that are styled for boys and girls. About the only reason why we did pick separately for boys and girls is the style. Other than that, all of the potty training pants here can be used for gender.

Choosing the best is often not easy, as each parent and child may have specific needs or preferences. One thing that we are sure of is that the products we picked here are well-liked by other parents as evidenced by their positive feedbacks.

We are also well-aware of some companies that offer compensation for positive reviews. Hence we have taken the time to make sure that we only consider the opinions of parents who were verified to have purchased the products.

Based on the net satisfaction rating, we would recommend both Mom & Gab and Gerber as the best cloth training pants brands you should go for.

If you think we miss of any good training pants brands, do let us know by commenting below. Only you can help us to make the recommendation list better and helpful for everyone.

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