Is It Safe To Give Miralax To Babies?

Since it was first introduced 13 years ago, Miralax is a laxative solution that is in fact aimed at adults but the product is also said to be safe for baby. Giving the right dosage of miralax to your baby from a young age actually has many benefits.

According to Steve J. Hodges, M.D., associate professor of pediatric urology said that miralax is safe for babies, which can be taken daily to address constipation issue.

There are of course rules in place when you give your child any kind of medication but as long as you do it correctly and consulted a doctor, miralax for babies can be very safe and can successfully treat constipation. Let's delve a little deeper into exactly what miralax can do for your infant and how to use it correctly.

What Is Miralax?

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Miralax is a laxative used to treat occasional constipation. The active ingredient, polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG), works by bringing water into the bowels, which helps keep the digestive system regular. Stool becomes softer when the bowels retain water and your baby can pass motion without much fuss when the stool is soft.

Miralax comes in form of powder or liquid and it’s tasteless. It can be easily diluted into any kind of juice. It can also be diluted in water but will change the taste slightly but not very noticeable. While miralax for babies can be safe but it should not be simple use without proper administration.

Consult With The Physician

Obviously it's important when giving miralax to babies, you have to ensure that the dosage is right for their age. Despite any recommendations from friends, you should never follow them because each baby tolerate differently with miralax. The amount of miralax should be taken based on the type of stool condition.

You may start by giving the “Overnight Relief” dosage first then follow by the chronic constipation dosage the following day. Your baby should have 2-3 milkshake consistency stools per day but if the stool is still hard, increase the dose until you see your baby pass motion of soft stool and reduce the dose if the stool is too watery.

The chart below will help guide your dosing. However, this is a general guide and it’s advisable to discuss with your doctor to formulate a guide that is specifically for your baby.

Body Weight (lbs)

Chronic Constipation

Overnight Relief (may take longer than 1 day)


3 oz. daily

4 oz. twice daily


4 oz. daily

4 oz. twice daily


5 oz. daily

5 oz. twice daily


6 oz. daily

  6 oz. twice daily


8 oz. daily

  6 oz. twice daily


8 oz. daily

  6 oz. twice daily

How To Prepare And Serve Miralax To A Baby?

There are a couple of ways that you can prepare and serve the miralax product to your baby and these include the following:

  • It is recommended that you mix a couple of drops of miralax with water/juice to give it to your baby. Do not mix it with milk, as the full effect of miralax will not be experienced by the baby.
  • Another option is to mix miralax with tea. Mix the recommended amount of miralax with Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea can help to soothe discomfort in your baby tummy that cause by constipation.
  • You can serve miralax in a bottle or cup to your baby or what he/she likes to drink from. Ensure that they drink the full amount of the dosage advised by your physician.

Keeping The Dosage Accurate

If the recommended dosage is not kept to, there can be side effects for your baby or you might not cure their constipation at all. The right dosage not only comes down to the child age but their weight too.

If a doctor advises you on an amount to give, keep in mind that this will go up slightly as your baby gains weight. Refer to the chart above for a general guidance.

So far the only recoded side effect of overdose is diarrhea. However, it’s common to see your baby to have diarrhea at the beginning of treatment because of stool leakage around an impacted stool.

Miralax Is Never A Long Term Solution

Many people when giving their baby miralax worry that they will be on it forever but this is obviously not true. You should give the product to your baby until they can pass soft stools on a daily basis.

Refer the Bristol Stool Chart below. Your baby should start to gradually waning off miralax once he/she can consistently pass motion with stool type 4 or 5 for 2 - 3  days.


Although miralax is safe to your baby, it is recommended that you only use it between 6-12 months maximum but you should never stop miralax abruptly, otherwise your baby might suffer constipation again.

While miralax for babies is great at treating constipation but you should also focus on other natural methods to help your infant’s constipation, to make the transition off miralax easier. These methods should include the following:

  • Ensuring he/she is hydrated enough on a daily basis, feed them plenty of milk/juice/water and this should help constipation.
  • Feeding your child plenty of fiber like fruits, vegetables and chicken-based dishes will help them pass stools naturally.
  • Lie your child down and gently massage their stomach in a small, circular motion - this is said to help eliminate constipation if you do it regularly.

For more about natural ways to help with you baby constipation, watch this short informative video…

The Benefits And Limits Of Miralax For Babies

A baby with constipation can be in so much pain, so it's important that you get rid of the problem as soon as possible - this is where miralax comes in.

Miralax is really good at softening the stool and helping the child pass it but it's not perfect and does have some limitations. It does not fully empty the rectum and therefore cannot clear the bowels completely.

This means that the product cannot be relied upon entirely, if constipation continues for a while - it is really wise to visit the doctor to seek further advice.

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Miralax For Babies Isn’t Natural

Miralax isn't completely natural but it is still recommended by doctors all over the world to cure constipation in children and babies. There are definitely WORSE ways to clear constipation, like having a tube inserted into your baby’s stomach. This is painful, horrible and highly invasive.

The reason why doctors recommend miralax even for children is because it really works and has no known side effects. I'm sure as a parent; you just want your child to be happy and healthy which means getting rid of their constipation in the best way possible for them. Miralax is definitely one of the right routes to go down if your little one has difficulties passing stools.

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