10 Best Places to Register for Baby (Best Places to Register for Baby Shower)

One of the most exciting things together with expecting is buying baby items. And you’ve probably heard of baby registries. There are probably some sites or places that you’re already considering, but knowing the best places to register for baby essentials can save you a lot of time and will make it easier for your friends and family too.

We want to help you choose a registry that can be easily accessible and will have most of the items you and your baby will need. We summarized different registry programs so that you don’t waste your time looking for one. Read along to find out the best places for a baby registry.

What is a Baby Registry?


To prepare for your little one’s arrival, a registry is a list of items that you would like to have for yourself and your baby. These can include clothes, gears, cribs, strollers, and more.

You can then share your registry with your family, friends, and relatives, and they can choose which items to give as gifts during your baby shower. Here is a detail list of things you will likely need to have from pregnancy to delivery.

5 Best Places to Register for Baby

Amazon Baby Registry

  • Probably one of the best baby registry sites due to perks like free shipping, mobile-friendly registry and big discount on major brands.
  • Amazon Baby Registry is all about easy-registry and quick purchase online. Their revolutionary 1 button check-out does make the shopping experience a pleasant one.
  • You can access a large selection of products worldwide from a variety of manufacturers, with different prices to choose from.
  • Most items have a 90-day return period for FREE as long as it adheres to their return policies.
  • Your friends and family can see your registry online and they can send you the gift in an instant.
  • Adding products from other websites is possible if your desired item is not on the Amazon website. You will probably need to do it through the Amazon Universal Baby Registry browser plugin.
  • You also get a 10% completion discount on certain remaining items in your registry. This is redeemable 2 months prior your due date.
  • Amazon even sends a Thank You E-card to people who bought items from your registry.

Babies “R” Us

  • One of the most popular choices among expectant mothers because of their wide product selection that focuses on babies.
  • Has the options of online registry or in-store shopping.
  • Sign up as a rewards member and get $5 for every 125 points you accumulate. 125 points is equivalent to a spend amount of $125. This is also applicable to items bought by your guests from your registry.
  • Rewards members also get e-mails and special coupons which can be used on more items you need.
  • You can get a 10% completion discount for unpurchased items on your registry.
  • Hassle-free item returns and exchanges are available 1 year after the purchase.

Target Baby Registry

  • Target is a wonderful option because you can create a registry online or in-store, so you have the chance to see the actual items yourself. Although, their online registry has some options that are not available in their stores and item availability will depend per store.
  • They have a baby essentials list that can guide you through picking items for your registry.
  • When you finish creating your registry with Target, they give you a complimentary package that contains coupons and samples.
  • If your shower is 2 months away, you and your guests are eligible for a 15% completion discount and free shipping for at least $25 purchase.
  • Item returns and exchanges are available until 1 year after the purchase.
  • Get 5% discount on baby products when you sign up for subscription savings.

Pottery Barn Kids

  • Known for quality items that can be used by your babies throughout the years.
  • Most Pottery Barn registry items are huge items like furniture, cribs, carriers, and customized gift items like embroidered beddings and pillows.
  • You can also get a 10% completion discount for leftover items in your registry and is redeemable until 6 months after birth.

Buy Buy Baby

  • Somewhat similar to Babies “R” Us, Buy Buy Baby is very helpful for first time moms.
  • They have a baby essentials list on the first page of their registry to guide moms on what items to buy.
  • Simply sign up and get a free gift!
  • You also have the option to register online or in the store.
  • Upon registering, you get complimentary cards to give out with your baby shower invitations so that your guests know where to access your registry.
  • They also give a 10% completion discount for unbought items in your registry.
  • Additionally, they give a $25 discount on a $100 purchase if you refer your friends or family to sign up to their registry too.

Our Picks

Our favorite baby registry would be Amazon Baby Registry. Call us bias, but Amazon indeed has the earth’s biggest selection when coming to shopping for baby products. Also, the perks of free shipping, excellent customer support and massive products selections, what more can you ask for?

You can even find brands that are not easily available anywhere, but Amazon will carry it. Also, if you subscript to the Amazon Prime, you get even more perks! Remember to check out the Amazon Prime for more info.

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5 Other Best Places for Baby Registry


The Land of the Nod

The Bump

Kohl’s Baby Registry

Burlington Coat Factory

Best Time to Register for Baby


You can create a baby registry anytime during your pregnancy. Most moms go through their checklist when they’re around 12 weeks pregnant so that they can build their list early and they have enough time to categorize wants and needs. It may seem too far ahead as per planning but the number of items to be purchased for babies does require a lot of thought.

Other moms wait until the big gender reveal day which is around 20 weeks. This is also an ideal time because it’ll be easier for you to choose colors and designs that you want for your baby. But don’t wait any longer. Your guests will also need time to browse through your registry to pick their gift for you!

Conclusion on the Best Places for Baby Registry

With a baby on the way, ticking off a number of to-do’s (like creating a baby registry) will save you precious time and frustration too. That’s why we made a list of the best places to register for baby. Like you, your baby shower guests will be very excited to pick out their gifts for you, so it is important to have a registry that is easy to view and access.

So, carefully think about the items that you and your baby need. Then, create your registry at the right time so that your guests have enough time to choose. In picking the best baby registry, remember to consider all your options and the perks that they offer. After all, you can create registries in whichever stores you like.

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