Top 7 Picks for The Best Hoverboard For Kids (Quick Guide and Reviews)

These days, most parents want to introduce more sensible and productive activities for kids other than their gadgets to veer them away from their ill effects and a hoverboard is a good option for this purpose. But before purchasing one, would you not want to know more about which is the best hoverboard for kids?

So if you are geared towards seeing your kids do more things outdoors, this quick guide will help you understand more about the hoverboard craze and read about which is the best hoverboard brands currently in the market.

List of Best Hoverboard For Kids

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What Is A Hoverboard?

There are still a number of toys that do not constrain a child from physically moving about and finding entertainment in something other than mobile or computer gaming. Seen in the movie - Back to the Future, the hoverboard was used as a personal levitator to commute. It looked like a board floating in air with someone riding on top of it.

In 2013, the now popular kick scooter and electric scooter was invented and took charge of its mass production and brought this phenomenal new invention to almost all parts of the world. It instantly became a craze among children and adults alike.

The hoverboard or sometime refer as swagway hoverboard, is a board with two wheels, electrically driven and could be used as a personal transporter. Although it does not levitate on its own, it creates a novel and exciting experience for the rider. The rider mounts the board, leans forward and voila the rider is off and in for an adventure!

As it gained in popularity, the hoverboard instantly found itself on every child’s birthday and Christmas wish list as it became one of the most sought-after gifts. If you’re looking to buy one, in the post below, we have some popular swagway hoverboard reviews for you as well. Keep on reading.

Considerations When Buying A Hoverboard

With so many brands in the market, picking the right hoverboard can be a tough job. Here are the considerations to find the best hoverboard for kids:

Passed Safety Standards

Always check whether the hoverboard you are purchasing has passed the UL electrical safety tests. Hoverboards that pass these tests are “certified UL 2272 compliant.” A sticker indicating this is visible on the board so make you check.

Age Appropriate

Some boards are really made to go faster than most. Consider the age and ability of the child to mount on the board and manipulate it. There are hoverboards that are best suited for younger children. Most hoverboards are recommended for use by children at least 8 years old and above.


Hoverboards vary in size. Smaller ones like the 6.5” ones will work better with smaller kids, around 8-13 years old. There are longer boards, the 8.5” & 10” ones that can be maneuvered by bigger kids. These also work well on uneven terrain.


Most hoverboards are not cheap. Check on all the product features and the product add-on first (if there are any) and do a comparison among them so you get the best for the money you spend.

Extra Features

Hoverboards all have their basic functions but some have added features that may appeal more to you. Here are some of them:

  • Safe stop
    This is a feature that will work well for both kids and adults riding the board. Check that your board has a feature where it glides to a stop and not a sudden jolting stop especially when out of battery.
  • Traction
    Where will you spend most of your time riding your board? All terrain boards can be ridden through mud, grass and sand. This kind of wheels won’t work well indoors.
  • Motor
    Hoverboards with more motor power can climb up hills, slopes and cover more mileage.
  • Weight Limit
    Kids won’t usually have a problem with this but if adults decide to also play with these boards, make a quick check on the maximum weight limit your board can carry.
  • Bluetooth App
    This feature will allow you to personalize your board. With this feature, you can specify the LED light colors, riding mode, safety features and even play your music playlist!


The best place to buy a hoverboard is online. Ecommerce giant like Amazon give better deal, free shipping and is cheaper compare to shops. Also, if there is any issue with the delivery, a call to their customer support at Amazon will get the matter sort out quickly either by replacing a new one or a free refund.

Top 3 Best Hoverboard Reviews


Among the many choices of hoverboards, we have chosen a few of the best hoverboard brands based on customer reviews, compliance to safety standards and value for money.

SAGAPLAY F1 Hoverboard

This hoverboard has passed both UL Certifications for its balance board and its battery. This ensures that the product does not have any potential fire hazards. Its well-built control system allows for easy maneuvering and manipulation.

This board was built to be ridden on smooth as well as uneven surfaces. It is even splash proof! You won’t have to worry when your board has to pass through small puddles of water.

Customers who purchased this hoverboard shared that their children were able to mount on the board easily and the plus was the battery stayed charged longer than expected.

However, best to ensure batteries are fully charged before use as in one case where the board completely stopped in the middle of the ride. Other than that, the Sagaplay is one of the best hoverboard on the market right now.


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EPIKGO Hoverboard

The features of this product are rather amazing. Both its balance board and battery have passed the necessary safety tests. It can also last a little over an hour on a single charge.

There is adequate foot space on the board and claims to be sturdy and stable. Aside from this, it has solid rubber tires which can be used on almost all kinds of terrain including dirt roads and mud. It is made of high quality material giving the rider the confidence when moving around.

The aluminum body gives this board its durability but it best to avoid submerging its wheels in deep puddles. Although a bit on the pricey side, customers claim they got a good deal with this buy and may be one of the best hoverboards in the market today.


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The TOMOLOO Hoverboard

This is a powerful and reliable board that can go up to maximum speeds of 8kph and can cover a 12 mile distance in total mileage. It has Bluetooth music with built in speakers and has an attractive design (and comes in 6 colors) with customized lights making it a child’s dream toy. It is no surprise this particular board got a high customer rating.

Parents have bought this hoverboard with kids as young as 9 years old have ridden on it. It is easy to mount on and provides a stable ride even for the young riders. The tires are also durable and solid plus it has a quick response brake to ensure riders are kept safe.

Overall, parents and customers who have paid for this board were satisfied with their purchase. This product has passed the UL safety standards.

In addition, this particular board is one of the best rated hoverboards.


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Learning To Ride A Hoverboard


Now that you have deiced to purchase a hoverboard, how then do you get on those self balancing scooters? Safely of course! Read up on the basics below:

  • Mounting
    Always mount with one foot first, using your dominant foot. Don’t worry because most hoverboards are built with a self balance feature to provide safety for the rider.
  • Moving Around
    The hoverboard responds to any shift in weight. Lean forward to move forward and lean backwards to move backwards. Remember to use your hips and not your feet when shifting weight.
  • Making A Turn
    This can get tricky. When turning left, use your right foot. When turning right, use your left foot. If the board suddenly spins, do not panic! Slowly shift your weight for it to stop.
  • Braking
    If you find yourself moving too fast, lean your weight (using your hips) backwards. When you want the board to come to a complete stop, stand straight with your weight evenly balanced.
  • Dismounting
    Never step down in front or put your foot forward when getting down. Step back with your dominant foot immediately followed with your other foot.

Benefit of A Hoverboard for Kids

  • Promotes more physical and outdoor activity for kids.
  • Kids learn and further develop their gross motor skills.
  • Fun time for kids to play with other kids.
  • Builds the confidence and independence of a child.
  • ​Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy way to get from one to place to another, given the distance is not too far.
  • It can be a fun family activity where everyone can participate and enjoy.


There are many hoverboard choices out in the market today all of them offering the best and safest riding experience. Despite the setback of the hoverboard craze in 2015, manufacturers made sure they addressed the issue.

It has been each manufacturers commitment to improve and make sure their products are safe. Companies making these hoverboards subjected their products to safety tests in order to get the necessary safety certification.

So, there you have it. I hope that this quick guide has provided you some useful information about hoverboard and has also helped you to pick the best hoverboard for kids.

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