25 Super Fun Minute to Win It Games for Kids – Easy To Setup


A children party or function especially a birthday party is one of the best time for your kids to have a lot of fun with their friends. Setup some minute to win it games for kids is an excellent way to get all the children to enjoy a party and not glued their eye to their smartphone to find the next Pikachu in Pokemon Go!

​As parents, planning a children party can be challenging. Besides making sure to serve all the delicious food and desserts for the kids; making sure they are well entertained throughout the party is important too. Therefore, adding in some entertaining activities like the minute to win it games for kids will make the whole party a blast!

Game Setup and Rules


These minute to win it games for kids are simple to set up, budget friendly and filled with fun activities. All these games are very easy to play and only have 1 simple rule - complete the challenge within 60 seconds and you win!

​Another way to play is to pick a few games from the list and allocate point for each completed challenge (i.e., 10 points for each completed task.) The more points the person/group accumulate, win the game.

For your ease of reading, we have written a summary for each of these mini games and the rules to play and win. There is also a tutorial video in case you need more information. Check out our collection of the minute to win it games for kids below.

​Alright, let pick some games from the list and let's partieee!

Minute To Win It Games For Kids


The funny minute to win it games for kids in our collection. Requirements are few cotton balls, petroleum jelly and two bowls.


Place the bowls with 12 feet distance between them. Keep five cotton balls in one of them and some petroleum jelly nearby. Use your nose with some jelly and transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to another. Complete this within a minute to win.

Mad Dog

A game inspired by the madness of dog. Prepare a wooden stick with two filled tic tac boxes glue at both ends

Watch the tutorial video on 1:30 minute onward.


Hold the stick in the mouth and shake the head until both the boxes empty. Complete this in a minute to win this game.

Nut Stacker

A good minute to win it games for kids which need a stick and some nuts to play.


The player should stack nuts one above one for a minute. The one who stacks the most number of nuts will win the game.

Junk In The Trunk

A paper box with the cut section on one side and a handful of ping pong balls are sufficient to play.

Watch the tutorial video on 2:38 minute onward.


Fill the box with balls and tie it back to the player. Before 60 seconds the player has to empty the box by shaking his/her body to win.

Kix Chopstick Race

Some cereal pieces and a pair of chopstick are the required items to play.


Image courtesy of Teach Mama


A group of players has to participate at a time. Each player should pick the cereals from the center bowl to their individual bowl using only the chopstick. The player who had more count in their bowl at the end of one minute wins the game.

Keep It Up

A feather and a bucket are sufficient to play this game. Blowing is the easy part but keep the feather on the air is going to be challanging.


Image courtesy of The Chaos and the Clutter


The player must blow and keep the feather in the air and drop it into the bucket that is placed 15-feet somewhere in the room. Finish this in a minute to win the game.

The Slinky Challenge

A headband, plastic slinky are required for this game. Wear the headband and place 4 or 5 coils of slinky between your head and headband.


The slinky should get stacked perfectly on the forehead by moving the head around within 60 seconds. This game is really tougher than it sounds.

Pong Spoon Scoop

Scoop it up is the attractive minute to win it games for kids. All you need is two bowls, six ping pong balls and a spoon for each player.


Transfer the ping pong balls from one bowl to another by holding the spoon in your mouth. Do this within 60 seconds to win.


A basket, some ping pong balls are the requirements for this game. Simple but very challenging one.


Place the bucket on head, bounce the ball against the wall and capture it with the bucket. Catch three balls to win this game within a minute.

The Breakfast Scramble

If you have the front side of any cereal or snack box, you can kick start this game instantly. Take the front side and cut it into 20 equal squares.


Arrange the small pieces to create the front side of the snack or cereal pack in one minute to win.

Roll With It

Each player will need two rolls of toilet paper, one for each hand in this game.


Unspool both paper rolls before one minute to win this game. If the roll discontinued, grab it and continue. Don't give up. Only the time limit can eliminate you in this game.

Dizzy Mummy

This game is little different from the previous one. Here you need one toilet paper and two players for each team, one person to hold the roll and another one to spin around.


One person has to spin around, covering him or herself in toilet paper and empty the roll. Do this in a minute to win.

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Worm Diving

To play this game, find a bowl, few pretzels, one fishing line and a sticky, gummy worm.


Connect the gummy worm to the fishing line as it hangs 48 inches from the end of the fishing rod. Keep pretzels 6 feet away in a bowl. Use the worm to pick up pretzels, bring it to you and eat. Complete the bowl in 60 seconds to win.

Ping Tac Toe

Collect a bunch of ping pong balls and nine glasses filled with water to play this game.


Make a grid formation with the nine glasses. The player must bounce three balls into the glasses. Does it sounds easy!? Okay, get those three balls in a row within a minute to win.

Scary Cherry

The yummy minute to win it games for kids from our list. All you need is a handful of cherries and some strings. Tie some cherries with the string on a stick or rod.


The player must blow the cherry until it swings back to his / her mouth. Eat all the cherries by the same way in a minute to win.

Shoe Fly Shoe

A whole bunch of shoes and a table is enough to play this game. Perhaps looks comfortable but a challenging one.


The player has to sling the shoe on the table only using the foot. Make it happen in 60 seconds to win.

Stick the Landing

This game is another simple minute to win it games for kids. Find a water bottle and one table which is sufficient to play.


Toss the water bottle in the air and make sure it land upright. Achieve this in one minute to win.

Bottoms Up

It is time to play with your yo-yo. Also, collect some empty cans to play this game. Place all the cans on top of low platforms. Place the cans in different places.


Tie the yo-yo at your back with a belt and let it hang down like a tail. Swing the yo-yo and take down all the cans placed within 60 seconds to win.

Whipper Snapper

We are ready to go with a bowl, ping pong balls and a laundry basket for this game.


Keep the laundry basket 15 feet away from the player. To win this game, the player must flick the ping pong balls using the towel and make it fall into the basket within 1 minute.

Mega Bubble

If you can help mange to make some bubbles and a hoop, it is possible to play this game.


Keep the hoop 15 feet away from the player and the bubble that he or she blow should get through the hoop. Make sure to do it within a minute to win.

Bite Me

This one will need a bit of preparation. Get five paper bags and a scissor. Cut the bags into varying heights of 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 inches respectively. This game can be played in a group too!


Place the bags in a row and the player should pick each bag only using mouth and drop it on the table behind him/her. During this play, only the feet can touch the floor.

Defying Gravity

A game similar to the hat-trick technique. All you need is three balloons for this challenge.


Participants must keep all the three balloons in the air at the same time. These balloons should not touch the floor or rest on the body. Maintain this for one minute to win.


Remember your last bowling game?

This game requires some marbles, a pencil. If there is no patience, then it is a tough game.


Set the pencil standing up at 15 feet away. Roll the marbles and knock the pencil down in one minute to win.

Paper Dragon

Every player will need two spools of party streamers for this game.


Contestants must unspool a roll of party streamer in each hand, usage of hands and arms only allowed. If the streamer breaks, pick up and continue to complete in a minute.

Sticky Situation

This game is best played with a group of participants simultaneously. All you need is some bread, peanut butter, and ping pong balls.


Apply peanut butter on bread and keep it 10 feet away on a chair or bench. The player must bounce the balls, make one ball to land on and stick to the bread. Achieve this in one minute to win.

Let's Pick Some Games and Get Started

Activities are an excellent and healthy way to involve everyone into having fun especially kids during the party or function. So, start picking any games from this 25 Minute to Win It Games for Kids’ list and, we are confident that your next party for kids will be a memorable one for everybody!

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