Interview With Bruno Carrier The Co-Founder Of Baby Manager App


About Baby Manager App

Simple and intuitive. The Baby Manager will help you keep your head above the water with your little precious! Baby Manager can log your sweetheart's feeds and breastfeeds, sleep sessions, diaper changes, and growth and provide a summary of last events communicates your baby's needs at a glance.

For parents that love to analyze, Baby Manager can run analytics on all the data that collected and made helpful charts help you understand your child and breastfeeding better, gaining insights into their trends.

Baby Manager can also show you what growth percentile your child is in, which is an important measurement of your baby health. Baby Manager also has some other helpful features:

  • Pause and resume feeds and breastfeeds, and sleeps
  • Add events retroactively into the log
  • Get access to all features in this free app
  • Write notes for feeds, breastfeeds, sleeps, diaper changes and growth
  • Manage as many babies as you need, for free

And of course Baby Manager is very social too. You can:

  • Share your precious one's log and progress with your partner. Your devices will always be instantly synchronized, for free
  • Get your partner involved more using this app
  • Share charts with your friends on Facebook, email and more

As of this writing, Baby Manager is only available for Android users. iOS user, you have to wait for a while as Bruno is working hard to make Baby Manager available for you soon. Sign up for our newsletters and we'll keep you updated once Baby Manager is available at App Store.

The Interview


BabyDotDot: Tell me about yourself

Bruno: I’m a father of an 18-month little lady and expecting our second baby later this year.  I used to work in central banks but now work in an IT firm, which is a much more relaxed environment!  Outside work time, I try to be as good a father as I can be and improve Baby Manager daily while not forgetting to be a good husband, which can be quite challenging if you attempt to do all three simultaneously! 

BabyDotDot: How did Baby Manager start?

Bruno: When our first baby was born, we were overwhelmed with the lack of sleep, baby needs and decisions we needed to make for our baby (How to deal with acid reflux?  How to deal with sore nipples?  How can we get any sleep?).

We used a tracking app that helped us with sleep and breastfeeding a lot.  However, using the app was frustrating (bugs, poor design) and wasn’t a big improvement over a pen-and-paper approach. It also didn’t provide insights or information we required for our baby at the different stages of her life.  It was very static.

I thought it’d be great if an app that was able to help parents through the first few weeks and still is useful to parents after they get their head out of the water.  I want technology to help parents spend more and better time with their children.


BabyDotDot: What inspire you to start Baby Manager?

Bruno: The needs I felt and that were unfulfilled when I was a young parent drove me to start developing Baby Manager.  I wish that parents would be able to find all they need in one place.  Having a young baby is very difficult and sometimes distressing, and technology should help with this. 


BabyDotDot: Which part of Baby Manager that you like the most and why?

Bruno: I love how easy to use the app is.  Adding events to the baby tracker feels natural, and the app is really beautiful. 


BabyDotDot: Why people should download and use Baby Manager?

Bruno: Parents of newborns can make their lives easier by getting the tedious parts out of the way.  They will have better control over their lives, have more time to parent and be able to make better-informed decisions about their children.


BabyDotDot: Are any new features planned for Baby Manager?

Bruno: Yes, plenty!  We will make the app more social and allow for parents to interact with each other.  We want to empower parents.  We want parents to be able to find the support they need, whether it be informative or social.


BabyDotDot: What do you love?

Bruno: I love spending time with my family, taking walks outside and going to playgrounds.

BabyDotDot: What do you dislike?

Bruno: Judgmental parents who spread hatred instead of support and understanding.

BabyDotDot: What are you proud of?

Bruno: My little girl understands us talking to her in French, English, and Polish – the languages we use at home (I’m French Canadian, my wife is Polish, and we talk to each other in English)

BabyDotDot: What do you hope to achieve in 5 years time?

Bruno: I hope that Baby Manager will become the go-to app for young parents.

BabyDotDot: What motivate you?

Bruno: This will sound like a cliché – preparing a better future for my daughter.

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