BornBrite Board Book Box Set by Gabriela Juaristi Review

You are here reading this post because of two reasons. First, there is something in your tummy that promises to turn your world upside down and for the better. Second, you are looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mom. Let’s see if BornBrite Board Book Box Set is for you.


Author Gabriela Juaristi’s BornBrite is a set of nine baby books that coincides with each month of pregnancy. The early structures that will become the eyes and ears are forming by the fourth and fifth week of gestation, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Even if the research and clinical studies have been limited, there is growing evidence that babies listen and learn while inside the womb.

BornBrite Board Book Box Set


Each of the nine books in this set was wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated by the author. The easy-to-read text and smooth flow of stories are design for reading during pregnancy. These books consist of:

  • Book 1: Hello, Baby. Feel the love in every heartbeat.
  • Book 2: We Can See You Now. Discover what your body can do.
  • Book 3: Count those Fingers and Toes. Learn 1, 2, 3’s on your hands and feet.
  • Book 4: Your Amazing Adventure with Teeth. Make the most of all five food groups.
  • Book 5: Move ‘cause You’re Alive. Ready, set, exercise.
  • Book 6: Mommy’s Voice. Play with sounds, letters and words.
  • Book 7: Sense-ational. Experience through your senses.
  • Book 8: Rhyme for Your Mind. Tease your brain with colorful shapes.
  • Book 9: Welcome to the World. Explore countries and cultures around you.


Most moms know the importance of playing music for babies in the wombs. Mozart and Vivaldi are the top choices. But there is one artist that is the best of them all – mom’s voice.

The beauty of BornBrite board books is when you start using it. Unlike the typical board books you see, these books were carefully designed to allow for language development and bonding while the baby is inside the womb. At the same time, it conditions the mom’s mind and emotion to prepare for the day her baby is born.

The early development stage of the baby is possibly accelerated when the mom reads the book to her baby – listening to the same stories and the most beautiful voice in the world. Thumbs up for the BornBrite Board Book Box Set.

BornBrite Board Book Box Set is available for sales at Amazon.

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