What Are The Benefits of Chamomile Tea For Babies?


Do you know that giving chamomile tea for babies can be beneficial to them?

Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for calm anxiety and settles stomachs discomfort for thousands of years, and the history of using Chamomile can be traced all the way back to the Egyptian Empire.

The dried flowers of Chamomile are made into tea, infused oil, sleep pillow and compresses. Especially for the tea, it has been famously used for generations in cultures from Europe to Latin America, and it has become the natural choice of meds to cure discomfort tummy and also to a remedy for colic.

Read on further to know how Chamomile tea is used as a natural treatment for colicky baby

Is Chamomile Tea Safe For Babies?

If you have ever wondered whether chamomile tea for babies is safe, the answer is YES - in fact, it has many benefits for the little one. Obviously you would need to be somewhat careful of the dosage that you are giving but on the whole chamomile tea is really good for your baby.

Chamomile tea is safe to give your child from the age of about 6 months, if they are younger than that you should not give it to them until they reach the half a year mark.

Before you decide to give chamomile tea to your baby, you should also consult with your doctor, so they agree that it's safe to do so. Carry on reading to discover the nutritional benefits and just why chamomile tea can be so good for your infant.

Nutritional Value Of Chamomile Tea for Babies


There are many vitamins found in chamomile tea that is good for baby including calcium, magnesium, folate and Vitamin A. In addition to this, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic and anti-allergenic properties and can strengthen the immune system.

Although the vitamins and minerals are not huge in quantity, most mothers give their baby chamomile tea to help with a number of ailments. It can help significantly with colic, gas, sleeping problems and more, which are very common in babies. We will be talking more about how it can do this later.

Chamomile tea is a natural remedy for baby colic, gas, and sleeping problems.  #ChamomileTeaGoodForBaby

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How To Prepare and Serve Chamomile Tea For Babies

You should make sure that you prepare and serve the chamomile tea correctly to the baby so that they get the full benefits of the drink. You should mix one or two teaspoons of chamomile tea with warm water and not serve more than 1-2oz to the infant within 24 hours.

It's perfectly fine to serve chamomile tea to baby from a bottle. You can increase this to 3 ounces if baby is over one-year-old but only give them chamomile tea when you feel that it will be beneficial to them. You should also ensure that the chamomile tea you give to little one if caffeine free, always checks the label when purchasing the product.

Recommended Dosage of Chamomile Tea For Babies

Although the benefit of Chamomile tea for babies is good but you should not overfeed. Getting the dosage of chamomile tea right is crucial and as stated previously, you should only feed your baby around 1-2 ounces of DILUTED chamomile tea within any 24-hour timespan.

Side Effects Of Chamomile Tea

Your baby can suffer from side effects if you feed them too much chamomile tea including a sore tummy. Some children are known to suffer from skin rashes by consuming too much of it also. It's better to dilute the chamomile tea as much as possible; less is more in this circumstance.

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Chamomile Tea Helps To Soothe Colic

chamomile-tea-for-babies dosage

One of the main things that chamomile tea is used for with babies is soothing colic, gas and tummy aches. Health professionals have stated that the fennel in chamomile tea relaxes the baby’s intestines, which is what helps to get rid of the mentioned conditions.

Tummy/gas problems with babies can be so stressful and painful for them, so doing whatever you can to get rid of them is really important and chamomile tea is a holistic method that is proving popular all around the world.

Chamomile Tea Help Baby To Sleep Better

In addition to getting rid of colic, chamomile tea can help your baby sleep better which is good news for you and him/her! There are so many natural ingredients in chamomile tea that make it a perfect natural sleep aid. Babies need plenty of sleep, and this drink is great for getting them to relax and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

If your baby is inconsolable and just won't get to sleep, giving them around an ounce of diluted chamomile tea can make all the difference. A baby who is getting plenty of rest means happy child and happy you, so it's definitely worth a try.

Chamomile Tea Helps In Teething Pain

Another great benefit of chamomile tea is to help babies that are currently teething. A lot of pain and discomfort is thrust upon baby when they start to teeth, so you need to do whatever you can to eliminate this discomfort in your child.

Chamomile tea is safer and cheaper than other teething methods, and it's really easy to apply. Simply soak a sterilized washcloth or flannel in the Chamomile tea and let your infant suck/bite on it. This will give them that relief that they need, and you will find that they will seem much happier almost immediately.

Another tip is to buy a baby teether from Sassy. Teether by Sassy is made from washcloth material, and you can insert some ice cubes in it. After that dip the teether with some Chamomile tea and leave it in the fridge for cooling. A cooling teether works better to soothe teething pain.

A Safe and Natural Remedy

Instead of giving over-the-counter medicines, the use of chamomile tea for babies is a better option. For most colicky babies, if Chamomile tea were to be given to them for 3 times a week, bouts of colic may not be noticed after a month. Chamomile is by far the safest and natural form of remedy to stop a baby that frequently suffer from the colic problem.

While chamomile tea is an excellent natural remedy for colic but another benefit of this tea is to cure baby hiccup. Here is also a video on how to cure your child hiccup with Chamomile tea…

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