11 Best Mini Trampolines For Kids And Toddlers That Love To Jump


Kids can be very energetic at times and find a proper outlet for them to release this excessive energy is essential to keep them healthy. Well, what better way to get a kid moving with one of the best mini trampolines for kids below. Kids love to jump around and trampolines never fail to provide hours of fun.

An element of safety is required with trampoline use, and you wouldn’t want to compromise quality for the sake of price especially when children are involved.

Many trampolines of acceptable quality do not come cheap which is why we have come up with this list of the best mini trampolines for kids.

​This list is to help you to make sure that your buying decision is made within a range of choice that has already been reviewed and deemed safe for kids. Let’s check out the best mini trampolines for kids that your money can buy below.

Best Mini Trampolines For Children To Play

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline


One of the reasons why trampolines can grab your eye is because they are huge and no matter where in the house you put them, they will take up space.

This trampoline is still the standard size at 36 inches and doesn’t take away from any kids enjoyment by cutting down on size, but it has a unique feature – it is foldable which means you can put it away and store it when not in use.

Assembly and disassembly will take only under 5 minutes and the trampolines springs, and the mat is left relatively flat which means you wouldn’t have to remove each individual spring and can just leave it as it is. It’s very easy to store.

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Kangaroo's 36-Inch Trampoline for Kids


The kangaroo trampoline has an extra element of safety where elastic bands were used instead of springs. This is a good idea because even with the cover, children can get curious and many have gotten pinched by springs before.

​The Kangaroo trampoline has a higher weight capacity at 155 pounds and an angled handlebar to ensure kids stay centered. The kangaroo trampoline also has six legs to provide more stability.

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Portable and Foldable 36-Inch Trampoline


This trampoline gets kids excited with a jumping capacity of up to 3 feet but still with the handlebar to maintain balance and safety. The security cover on the springs is gartered and cannot easily be folded or lifted up by curious children. This trampoline is also ASTM Certifications and HR4040 approved.

This trampoline is considered portable because it can be used indoors and outdoors and its legs are compatible and will not slip on any surface whether grass, carpet, tile, or wood. It also comes with a free carrying case for easy to bring it everywhere.

​This trampoline also has a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds and comes with a pre-assembled base, so parents don’t have to worry about assembling springs. We think this is one of the best mini trampolines for kids when it comes to portability.

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Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

indoor-trampolines-and-mini-trampolines copy

This trampoline grows with your child. It is suited for age’s 3 to 7 but unlike others, has a removable handlebar, an option you can go for if your child’s balance and equilibrium noticeably starts to improve.

​This trampoline is a rectangle which gives it a more stable base, but its spring cover is also in beautiful alphabet print which makes jumping fun but also educational.

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Pure Fun 48-Inch Kid's Super Jumper Trampoline


This trampoline packs a punch with its bigger size at 48 inches and it's steel springs which give kids more of a bounce. It can also be used for longer as its handlebars can be adjusted from 30 to 40 inches depending on the child’s height and preference.

​What makes this trampoline different from other choices is that the handle bar in its entirety is covered in padding which makes it extra safe for children while playing on the trampoline.

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Skywalker Trampolines with Enclosure

mini-trampolines-with-handle copy

The Skywalker trampoline is an excellent choice because to gives kids freedom when they jump. Kids do not have to hang onto a handle bar with this choice but still have complete safety, even more safety than those trampolines with handlebars.

​The Skywalker trampolines enclosure lets kids jump as high as they can without having to worry about falling. Padded handle bars also surround the inside of the enclosure to give kids an alternative if they feel that they want or need to hold on.

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AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline and Enclosure


This trampoline is huge at 55 inches and is completely enclosed in netting and padding to keep kids safe. The netting comes from the inner portion of the springs which leaves zero chance of kids getting caught in them.

​This trampoline is also one of the best mini trampolines for kids because the angled base keeps it extra sturdy and secure just in case kids get rowdy.

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Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline


This trampoline is an excellent choice for beginners or toddlers. Its handlebars are extra secure with stoppers for their hands, and its triangle base makes sure that a toddler spread feet stay within range.

​This trampoline springs and metal base are also fully covered to give kids the extra element of safety and also to make the trampoline more aesthetically pleasing.

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Little Tikes Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline


This trampoline is a much bigger choice and can be used by more than one child. This is definitely our choice for the best trampoline for kids because of its size; larger trampolines equals more fun.

​However, with the increase in size also comes more safety features for the Little Tikes. Its entrance is a zipper which zips all the way down and is covered with a flap to keep kids from getting stuck.

​The inside of the enclosure is completely padded which ensures a child’s safety is in check no matter how wild he gets in there. And lastly, the metal base is covered in a plastic enclosure which keeps even the base safe for kids.

All screws and tools needed for its simple assembly come in the box. Also, there is a shoe bag to store all the shoes so it won’t go missing.

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Pure Fun Race Car Jumper Trampoline


This adorable race car trampoline is themed and appeals to kids who have taken a liking to cars. It is an indoor trampoline which can easily be placed in any corner of a child’s room for him to use whenever he wishes.

​The entire base of the trampoline is covered in soft race car themed padding to ensure that a child is safe even when they play with other things and bump into it. The entire handrail is covered in padding which keeps kids safe while using it.

​This is definitely one of the best mini trampolines for kids that love cars, period.

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Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline


The Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline is the perfect way to allow toddlers to teach themselves on coordination and balance.

This adorable bug themed trampoline is safe and efficient in giving toddlers hours of fun and keeping them safe while they do it.

​This trampoline is easily assembled with a wide rubber base for extra security. Trampoline cover also stems from handle all the way to the base to keep kids safe from the springs and the corners of the trampoline.

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Tips On Buying, Installing and Safety For Children Trampoline

Before you make a buying decision - as parents it can be easy to make a decision based on the look of a trampoline especially since most of them are adorable or use bright colors. But before you decide on which one to buy, make sure your trampoline meets the following criteria:

  • Large adult trampolines come with the springs exposed, and children’s trampolines come with a safety cover. When choosing a mini trampoline for kids, always choose one with a cover and also take the quality of that cover into account.
  • Netting or handlebars are always a welcome accessory for children trampoline especially as younger kids do not yet have proper balance and coordination.
  • Make sure it meets safety standards and is endorsed by a third party institute such as the European Standard EN71-14:2014 'Safety of toys – ‘Trampolines for domestic use’, ATSM Certifications or HR4040.

Placement – remember that even with a safety net or handlebars, children could still fall off and hurt themselves, consider placing out trampoline on top of a carpet, grass, or when indoors maybe you could get rubber tiles specially made for kids for this purpose.

Ensure safety – check the rubber stoppers on the trampolines base and make sure they are all there.

  • Make sure the netting is tied down as closely as possible to the base as if netting is loosely tied, this could leave gaps that small children could fall through.
  • If a trampoline is set outdoors, try to avoid use during windy days. Never play outdoor trampoline during winter as it’s very slippery and dangerous.
  • When using a trampoline with a ladder, make sure to keep it out of reach when not in use. Smaller children could attempt to climb and hurt themselves.

Trampoline rules – make sure you set rules for your kids when they are playing on the trampoline. As the American Academy of Pediatrics also pointed out the following points:

  • When there is more than one person on a trampoline, the person with less weight has a 60% chance of getting hurt.
  • No tumbling, somersaulting or any tricks especially when on a small trampoline, a trampoline with no netting, when you are on the trampoline with others, or when not properly trained.
  • Keep in mind that some trampolines have age limits. Adults cannot play on a children’s trampoline because of the weight limit, and adult trampolines are also considered dangerous for anyone under the age of 6.
  • Always have an adult to supervise the children whenever they are playing on the trampoline.

Safety Always First

Trampolines are fun, but you also need to make sure that they are safe. Although all these best mini trampolines for kids has designed with children safety in mind but they can still hurt your child if it's not used correctly.

​Most important is never allow dangerous stun (i.e., somersault) to be performed on a mini trampoline by your child if they are not adequately trained. Always take the necessary precautions and keep your kids safe while they play.

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