15 Best Baby Lotion for Dry Skin, Eczema, Face Moisturizer and More

Whether or not it’s your first time as a parent, help can always be appreciated. After all, taking care of a baby is hard work. Baby products like the best lotion for baby dry skin can assist you tremendously as you embark on your parenting journey.

Why’s that you ask?

Well, infants are known to have sensitive skin especially just after they’re born. You can expect them also to have dry skin (don’t need to panic about it!). Baby skin care is vital in keeping your baby comfortable and healthy. Otherwise, he might develop skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and the like.

Your products choices will significantly affect how well your skincare routine will become. Remember to always buy skincare products made specifically for babies.

… infant skin is easily irritated by fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients in skin-care products and the environment. – Parents

Some adult versions contain ingredients and chemicals that are too harsh for their delicate skin. You will need to be careful and choose something that doesn’t have these irritants, or they might trigger a reaction from your baby.


Discover the best baby lotion products for your precious bundle of joy!

When it comes to taking care of your newborn, ‘less is more’ is usually a better routine. You don’t need to give your baby a bath every day. Thrice a week, at most, will clean him effectively without stripping off too much of his natural oils.

Babies usually do not need lotion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Providing proper hydration for your baby’s skin can prove beneficial in the long run.

Aside from creams and a regular bath, the best baby products like shampoo, baby oil, cream, and ointment can further assist you in keeping your baby comfortable all day.


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  • Why babies with eczema need special lotion
  • The best baby skincare products today
  • And many more


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So, in this article, we’ll explore:


Baby Lotion for Dry Skin


Lotions, creams, and ointments are great for retaining much-needed hydration for your baby’s dry skin. But how do they actually differentiate? Do you only need one of them or all of them? How do you know which one is the best?

First off, let’s answer the last question. The best baby lotion will vary depending on who’s using it. It is highly dependent on your baby’s skin type and your own personal preference. If your baby has normal skin, he can use most of the baby products in the market today. Babies with eczema-prone skin and the like will have a slightly smaller number of choices.

You can choose from creams, which do a great job of deep moisturizing without the greasiness of ointments, or you can choose lotions, which absorb very quickly into baby’s skin for overall repair and protection. – The Bump

Lotions, creams and ointments

Lotions are suitable for day use since they are very absorbable and won’t inconvenience your baby with any greasy feeling. But if you want maximum moisture retention, creams are better at giving that. Ointments, on the other hand, are great for more specific problem areas and usually have healing properties as well.

You can choose to incorporate all three into your baby’s skin routine. That won’t be a problem as long as the products you choose don’t have harmful ingredients in them. You can also select only one product that you think will best work for your baby.

It’s a good thing that these products are highly accessible! You can go to the local grocery, pharmacy, or general store in your area and find one or two of these products on the shelf. You can also buy them online in reputable shops like Amazon.

You can try out well-known brands like the Baby Dover Fragrance Free Lotion, the SebaMed Baby Lotion, and a whole lot more. To help you get started in looking for the best baby lotion for dry skin, here are five products:


Top 5 Best Lotion for Baby Dry Skin


1. Eucerin Baby Lotion

Eucerin is one of the pioneers of skincare innovation. They have been working in the industry for over 100 years. They are also professionally recognized and trusted by many dermatologists. You know you’re getting quality and safe service from such a well-loved brand.

Their baby lotion has a fantastic blend which includes natural Shea Butter that helps soften and protect your baby’s delicate skin. It also has Pro-Vitamin B5 that aids in nourishing and locking in moisture.

Pediatricians recommend Eucerin’s baby lotion because it is hypoallergenic. It is also free from artificial fragrances and dyes, drying alcohols, and parabens.

Eucerin prides itself in developing products that not only protect but also repair and enhance the health of your baby’s skin. And they do just that!


2. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Another leading product when it comes to skincare is Aveeno. With their success and an enormous customer base, it’s not surprising that they branched out to producing baby products as well.

As far as their baby line goes, they have quite a number. They even have some that are more specialized, like the Eczema Therapy line. But for now, let’s focus on the Moisturizing Lotion.

This pediatrician-recommended lotion has a naturally nourishing formula that can help moisturize your baby’s skin for up to 24 hours. That’s a really long time!

It has natural colloidal oatmeal and oat kernel flour that acts as a protectant that helps lock-in moisture, soothes irritations, and prevents excessive skin dryness.

This lotion also has Dimethicone in its formula, so it’s not 100% natural. However, this type of silicone is known to be an effective skin conditioner that can protect your baby’s skin barrier by creating a natural seal that keeps hydrating ingredients in.

Another great ingredient found in this lotion is glycerin. It is found in a lot of household products and is naturally-occurring. This plant-based ingredient is a natural moisturizer that can maintain your baby’s natural skin barrier.

This moisturizing lotion is hypoallergenic and is free from harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates which makes it great for everyday use.


3. Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion

Noodle and Boo is a relatively unknown brand. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective! In fact, it’s the opposite of that.

This super soft lotion gives your baby’s skin a durable protective layer made up of natural antioxidants. These antioxidants shield his skin from harsh environmental elements that can cause allergic reactions.

Its light formula is easily absorbed by the skin, so your baby won’t feel very uncomfortable all the time and will still have super soft skin at the end of the day. That’s because it’s enriched with vitamins E and Cr that helps moisturize, protect, and enhance your baby’s skin health.

This American-made product is pediatrician-recommended. It does not contain the usual harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, as well as not so common ones like formaldehyde donors.


4. Cetaphil Restoraderm Gentle Body Moisturizer

Cetaphil is another favorite brand that made its name as an effectively mild lotion for both adults and babies. It is clinically proven to deliver quick and long-lasting hydration to dry, irritate skin.

It makes use of advanced ceramide technology to help repair and enhance the natural skin barrier of your baby. It also uses a blend of Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid and Arginine, both naturally found in the skin, that boosts skin moisture and strengthen its protective layer.

The allantoin and panthenol in its formula aids in soothing the itchiness that comes with dry skin while the niacinamide keeps moisture locked-in.

This lotion is easily absorbed by the skin and is free from steroids, artificial fragrances, nut oils, and parabens.

However, it is best to use this lotion for babies three months and older. It is also not appropriate for open wounds.


5. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

If you’re looking for a lotion that can double up as a healing remedy, that best choice for that would be Aquaphor. This brand has a product line specifically designed to help heal your baby’s ouches.

This clinically-proved ointment contains three main ingredients that restore smooth and healthy skin. Petrolatum acts as a skin protectant that can soothe skin irritations. It also creates a protective coating around your baby’s skin to help keeps it natural moisture from drying out.

Panthenol deeply penetrates and conditions the skin to keep it well-hydrated. This ingredient also boosts the lotions healing properties.

Lastly, glycerin keeps moisture in your baby’s skin and makes it soft. The advanced technology used in this baby lotion allows oxygen to flow through the skin and help repair it.

You can use it for dry, irritated and chapped skin. It can also be used for drool rash, diaper rash, and even healing minor scratches.

This lotion is free from harsh chemicals like parabens and artificial dyes. Furthermore, it has been considered by dermatologists the number 1 brand for chapped lips and dry, cracked skin.


Baby Moisturizer for Face


Sometimes a moisturizing lotion isn’t enough. Babies can also develop very dry skin on their faces, and that can be uncomfortable for them.

Unfortunately, the face is also a lot more sensitive than other parts of the body. You will need a separate (or highly gentle) baby moisturizer for your little one’s face.

The best baby moisturizer has high hydration qualities, is free from harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and is usually fragrance-free as well.

The good thing about getting a good quality baby face moisturizer is that you can use it on your own face as well. So it can be cost-effective if you want to share with your precious bundle of joy.

However, it might be better to refrain from using moisturizer on newborn babies. They don’t usually need it then, and water is enough to keep their faces clean. Save it for when your baby is a few months older.

Here are a few excellent baby moisturizers you can try out:


Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin

If we’re being honest, all babies have sensitive skin. It’s the result of coming into an entirely new environment. Remember that the first nine months of their existence were spent inside their mother’s womb. They have not been exposed to millions of elements found on our planet.

For the first few months, your baby will need time to get used to his surroundings, and his skin will also strengthen over time. At least, that’s what usually happens. Sometimes, it does not.

A baby’s skin may remain delicate depending on other factors. He may have inherited a condition through his genes, or he might have allergy triggers to things around him. Babies with sensitive skin will need more attention.

You might even need to make certain lifestyle changes like reorganizing and cleaning your house, adopting a new diet, swapping for gentler, more sensitive-friendly products, and many more. It’s a lot of extra work, that’s true.

But at the end of the day, each inconvenience is a step towards your baby’s better health, so it’s definitely worth it.

One personal hygiene product you might want to look into is lotion for sensitive skin, especially if your little one is experiencing excessive dryness.

Sensitive skin coupled with dryness is a very uncomfortable feeling and will make him fussier than usual. Incorporating a baby lotion into your daily routine can help make your baby feel better all throughout. Some products can even heal minor scratches.

Learn more about how to properly take care of babies with delicate skin and discover effective, best-selling products by reading Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin.


Best Lotion for Baby Eczema


Time to face the facts, mommies and daddies. Sometimes your baby will develop skin conditions whether or not you do a thorough and careful skincare routine. It can be triggered by something in his environment or be in his genes.

That’s unfortunate, true, but it’s not the end of the world. Some skin conditions can go away on their own with a little extra care. Others may not, but all are easily manageable.

There are many kinds of skin conditions that can affect your baby’s health and development. This can include cradle cap, psoriasis, baby acne, and so on. The one making a lot of noise right now is baby eczema.

More and more people are developing eczema, whether as adults or as babies. It might be because of the increasing pollutants in the world around us.

Eczema, however, is easily treatable with the proper lifestyle changes. Aside from your baby’s diet, you should also consider getting eczema-friendly products like baby eczema lotion. These can help soothe symptoms and rehydrate your baby’s dry and irritated skin.

Here are a few lotions created especially for babies with eczema:

Read How To Treat Baby Eczema to learn more about proper eczema management and the products that can help you with it.


Best Natural Baby Lotion for Dry Skin

There are many types of lotions out there, even when you narrow it down the baby category. So, you might be asking: what is the best lotion for dry skin?

When it comes to baby products, the all-natural route is the safest way to go. Most plant-based ingredients like oatmeal and calendula are gentle enough for regular baby use.

An organic baby lotion can also provide additional benefits. For example, lavender is known to have a calming effect (which is perfect just before bedtime!). Some others have natural soothing and hydrating capabilities that are perfect for baby dry skin.

By using natural products, not only are you promoting the health of your child but you’re also advocating for safer, more environment-friendly practices. Most natural products adhere to rules that help save our planet.

But what if your baby has plant-based allergies?

Well, weigh the pros and cons. At the end of the day, it’s always your own personal choice. However, you can look for other natural products that are free from your child’s triggers or look for gentle, clinically-developed skincare products.

Read further information in The Best Natural Baby Lotion to know more about the benefits of going all-natural when it comes to choosing your baby’s things.


CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion

Now that you know more about lotions and creams as a product, you should take the time to check out well-known brands. Some fan favorites are Aveeno, Mustela, and Eucerin. Other lesser known but great brands, nevertheless, are BareBaby Organics and Puracy.

For now, let’s talk about the ever-popular CeraVe products. CeraVe is a cult favorite that is developed personally by dermatologists. They have an extensive range of products that cater to both adult and baby users alike.

CeraVe is most known for repairing and strengthening the natural skin barrier of your skin. But what actually makes it different from other popular skincare products?

Well, for one, CeraVe is mostly made up of ceramides. Ceramide is a naturally-occurring lipid found in your skin that helps lock in moisture. About 50% of your skin’s natural skin barrier is actually made up of ceramides.

CeraVe strengthens that barrier by providing ceramides that might have been lost throughout the day. All of their products are enriched with three kinds of ceramides, namely 1, 3, and 6-II.

These ingredients are further enhanced with the help of CeraVe’s revolutionary Multivesicular Technology. It enables the product to deeply penetrate the different layers of skin to provide more thorough rehydration.

This immensely helps keep you and your baby’s skin well-moisturized throughout the day. In fact, using CeraVe regularly may even make your skin softer as time goes by.

CeraVe has over 70 different products to date, all helping you and your baby with your specific skincare needs. But their three main best-sellers remain to be their Moisturizing Cream, Lotion, and Cleanser.

Head on over to CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion to discover which of their products to get. You can also learn more about how to properly use different kinds of skin care products like lotions, creams, and moisturizers.


Best Baby Skin Products


Eczema and psoriasis are unfortunate, but they’re not the only skin conditions to look out for. A diaper rash is also as uncomfortable as the other two mentioned. Ointments are a better choice for this kind of situation since they have more potent healing properties than regular lotions and creams.

But lotions and creams aren’t the only products you will need! Other than looking for products that are hypoallergenic and etcetera, there are different baby skincare products to look into.

You also have to think about the kind of baby shampoo and baby wash you want to get. Shampoos and washes are generally drying because of some ingredients in their formula. Yes, even the ones made for babies. That’s why it’s a good practice not always to bathe your baby. Twice or thrice a week is fine.

You will also need to find the right baby accessories to go along with your products. Towels are just as important. Some fabrics can be too rough on your baby’s skin and do more harm than good. The same goes for clothes and even laundry detergent!

Learning more about everything that your baby will have to come into contact with seems cumbersome, that’s true. But it can also help you create better routines that can keep him happy and comfortable in the long run.

Check out the Best Baby Skincare Products to learn more about baby skincare and the benefits of getting products specially designed for baby use.

Watch this Youtube video to get helpful tips and advice.



When to Use Baby Lotion?

With all this talk of baby lotions, creams, ointments, and etcetera, there’s still one important question left unanswered: when can you put lotion on a baby?

To be honest, the answer will vary from person to person. Some well-experienced parents might advise you to use it as soon as you think it’s necessary. Some doctors will recommend you to wait until after a few months.

Both sides aren’t groundless. Parents have first-hand experience and doctors have the medical facts. So let’s try to understand both sides more before coming to a conclusion.

Parents vs. Doctors

Experienced parents (especially those with a lot of children) have lived through lots of different situations. So they might know a little bit more when it comes to what works and what doesn’t regarding taking care of their kids. After all, they have tried and tested many a method!

However, you should keep in mind that their experiences will be limited only to their set of children. Not all children are alike. It’s highly possible that whatever worked for them and their kids might not work for you and your baby.

Doctors, on the other hand, have studies and scientifically-proven facts to back them up. It’s normal for babies to have dry skin when they are born because they’re still acclimatizing to their new surroundings.

It is also true that they have highly sensitive skin around this time. That’s why they don’t need a lot of products because dry skin usually goes away on its own.

However, not all babies are alike as is said above. Your little one might turn out to be a special case and might benefit from using lotion at the get-go.

Seek pediatrician advice

The safest route to go is to talk to your pediatrician and ask whether or not you should use lotion on your baby this very moment. If he gives you the ‘go ahead,’ then feel free to put lotion.

Just remember to watch out for the usual harsh ingredients like phthalates and parabens. Products that contain these might increase the chances of your baby developing childhood asthma and allergic reactions. It might be best to stick to all-natural products whenever you can.

If you want to learn about why a baby’s skin is dry and how to properly manage it, head on over to When Can You Put Lotion On A Baby for more information.

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