28 Best Learning Toys for Babies That Are Beneficial For Baby Development

Parenting is a tough job since it covers pretty much everything your child might need. You will need to provide for him for a really long while. And baby development toys might help in the beginning.

Most people might think that toys are only for entertainment purposes. After all, that is their primary function. However, they can give your toddler more than that!

Toys can help with your child’s development. Indeed, fun and play during the early months can be very beneficial for your baby early developments.

There are so many educational baby toys to choose from! Toys to help baby learn to walk and toys to help baby stand are just some of the useful things you can pick up.

Children’s toys offer a myriad of other opportunities to hone your child’s skills.

After reading this article, you will know:

  • How toys can help baby development
  • What toys can do for monthly milestones
  • What skills babies can garner from playing with toys
  • What gifts to give newborns and toddlers
  • And many more


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Give your baby the best learning toys available in stores!

The main reason why toys can help with brain stimulation and the development of other skills is that your baby’s physical and mental abilities are exercised during play.

Play that is child-initiated, child-controlled, and open-ended allows and encourages children to process information and to make sense of their world. – Carleton Kendrick, Family Education

So, in all honesty, toys aren’t actually needed for play to happen.

But learning toys (and other toys in general), help make play more interesting for kids. The best developmental toys for babies can boost their engagement.

Just going to your local store, you would realize that there are plenty of choices when it comes to children’s toys. It can get quite confusing!

To help you choose the products you might want to buy, why not look at the list below of baby toys by age? You might just find the one you’d like your baby to have the most!

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Also, in this article, we’ll explore:


Best Toys for 1-Month-Old to 3-Month-Old Baby


Newborn toys might seem a bit boring for you, but they are some of the best early baby developmental toys out there.

After all, studies have established that playing is essential to your baby’s growth.

They can help hone early newborn skills like focus, motor development and being curious so you should really take a pick from your countless options.

Here are a few recommended 1 month old baby toys, 2 month old baby toys, and 3 month old baby toys for you to choose from:

1. SHILOH Baby Crib Musical Mobile

One of the best early childhood toys you can get for your baby is a mobile. It promotes curiosity through its colorful design and melodic tunes.

It also helps lengthen your baby’s attention span and focus every time he plays with it. Plus, its soothing music can help keep him content and relaxed.

This musical mobile from SHILOH is a fantastic choice since it’s made from non-toxic, environment-friendly, and highly durable material.

It can play up to 60 different world-famous songs, and even has an option for volume. You can also adjust its holder!


2. Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle & Teether

You know your baby will love this rattle! Its weaving design is a mesmerizing curiosity in itself. Its colors and patterns will sure keep your little one highly engaged.

Plus, it has a pleasing rattle sound that will keep him entertained for a long time. This little rattle also encourages your baby to clutch and play using two hands.

Aside from coordination, your baby can also use this toy as his teether. It is made from soft and safe plastic tubes that are BPA-free.

Just remember to wash the surface only! Don’t dunk it in water. Use a cloth to wipe clean is all it needs.


3. Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly is the perfect companion for your precious one! You can clip him on strollers, carriers, and diaper bags so you can take him along on trips.

Aside from his portability and eye-catching design, Freddie has numerous features that will help keep your baby’s attention for quite a time.

He is made from different fabrics with different textures, as well as mirrors and things that sound.

Playing with Freddie is super interactive and will hone many of your child’s skills, especially his auditory and visual ones.

You can even use him as a teether toy!


4. Nurtureland Teething Toys

There’s a reason why teethers are a critical thing to have on hand, especially during the early months of your child’s life.

It can help alleviate the soreness they feel in their gums. After all, that’s why babies love biting their teeth. Instead of biting themselves, teethers can be used.

These super lightweight teethers are created with eco-friendly, baby-safe, and durable materials. They are very soft which helps massage your baby’s gums.

You can even put it in the refrigerator for a cooling effect. And it’s super easy to clean! Just put it in the dishwasher, sterilizer, or rinse it with water.


5. Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

One thing you should invest in early on is a play mat. This way, you can put your baby down safely on the floor.

With the Floor Gym, you can create a stimulating space for your baby where he can discover all the curiosities around him.

This mat has lots of exciting drawings and bright colors that will keep your baby happy for some time. It’s made with a waterproof material that’s easy to clean and safe for babies.

It is made free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, BPA, lead, formaldehyde, and EVA, so you need not worry.

If you have time, check out these toys as well:


Best Toys for 4-Month-Old to 6-Month-Old Baby


The best educational toys for babies will have features that can both provide brain-boosting qualities as well as physical exercise.

Every new shape, color, texture, taste, and sound is a learning experience for them. Giving your baby toys that are safe and stimulating will help him discover his senses. – Child Development Institute

Not only will infant toys help practice your baby’s mental prowess but also aid in keeping him active and moving.

Here are a few recommended 4 month old baby toys, 5 month old baby toys, and 6 month old baby toys for you to check out:

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Aside from learning how to move his arms and legs, your baby can also learn how to appreciate music and sounds.

Why not encourage him to become a music-lover with this toy? You can switch from 7 classical melodies from amazing musicians like Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and more.

Your precious one won’t have a hard time playing with this toy since it has appropriately large and easy to press buttons.

It also lights up in many colors that dance to the tune of the melody playing for added impact and fun. That way, your baby’s visual perception is also exercised.


2. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick N’ Play Piano Gym

Another great musical toy that also encourages physical exercise and dexterity is this piano gym from Fisher-Price.

You can use it in four different ways, and your baby will definitely have fun whichever type of play you do. Its removable keyboard can even be brought with you when you go out!

Your baby will have tons of fun listening to the songs about animals and getting introduced to numbers and shapes.

He’ll also love all the toys that come with this gym, like the elephant teether, crinkle panda, lion rattle, and many more!

Plus, the mat is machine-washable and safe for baby use.


3. Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball

This activity ball is the perfect toy for when you’re on the go. It’s highly portable so baby can play with it in the stroller, in the car, wherever!

It has lots of tiny details that can help capture your precious baby’s attention for quite some time and keep him highly entertained.

There’s a roller ball that has many different colored beads. Some rings squeak and clack for different sound effects.

It even has a curious little mirror for play! Plus, the frog and caterpillar designs are adorable.

Just remember to use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe it clean. Don’t dunk in water!


4. Baby Einstein Octopus Plush Toy

There’s been a study that soft toys impact a baby’s psychological development positively so you might want to consider that for your own child.

While it is super soft and extremely huggable, this octopus plush toy isn’t just an ordinary stuffed toy. It also has other features that can help hone your baby’s other skills.

When your little one squeezes this plushie, he will be introduced new sounds and new colors. But that’s not all!

Your baby can learn more than one language since this octopus plushie can speak in English, Spanish, and French!

It even has volume control (for mommy and daddy’s sake).

Check out the animated video below to know how much stuffed toys can actually help your child’s psychological development.


5. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This ball may look simple, but it can help train your baby to get ready for his important milestones. It teaches your baby tactile sensitivity and variety.

Its bold, bright colors and crazy patterns will also help develop your baby’s vision better since all the colors are high contrast. This also helps train focus as well.

It also has easy-to-hold bumps all around to strengthen grip and clutching. The different textures can also help your baby differentiate things through his sense of touch.

Plus, the mild rattling sound can help enhance your baby’s neural nerves.

If you have the time, you can also take a look at these toys as well:


Best Toys for 7-Month-Old to 9-Month-Old Baby


By now, your baby will be exhibiting preferences with the baby toys he’s playing with. It won’t be surprising if he has a favorite already!

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t encourage more play as it’s essential to your child’s development.

Here are some of the recommended baby development toys for 7 month old baby toys, 8 month old baby toys, and 9 month old baby toys for you to check out:

1. Playkidz: Super Durable Pound A Ball

Introduce simple games and rules to your little one with this adorable Pound A Ball toy. You can also introduce four different colors, mainly red, blue, yellow, and green.

The rules of the game help your baby understand the concept of following rules. And the game itself can help him practice his hand-eye coordination.

Some of the skills that will be put to use with this toy is aligning, slotting, and aiming. Not to mention that pounding balls into holes can actually be fun as well!

The squeaky hammer that comes with this set is both entertaining and easy to use as well!


2. Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin’ Pals

Not only does this fun-filled toy teach your kid how to operate switches, but it also introduces him to different animals.

He can learn to name them, and he might even have a favorite animal at the end of the day! This toy’s many colors can help him master his shapes and colors.

Plus, there are a lot of different levers and switches to help him refine his fine-motor skills with all the twists and turns he’s sure to do.

It even has a built-in handle so you can bring this toy when you’re on the go!


3. Vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube

If you want a simple toy that can help develop various skills for your baby, then this Activity Cube is a good choice.

It has five different sides that provide different kinds of entertainment each. This toy even has four light-up buttons that say animal names and sounds, as well as shapes.

Aside from playing 25 engaging songs, this activity cube also encourages your baby to play while seating down.

It’s made from BPA-free plastic, so you know it’s safe for use, and even has an adjustable volume to keep mommy and daddy sane!


4. Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra

With the Octopus Orchestra, you can easily switch from listening to music to making music. That’s a great way to help your baby with music appreciation.

When you’re in Discovery mode, the toy helps baby remember the names of different musical instruments and the sounds they make.

While in Composer mode, baby can make his own music by adding in or removing off some of the instruments playing.

This toy can also be a great way to start your child in piano playing since he will have to press the buttons to play.


5. Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

Exercise your baby’s imagination with this wonderful pretend-and-play driving toy. Using the steering wheel will make the adorable dog slide back and forth.

This toy also teaches how a traffic light works. Its signal lever also creates exciting sounds and music while its gear shift can help introduce opposite directions like push and pull.

Five buttons up front can both introduce animals and vehicles to your baby, as well as help him learn how to count.

You can also play in three different modes: Animal, Driving, and Music. And all it requires is 2 AA batteries!

If you have time, you can also look into these baby learning toys as well:

6. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center


7. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone


Best Toys for 10-Month-Old to 12-Month-Old Baby

As he grows older, your baby’s toddler toys will provide more ways to help him learn about his environment.

Traditional educational toys like counting blocks as well as unusual ones can still impart essential learnings.

Here are some of the best baby development toys for 10 month old baby toys, as well as those for 11 month olds and 12 month olds:

1. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Blocks might seem like an overly simple concept for kids who are almost one year old. But they can also provide numerous benefits for your baby.

Aside from introducing different colors and shapes, this toy helps build problem-solving skills. Your child will need to learn how to match similarly shaped pieces together.

It also develops your baby’s hand-eye coordination as well as thinking skills. Plus, the toy itself is an excellent storage option.

Its bucket style is great for fitting all the blocks inside, and the built-in handle is easy to use for take-along play.


2. The First Years Stack Up Cups

The great thing about Stack Up Cups is that there are no rules to play with them. You can make your own rules and play a bunch of different games with 8 simple cups.

It can help your baby learn basic counting because of the large numbers at the bottom of the cups. He can also learn to recognize different colors.

You can stack up the cups any which way you want. You can even play with water and watch as it trickles from the bottom of your cups.

Your baby can also practice using his imagination since playing with this cup can provide limitless fun. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.


3. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Before introducing your kids to the brilliant world of mini-blocks and all the endless fun you can have with them, try playing with the giant version first.

With 80 different pieces on hand, you can help them build whatever they want. May it be big animals, zooming vehicles, or tall skyscrapers, you can do it all.

The blocks come in very bright colors that look enticing and encourage your kids to play with them. You can even add these to any other Mega Bloks sets as well!

Plus, it comes in a portable PVC-free bag that’s great for storing all your pieces and for on-the-go play!


4. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

An excellent way for kids to learn how to walk is by using toys. Encourage your baby to take his first steps with this Corn Popper.

The popping balls are fun to watch as they move inside the clear plastic dome. Its bright colors can even help with visual tracking.

Its design is made to be sturdy and durable, which makes it an excellent tool for beginner walkers. It even has an easy-to-hold handle, fit for baby’s small hands.

And if he wants the balls to pop faster, he needs to walk more quickly as well!

This classic toy is definitely a must-have.


5. ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Foam Playset

Aside from standing and walking, your baby should also be able to exercise full-body movements. That means crawling, sliding, carrying his weight, and many more.

What’s a better exercise than a foam playset like this? The five shapes are made up of soft foam material that keeps your baby safe while playing.

It even has a non-slip bottom, so it stays put. It’s also non-toxic and is certified for minimal air emissions.

Plus, cleaning this set is a breeze. All you need is to wipe it with a mild-soap-and-water solution, and you’re done!

If you have time, you can also look into these toys as well:

6. Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer


7. Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

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