Stuffed Animals Made In USA (ft. The Top 10 American Brands – An Ideal Gift for Children)


If you’re looking for the great unique birthday gifts for your kids, here are the best stuffed animals made in the USA. These are truly awesome gifts that will bring a  smile to your children's lips.

All of us who have children, find our houses scattered with toys or toys overflowing their bins since children would rather play with something different than these boring toys. It could have been because you have given the toys to play which are not best suited for your kids.

The best way to catch hold of them is to buy creative and unordinary gifts as the kids always look out for extraordinary ones. Stuffed animals could be the optimal choice as it is one of the best and most classic ways to develop your kid’s skills and their minds.

Why Kids Indubitably Get More Fascinated By Plush Toys?

There are plenty of reasons for kids to get attracted to plush toys, but a simple hug between your kids and the stuffed animals is a form of enjoyment and fun for them. The affection they show on favorite plushies develops a fondness and helps enhance their social skills.

Stuffed animals make the kids feel a little safer. It encourages your kids to be independent, allowing them to play alone rather than depending on someone else. Snuggling stuffed animals help your kids to learn and recognize familiar words such as a dog, bear, and a cat at the initial stage of their growth itself.

Discover the vast collection of innovative and gentle stuffed animals made in USA at Amazon. Amazon has got the top stuffed animals that are suitable for your kids.

Stuffed Animals Made in USA

Big Plush


Big Plush specialty is to provide personalized big stuffed animals for your kids. Big Plush, established in 2007, was incorporated in Melbourne, Florida. Big Size plush toys available at BigPlush attract the pre-schoolers to play with them.

Big Plush visually takes a tour of American stuffed animal manufacturing facility, warehouse; and some of the personalized giant stuff animal projects at their stuffed animal factory in the USA through a video available at their website. 

Big Plush provides choices on buying decision to choose whether we require stuffed animals made in the USA or imported from overseas. It also sells various premium giant teddy bears without vacuum pack at Amazon.



EmBears make hand-made fuzzy teddy bears predominantly for your children. The founder Ellen MacMaster correspondingly states that the ultimate goal of the EmBears is to put the smile on your kid’s heart through creating huggable, fuzzy teddy bears.

EmBears, established in 2001, was incorporated in St. Lawrence Country, Northern New York. The products listed on EmBears website includes Baby Safe, Bare Bears, Memory Bears, and Moon Bears.

Vermont Teddy Bear


Vermont Teddy Bear established in 1981 by John Sortino is in Burlington, Vermont. The factory is open year-round for your kids to enjoy on-site. Handcrafted bears of Vermont Teddy Bears are considered as the best bears in the universe as the bears are lovingly designed, sewn, stuffed.

These designed Snuggies are lively with personality and attitude and they help to keep your kids connected in a fun way. The most attractive Vermont Teddy Classic Honey Bear which is around 15” is available on Amazon in various colors. 

Stuffington Bear Factory


Stuffington Bear Factory established in 1959, is a leading direct provider of Dia De Los Muertos Dolls, Southwestern Stuff, and Organic Stuffed Animals. The Stuffington Bear Factory has the stuffed animals made in USA. The factory manufactures exclusively designed, high-quality plushies for kids.

A huge variety of stuffed animal collections is available at Stuffington Bear Factory. The products are made of high-quality materials and are now on sale at Amazon. Nothing makes your kid feel better than the Stuffington stuffed bear as it is 100% made in the USA, with your child in mind.

Pure Play Kids


Pure Play Kids focuses on toys made in America. It was established since 2010 and the facility is located in Centerville, TN.

Tania and Mike Grant, the founders of Pure Play Kids, build their products with non-toxic, safe and durable materials, adhering to American and European standards.

Pure Play Kids provides simple, clean and creative organic stuffed animals bearing the safety of the children in their mind.

The cute organic donkey stuffed animals are sure to get plenty of hugs, snuggles and play from your kids. Fun-filled, colorful, non-toxic toys including Wooden Fishing set, Push and Pull toy are available at Amazon to enhance your kid’s creative skills.

Pure Play Kids website provides suggestions for a great gift at ‘Gift Registry’ too.

Kathy's Kreations


Kathy's Kreations pushes realism in the animals that they design and strive for the ultimate realism to bring joy to your kids. It was established since 1982 and is situated in North Carolina.

These stuffed animals have been used in Hollywood sets. Kathy's Kreations displays the exact photograph of each stuffed animal to acquaint the customer with their shapes and sizes at their website.

Kathy's Kreations sells products starting from A-Z; including Bears, Birds, Buffalo, Camel, Farm, White Rhinoceros, etc. The handcrafted stuffed animals with their realistic looks are sure to delight your kids.

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Trouble the Dog


Trouble the Dog toys were established in 2008 specially to cheer up the sick children who were fighting cancer. They are passionate to bring hope to the children when they need it.

Their fundamental goal is to help the children work through their “troubles” and have hope.

Families of kids make a large percentage of purchases at Trouble the Dog to give something special to their friend who is going through hard times.

Their products encourage the children to come out of shyness and offers a companion to young cancer patients. They are the actual true friend for your beloved kids.



Taraluna offers a fun shopping experience for your kids. Taraluna offers unique products that make customers feel good about purchasing or offering it as gifts.

Founder Schafer, Penny signifies that purchase at Taraluna provides sustainable business practices, socially responsible consumerism, and organic, green nature.

Taraluna not only provides safe, non-toxic toys for your kids, but also for the planet and workers who make them.

Visit their website to avail fair trade, organic, handcrafted plush toys and dolls. Earth friendly, eco-fashion, shopping experience is now available at Amazon.



Bellzi symbolizes a love, and with their soft and cute stuffed animal toys, is passionate about your kids. Bellzi is considered to be the world’s best and affordable stuffed animals producer.

Softest and cutest stuffed animals made by Bellzi undergoes final testing before shipment. Even the fabrics used for stuffing are ensured that it has the right amount of stuffing for a lot of hugging and snuggling.

The stuffing fabrics are used with farthest care and precision guaranteeing 100% soft cuddle fabrics. Bellzi Plushies are the world’s perfect gift for your kids and is available for sale here

Buy Hand


Buy Hand is specialized in handmade gifts. Hand product reflects the beauty, charm and uniqueness of the toys for your kids. They only carry America made products for your cute children. They mainly seek products made by local and American artists.

The key intention of Buy Hand is to produce charming, cheerful and magical products like Laguna Beach. In reality, they design to bring handmade gifts as unique and quaint as Laguna Beach. Experience the uniqueness, beauty and quality of handmade stuffed animals for your kids on their website.

Make a purchase that makes a meaningful difference in America and provides your kids the perfect gift that is created with love and care.

Most-Liked Stuffed Animal Toys Made in the USA

Big Plush Premium Giant Teddy Bear

Big Plush Premium Giant Teddy Bear with 5 Feet Tall is a high quality stuffed animal made in USA. This very cute teddy bear is available at Amazon for sale. It has got pillow-soft polyester stuffing. Shipping is only available through Big Plush and no other seller is authorized by Big Plush.

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Bigfoot Paws Giant Stuffed Animal Bear

Giant Stuffed Smiling Teddy Bear is available for shipment by Big Plush. The Classic Bigfoot Paws stuffed animals made in USA is brown in color. The bear is fully stuffed with squishy soft polyester for the best amount of hugs by your kids. 

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Classic Bow Tie Stuffed Teddy Bear

The stuffed teddy bear is offered by ‘The Vermont Teddy Bear Company’. This Classic Bow Tie stuffed teddy bear about 15" is the winning gift for kids around the age 3 to 10. The teddy bear wears bright color velvet bow tie and it’s available in Amazon too. This soft and lovable teddy bear are the sweet, simple and specially designed gift to give and receive a lifetime of love.

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Train Engineer Stuffed Teddy Bear

Train Engineer Stuffed Teddy Bear is sold by ‘The Vermont Teddy Bear Company’. It has been stuffed with love and delivered with a gourmet candy treat. The teddy bear makes a great gift for any occasion.

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Stuffington Stuffed Baby Bull

Little calf without horns hopes to grow with your kids. Stuff fabrics are made with the best quality material having your children in mind. The stuffed baby bull has bright eyes and white-tipped tail. You can get this stuffed baby bull at Amazon.

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Stuffington Stuffed Animal Dog

Stuffington Stuffled Animal Dog is a stuffed animal that is 100% made in the USA and this soft toy is also 100% organic cotton material and hand filled with 100% organic cotton stuffing. Stuffington Bear Factory is a leading direct provider, delivering the product of any volume rapidly at competitive pricing. Give your kids an interesting, and memorable time by ordering the 11” tall doggie through Amazon. Stuffington Bear Factory also provides school field trips for the children to enjoy.

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Bellzi Orange Fox Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

100% cute and soft orange Fox Stuffed Animal, which is offered by Bellzi, is considered as one of the best sellers. The stuffed orange fox is available at 12” inches height. The surface of the plush toy is washable and can be air dried.

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Bellzi Teal Narwhal Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Narrzi, the only unicorn of the sea is now offered by Bellzi. It is around 11” inches in length, including the horn. The cute Stuffed Animal Plush is now available in many shades of colors, particularly for your kids. 100% cuteness and softness of the product makes you sense the quality.

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Bellzi Giraffe Stuffed Animal Plush

The giraffe that takes care of himself is offered by one of the best sellers Bellzi. Bellzi assures 150% cuteness and softness. It is approximately 14” inches in height. The product is safe for all children age groups.

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Playing with stuffed animals gives your kid a way to communicate their emotions and develop a sense of compassion, and care. Your children learn how to manage and express their feelings and thoughts that cannot be conveyed through words.

These stuffed animals made in the USA always provide your kids a soft, cuddly and comfortable buddy as they spend years to create outstanding, most desirable plushies for your children. Hurry, and get one today!

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