EnviroKlenz – Why I Love It

When I was younger, I didn’t have to worry about the materials that my clothing was made out of or what it was washed in. I could simply wear whatever I wanted, regardless of the chemicals that were used to wash it. Even if my mom got it from a thrift store or it had been stored in an attic for 30 years, if it fit, I wore it, end of discussion.

But then in my twenties, I had children, and my entire outlook on soaps and detergents changed. I now had to not only worry about myself, but my kids as well. They had such sensitive skin that I just knew I had to find something a bit better to make sure they had no adverse reactions.

So I did a bit of research, and thankfully, there is a company out there that makes products with folks like me in mind. They are called EnviroKlenz, and they helped me protect my little ones from harsh chemicals.

EnviroKlenz – What Do They Do?


If you take the time to look at the ingredient list for most common detergents and hand soaps, you’ll be greeted by a literal laundry list of chemicals. Chemicals that, for people like me, produce adverse allergic reactions and uncomfortable clothes. EnviroKlenz, on the other hand, is completely different.

If you look at their ingredients, you’ll see the exact opposite, as they only use basic and natural ingredients, which makes them completely safe for the whole family. They use these basic ingredients to not only get your hands and clothes clean but also to rid them of offensive smells and perfumes.

EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer Liquid

The first product that I ever tried from this company was their detergent*, and let me tell you; it was a literal lifesaver. I had been wracking my brain trying to find something that would not be too harsh on my child’s skin, and this was it!

I am so thankful that I found this product since it allowed me to clean out the toughest stains and scents without causing any damage to the clothes or putting chemicals on my baby’s skins. It is perfect for their sensitive skin. I especially love to use on my baby’s cloth diapers, because it quickly removes the stains and neutralizes the smells with ease.

However, do take note that the laundry enhancer is meant to be used along-side, not in place of, normal fragrance-free detergent.

EnviroKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer

So, once I got my clothing under control, I decided to see if there was anything out there that could help with handwashing. Since I had such good luck with EnviroKlenz for my wash and my baby’s clothes, I started there, and to my great pleasure and surprise, they had a hand soap!*

After using the hand soap, I could not be happier with the results. I have not yet experienced an adverse effect with this soap, and I have been using it for a while. My child has also been using it with no adverse effect either, which is what I call a win-win!

I also love how it neutralizes the bad smells I might come across (remember, I have a baby!) with ease and leaves my hands smelling and feeling clean and fresh.

Highly Recommended


In all honesty, I did receive free sample from EnviroKlenz for the hand soap and laundry enhancer but all my opinion and review toward the product are true and just. I personally use it and I am in love with the products.

EnviroKlenz indeed is an excellent company and I cannot recommend this company enough. If you have some bad smells, tough stains, or perfume related allergies, you will not be disappointed in your choice, I guarantee it! Try it and let me know if you like it too. And, use BabyDotDot15 at your check out for a 15% off from your purchase.

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