How to Treat Baby Eczema With Safe Natural Remedies

The hardest part of parenting is when your child keeps crying and hurting but you don’t know what to do with it. Are your little ones’ skins showing blemishes and signs of itching? You might want to learn about how to treat baby eczema with natural remedies and whatnot.

Home remedies for eczema in children is a great way to relieve the discomfort that it causes your baby, and is a step forward in their health journey to better wellbeing. Learning how to treat eczema means getting it diagnosed with your pediatrician, knowing more about eczema treatment, and discovering special lotions and oils that can help your little tyke feel a whole lot better.


Find out how to treat eczema naturally!

There can be many health triggers that can cause eczema, most common of which is allergies. That’s why it’s essential for you to know what those are for your baby so you can help narrow down the ingredients that will come in contact with his sensitive skin.

Most importantly, you will be able to determine which types of hygiene products you can use for him, like special soaps and detergents. But before you seek an eczema baby natural treatment or any other kind of eczema cure, you must first know what eczema actually is.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


What is Eczema?

jaggery for eczema

Eczema is the general name of a group of skin conditions that causes the skin to become itchy and inflamed, making it look red. There are six types of eczema:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • Nummular eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Stasis dermatitis

Eczema is actually very common in the United States, with over 30 million Americans inflicted by a certain form of eczema. It usually develops in babies and kids and can go away as they transition into adulthood.

However, adults can also develop eczema. Don’t worry. Eczema isn’t contagious and is highly manageable. There are many kinds of treatments available, may it be over the counter prescriptions or home remedies for eczema on legs and other parts of your baby’s body.

But before diving into that, you should know what to look out for if your little one might have eczema.


Eczema Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms can make maintaining your baby’s skin and health better overall. Here are some of the symptoms of eczema you need to look out for:

  • Extreme itchiness
  • Rough, scaly skin
  • Very inflamed and red skin
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Swelling

If you notice these things happening, get your baby diagnosed. The sooner that’s done, the sooner you can treat it.


Eczema Home Remedies

ghee for eczema

There are many natural ways to treat eczema. A natural remedy can range from a type of bath to a kind of diet. You can try coconut oil, sea spray, and magnesium baths as types of topical treatments to help alleviate the discomfort that comes with eczema. For supplements you can take to lessen the causes of eczema, you can try fermented cod oil, probiotics, and gelatin to name a few.

All you need to do is look into reputable online sites and try them out. Why not watch this video and discover how easy it is to make your own DIY eczema cream? This page by Wellness Mama can help you get started. Remember to clear anything you want to try with your doctor first to be absolutely safe.


Best Baby Eczema Cream Reviews

1. YoRo Naturals Organic Manuka Honey Baby Eczema Cream

If you don’t want to make a homemade cream but still want to use an organic product, this one by YoRo Naturals is a good alternative. This natural and GMO-free eczema cream is rich in soothing agents that is great as a diaper rash cream for your toddler or newborn.

It is thick and moisturizing without that oily and greasy feeling most creams and lotions are associated with. You can apply it on inflamed or severely dry skin and it will not burn or sting. That’s extremely helpful if your child’s skin already has open wounds.

Since it’s made up of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, you are guaranteed of its fantastic antibacterial properties that form healing protection from infection. It’s a great all-around rash cream and can even provide instant relief to small cuts and burns. Now that’s what you call a natural eczema treatment!


2. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Another great product to try out is the Eczema Therapy cream produced by Aveeno. Aveeno is a skincare brand well-known for its high quality and high performing products. So, buying from this brand is a guarantee that you’re getting only the best treatment there is.

This moisturizing cream features ceramide, which is an essential lipid that the skin produces to enhance its own natural protective functions. It is also created with colloidal oatmeal which helps maintain and attract moisture to the skin so that it won’t dry too much. Aside from a regular oatmeal bath, this moisturizing cream can help soothe your baby’s dry and irritated skin.

Plus, it’s highly recommended by many dermatologists because it’s been clinically tested to work, and they know it’s gentle enough for your baby’s skin.


3. Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream

Mustela is another well-known skincare brand that you can trust. Its emollient cream and other products from the Eczema-Prone Skin Collection are enriched with Avocado which helps protect and give moisture to your baby’s dry and itchy skin. It is also formulated with sunflower oil which is known for maintaining a highly moisturized skin barrier and soothing the skin during flare-ups.

If you want a complete skincare routine that’s safe for your baby and is sensitive enough for his delicate condition, then try out the other products in Mustela’s Eczema-Prone Skin line.


4. Elizabeth Parker Naturals Calendula Ointment Baby Balm

The Calendula ointment is another natural product that you can try out if you want to lessen the effects of irritants on your baby’s skin. It is enriched with both honey and calendula which are known to soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin instantly.

It is also designed with beeswax which is a naturally occurring form of wax and relieve your little one’s rashes and skin irritation for maximum comforts. Plus, this product was created with only plant-based ingredients so you know it’s definitely safe and gentle enough for your baby.

Best of all, the calming properties of Lavender can help relax your sweet child before bedtime. With this product, you can provide a more holistic form of wellness for your baby.


5. Bee Real Skin Care Baby Aloe Cream with Manuka Honey

The last product on our list is another organic product that will definitely keep your baby’s skin happy and healthy. Bee Real makes products that are vegan, gluten-free, and non-comedogenic.

This cream is also free from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates so you’re guaranteed that most irritants will not be present.

It is excellent at soothing and calming the skin because of ingredients like organic Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera which are known for relieving itchy and sensitive skin. Plus, it has moisturizing properties so you don’t need to keep track of multiple skincare products.


How to Cure Eczema Permanently?

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One question that’s very commonly asked is: how do you get rid of eczema?

The discomfort associated with eczema can be a huge problem for some people so it’s not surprising that many want to know how to cure eczema fast. Most medical practitioners will say that there is no cure for eczema. The only thing you need to do is to treat it.

While that may be true, eczema can be managed easily and that will help lessen the discomfort your baby feels. By adapting several lifestyle changes like using hygiene products specially formulated for sensitive skin, being more conscious of the diet your baby consumes and living in an area where environmental pollution is low, you can live an almost eczema-free life.


Best Remedy for Eczema

There is no one best remedy for eczema. Adapting to lifestyle changes is the easiest and most fool-proof way of treating eczema successfully. It is essential to make adjustments in diet and other everyday factors that can affect your baby.


Eczema Relief

Aside from the obvious benefits of getting rid of the itching, treating eczema also has other implications you need to keep in mind. The rashes and inflammation that eczema can cause in your child’s skin will be very visible and it will not look good.

By treating his eczema, you are also saving your baby from the trauma and low self-confidence that his skin condition might bring as he gets older. Not only does keeping eczema at bay relieve physical factors, but it can also alleviate possible emotional factors as well.

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