The Heat Is On For Best Diaper Wipe Warmers (Making Wipes Just Nice for Babies)

Changing diapers is a repetitive and long-drawn activity for mothers. But there are other needful things moms need to be aware of other than just changing diapers. One of them is the use of the diaper wipe warmer which is becoming an essential baby product for the modern moms. In this article, we will look into why use a wipe warmer, safety tips and which are the best diaper wipe warmers to buy.

Baby vs. Adult Body Temperature


An interesting fact unknown to many is that babies have warmer temperature than adults. For moms-to-be, this info seems irrelevant in relation to changing diapers. Well, if you are using wipes every diaper change, chances are you will see the relevance of diaper wipe warmers

Understanding Your Baby’s Temperature

A baby spends nine long months in the tummy before delivery. They feel secure and warm inside the mother’s womb. You will notice babies still look for that same warmth after coming out into the world. A mother’s embrace or a blanket wrap brings coziness and warmth.

Back to the matter of temperature, babies have yet to develop the ability to regulate temperature. That is the reason why little broods yearn for blanket swaddles every time even during the hot days of summer.

​Moms who are new to the parenting game will usually detect the temperature issues during the early stages of using wipes. It causes panic when their babies’ shriek and cry whenever wipes touch their skin.

​At first, moms would assume something is wrong with the baby. You will soon realize the frequent crying has something to do with the cold feel of the diaper wipes. Then you begin to ask if the remedy is warm wipes and if so, are wipe warmers safe?

Beating the Cold


It would be important to understand the natural temperature of babies and how the best baby wipe warmer can remedy your baby’s reaction to the cold situation.

  • For babies, room temperature equates to cold temperature. Babies are startled, and experience heightened discomfort with diaper wipes even under room temperature.
  • There is an icy feeling, if not a sharp sensation when you wipe your baby’s bottom. That triggers the unabated crying during every diaper changing episodes.
  • A diaper wipes warmer is the solution to your baby’s unsettling or startling reaction to ‘cold’ wipes. It is a compact storage installed with a heating mechanism to warm up your fresh baby wipes.

In a nutshell, it assures you of a warm wipe every time you change diapers and uplifts your child’s mood. Besides giving your baby a soothing feeling, it beats the cold, especially during winter weather. Warm wipes will not open up your baby’s skin pores like cold wipes would. It would also allow your baby’s skin to breathe and preserve its softness.

Safety Precautions on Diaper Wipes and Warmers

  • Uses and limitations

    You must realize that there are limitations to the use of baby wipes. Alcohol is the main ingredient in most baby wipes and usually augmented by artificial fragrances and other chemicals to prevent wipes from accumulating mildew. While alcohol does have anti-bacterial properties, baby wipes do not eliminate or kill all bacteria or viruses. Baby wipes can’t take the place of cleaning products for sterilization purposes.
  • Baby wipes are not edible

    Your baby’s natural instinct is to put whatever she gets hold of in her mouth. Besides the choking hazard to your baby, the presence of alcohol and other chemicals are hazardous too. Place the baby wipes or wipe warmer beyond the reach of your child at all times.
  • Wipe warmer instructions

    The principal use of warmers is none other than keeping your wipes warm. Be on guard for leaks because fluid may seep into the warming chamber which can cause the contraption to short-circuit and expose you to electrical shocks. Also, some poorly designed wipe warmers dry up diaper wipes due to overheating and making the wipes unusable and wasted.

The Best Diaper Wipe Warmer

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser Case with Changing Light

  • This top-rated baby wipe warmer has excellent temperature control setting which means it is safe to use. The temperature control prevents wipes from getting too hot or too cold. Temperature remains constant when in use.
  • The top-most wipe is correctly heated and follows for the next when the former is pulled out for use. The heating is better if you maintain the stack of wipes inside at the halfway mark, if not near full capacity. You can monitor the inventory level through the transparent window.
  • One feature you will find helpful is the built-in nightlight. Turn it on when you do a diaper change at night. It automatically turns off after 10 minutes which is the approximate time to complete a diaper change. Your baby’s sleep won’t be interrupted.
  • A common issue raised against this product is higher power consumption because of continuous heating. However, this product comes with a low voltage power adapter to address the issue.


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Inexpensive and Helpful


While you might not be sure if you need a diaper-warm warmer but considering it’s not an expensive apparatus, hence, getting one can be a good idea. There is nothing elaborate about this portable baby product. The benefits are straightforward – it stores your baby wipes and warms them up just right to serve its real purpose.

It is no wonder that many moms are now getting fixated on this remarkable merchandise. You too can follow the moms who made this a permanent fixture in the baby’s room. A great find that brings practical advantage no less to your diaper changing routine.

Our Pick

If we have to take a pick, we will go with the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer. This diaper-warm warmer not only have all the excellent features, but it also has one of the highest ratings compare to others. We have reviewed many diaper wipe warmers, and no one come close to Hiccapop in term of good product ratings and positive customer satisfaction level.

Therefore, we think the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer is the best diaper wipe warmer you should buy. Go ahead any give it a try and let us know what is your experience by commenting below.

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