Parent and Child Team-Up (With Parenting Skills Worksheets)

Is a lesson plan necessary in parenting? Do parenting skills worksheets help parents in any way to deal with their children effectively? The world of couples takes a sudden turn into uncharted territory when the first news of a baby coming is announced. Feelings of excitement and wonder are natural emotions that will eventually fade when the baby is on board.

Bringing up children is one of the most high-pressured jobs known to man. The pressure experienced in the office pales in comparison. Sometimes, work away from the domestic front is a respite for parents. However, parental responsibilities are inescapable.

Overcoming the Odds


If you are a parent, just imagine how the odds are heavily stacked against you. The pressure begins from infancy, to toddler and teen years, and even up to the adolescent stage. Overwhelming is an understatement.

Is there a scientific approach to developing good parenting skills? Let us list down the important job competencies.

What are the competencies to good parenting skills?

  • Unconditional Love. You need to have a genuine love and deep affection for your child. You are willing to sacrifice and spend as much quality time with them in every stage of their growing years.
  • Manage Your Stress. Accept that parenting brings stress to both parent and child. It is important to manage stress and contain your anger in case you are pushed to the limit. Reduce tension by having a positive attitude that will translate to a positive outcome.
  • Healthy Relationship. When couples have a strong and healthy relationship, plus good social skills when interacting with others, then assuming the parent role is manageable. Involvement of mom and dad in rearing up children is compulsory. Both parents should be in the same wavelength. Children have strong perceptions that they can detect emotional turmoil between parents.
  • Respect and Encouragement. While it is expected that parents rule, children should be treated with respect. Respect is not given but earned. Encourage and prepare your kids to become independent and self-reliant as they grow older.
  • Role Model and Coach. Parents have great influence on their children. A child will always look up to their parents and take after them. Avoid giving mixed signals. Do not teach them good ways if you can’t ‘walk the talk.’
  • Financial Security. Children depend on parents not only for moral support but also rely on their pockets. Providing for food, clothing, and shelter are the basics. Having a steady income to provide for education and plan for their future completes the financial aspect of parenting.
  • Behavior Reinforcement. Motivate your children to practice good habits. Good parenting skills include praising children for good behavior and correcting them for inappropriate manners.
  • Health and Nutrition. Early on, children should be taught to live a healthy lifestyle. Serving food with nutritional value is an integral part of raising children. Keep the family firm through physical conditioning and proper nutrition.
  • Discipline. One of the hardest parenting skills to implement is discipline. This skill is a make or break activity. The desire of every parent is to discipline their children. You have to be firm, fair yet friendly when punishment is to be rendered.

    However, if the punishment is beyond reprimand, it should be fitting to the extent of wrongdoing not exaggerated. Otherwise, you ran the risk of misinterpretation. Your child will have difficulty differentiating a light punishment from a harsh one.
  • Safety First. Safety begins at home. Parents should be a step ahead when children’s safety is concerned. Learn from other parents about safety hacks or develop your own.

    Every precaution should be undertaken to protect the child. Toddlers on the move require stricter protection. For example, here is a post on how to childproof your house cabinets. For the older ones, educate them on safety measures outside the home.

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The Lesson Plan


Parental skills worksheets are engaging tools for parents when interacting with their children. Unlike a teacher’s lesson plan where it tracks academic performance of a child, the purpose of these worksheets is for character building and to develop good behavior.

The Benefits of a Lesson Plan

If you have a wish list for your kid, you can choose from a variety of worksheets designed for a specific purpose, corresponding to age.

  • Goal Sheet. It would be wise to set goals for children to accomplish within a given time frame. Having a sense of accomplishment is morale boosting. Start listing down simple goals that are achievable before moving on to the heavier stuff.
  • Chore Sheet. Similar to a goal sheet, a chore sheet is equally important because you list down tasks that are more specific. Teach your children to be responsible by giving them tasks that need to get done.
  • Reward & Privileges. A fun worksheet where the commendable efforts of children are recorded. Conversely, certain privileges are curtailed because of lack of effort or non-completion of goals. Children will respond better when they score points just like in a board game. Reward them when they shine and penalize them when they slacken.
  • Emotion Worksheet. Children display varied moods and emotions when placed in different situations. However, when reactions are not within acceptable norms, then there is something wrong. It would be clever for a parent to note down a child’s mood swings on a regular basis. Detection of any psychological or emotional distress can help you take action swiftly.

Parents can be creative and design their own worksheets. However, parenting worksheets activities in different formats are available. Do not mind if your children view the worksheets as routine tasks. Remember your underlying reason for using the worksheets is deeper than that.

The Final Take: Parenting Skills Worksheets

Parental skills worksheets are learning tools to mold children while growing up. The worksheet will not make parenting easy, not at all. But will greatly foster cooperation between parent and child.

Visit this website to find a list of useful parenting videos, tips as well as a good list of parenting skills worksheets samples that you can download. You can modify them to suit your needs too.

Since the worksheets are visual, children will respond to it in a positive way. See their eyes light up when they score and gather up the points. As a parent, you score valuable points too when you play the game right. Let’s do parenting right!

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