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About Pro Educational Toys

Pro Educational Toys was developed to help parents, care providers, therapists, Day Cares, Nurseries, and schools find quality products for children of all ages.  Trisha Roberts, the founder, is a Physical Therapist and Early Intervention Specialist with decades of experience working with children.  Toys should be fun and educational at the same time.  We want to make available toys that will stimulate growth and development. Play with a Purpose is our motto!

The Interview


BabyDotDot: Tell us about yourself.

Some of the Hats that I wear and Titles I hold are: Crazy Cat Lady, Lover of all Things Furry, Wife, Nana, Physical Therapist, Daughter of The King, Ham-Bunny (a cross between the Energizer Bunny and Hammy the Squirrel from the movie Other Side of the Hedge), Writer of Crazy Kid Songs, Hoarder of Chocolate, Rehabilitator of Wildlife, Dollar Tree Shopper Extraordinaire, Cinderella, Chief List Maker, The Travel Queen, Master Hummer, Award-winning Suitcase Packer, Spontaneous Performer, and Remarkable Collector of Collections (Hot Sauces, Walking Sticks/Canes, Books made out of Paper from unusual plants, Hummingbirds, Musical Instruments from around the world, woven baskets, Stamps).

My specialty and great love is Pediatric Physical Therapy. I am an Early Intervention Specialist, focusing on the treatment of children birth to three years old.  I have many years of experience working with children of all ages with special needs nationally and internationally. I am skilled in neuro-developmental techniques (NDT), myofascial release, sensory integration, taping for neuro-developmental problems, and craniosacral therapy. I am fluent in Spanish, having lived and worked in Latin American for 15 years.

My goal is to maximize the potential of each child in my care. I am extremely creative in using toys and activities to motivate children to move and develop. I created a video featuring activities and games using everyday items in the home or purchased inexpensively at the Dollar Tree Store.

I work to empower parents and care providers with the skills they need to see their children advance. I understand the struggles of parenting a child with special needs; my adopted son has ADD, learning difficulties and an auditory processing disorder.


BabyDotDot: What was your inspiration behind Pro Educational Toys?

I have discovered the world of “Blogging” at and recently started an online retail store called Pro Educational Toys with the goal of providing parents, therapists, daycare providers and others quality toys and products to stimulate the growth and development of children through play. Pro Educational Toys was birthed out of a desire to see families choose great toys, games and activities for their children and to promote active and interactive play.

I have seen the rise and reign of technology in my lifetime.  And while it is wonderful, it is also overwhelming. Electronic devices allow us access to information instantaneously that previously took hours of research—I love that!  But addiction to gaming and other electronic entertainment has numbed our society and retarded our development.

We no longer communicate well face-to-face. We lack imagination—we’re never bored for more than 5 seconds—we just whip out the smartphone or tablet and get instant entertainment and gratification.

I want therapists, parents, grandparents, day cares and preschools to see play as a critical part of each child’s development and to select toys that will stimulate the imagination and cultivate a love for learning. My website and blog were created and designed to educate the community about toys and how to use them to stimulate growth and development in children.

I discuss children, parenting, children with special needs, developmental stages, and play activities. Toys should be fun and educational at the same time. I want to make available toys that will stimulate growth and development. Play with a Purpose is our motto!


BabyDotDot: What products do you love to promote?

I have put together sets of items and props for Pretend Play for boys and girls. Pretend Play is important on so many levels; give children a few props or costumes and they will imagine, create and play for hours!

I love to travel, and I know that traveling with children can be challenging. I have also prepared packages of toys for girls and boys that are pre-wrapped and ready for the hectic parent to throw into the car. Each Travel Toys Surprise Package contained 8 items that can be unwrapped at intervals and played within a vehicle, making the trip more exciting and stimulating learning at the same time.


BabyDotDot: What inspires you on a daily basis?

I am inspired each day as I read and meditate on the Bible. I attempt to take a “kernel of truth” and apply it to my life daily. Looking at the intricate, minute details of a cell, or gazing into the immense expanses of our universe, I can’t help but be awed by God’s creation.


BabyDotDot: What are you most proud of?

I am extremely proud of my children. They have finally “launched”! They have left the nest and are now fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. They are wonderful, unique human beings that have grown from delightful children to charming, remarkable adults!


BabyDotDot: What makes you cry?

A broken, mutilated piece of chocolate—I really like a whole, uncirculated bar of chocolate in excellent condition! Coming to the end of a good book series and saying goodbye to my fictional friends whose lives and adventures I’ve shared.  Seeing children and animals abused. Apathetic or overwhelmed parents.


BabyDotDot: What do you love?

A Foot Massage can make me melt! Chocolate makes me drool! My husband and children bring me great delight. Jesus Christ fills me with Joy.

BabyDotDot: What unique talents do you think you have?

Give me 60 seconds and I can make up a song and burst into a performance. Tie my hands and I can’t talk!

BabyDotDot: What makes you laugh?

I hold onto several funny memories that are guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and a chuckle to my throat. One of my favorites is a time that I was able to “surprise” my husband. He loves to play practical jokes and harass me. One evening I was given the perfect chance to retaliate. Before retiring early, I coiled up a very life-like snake and placed it on his side of the bed. The look on his face when he pulled back the covers that night would have won an award! It makes me laugh hysterically every time I recall his shock and momentary fright.

BabyDotDot: What matters to you?

Knowing that God loves the people He created and that he wants a relationship with each of us. Valuing each of God’s creatures, especially the young. I liken Kids to Bubbles. They are beautiful, fragile, multi-faceted, fun, engaging, mesmerizing, and ephemeral. We have but a brief moment to enjoy them before they vanish. How I wish each parent would treasure every moment with their children. When our lives are finished and we draw our last breath, it will not matter what occupation we had, what degree or title follows our name, what the bottom line registers, how clean our house is, or what possessions we have in our garage. What matters most is how we lived our Life and loved our Loves. Fill your thoughts and schedule with the most important things and minimize the prominence of the urgent and unimportant—learn to discern which is which!

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