6 Best Toddler Harness (Stylish, Cute and Look So Much Less Intimidating)

You will agree that taking care of toddlers is an exhausting affair. Sometimes you just need to be clever in ways that will get your kid to behave or be controllable. One contentious hack is the use of the best toddler harness to rein in children and keep them in check.

​Putting your pet on a leash for safety purposes is comprehensible. But is using a restraining apparatus on your toddler ridiculous? The debate on the use of a child leash continues, but it has to be seen in the proper perspective depending on the parent, child and the situation.

Essential Of A Child Harness


As mentioned earlier, you need to view the use of child harness from the right perspective. Nobody is in a position to criticize parents when you see their kids on tethers. How can one dispute the fact it is a safety contraption?

  • Primary Purpose

    Toddlers on the move are hard to restrain. After episodes with the strollers, they are ready to stand up, walk and run. Combined with a massive dose of energy, the inquisitive youngster is unstoppable to explore the surroundings, unmindful of the perils. On the other hand, parents are duty-bound to set boundaries so as not to endanger their children in precarious situations.
  • Safety First

    If you have a toddler, wouldn’t you be alarmed with the reports of missing or kidnapped children in the malls? Such reports highlight the usefulness of a child harness in crowded places that you frequently visit such as malls and amusement parks. Parents use them also in schools, airports, train stations, arenas, and other public venues. Safety first is the battle cry of pro-harness users.
  • Impulse Control

    Crossing a busy street with a toddler in tow is another worrying concern for parents. The curiosity in children sometimes makes them daring and impulsive. A child harness will serve as a pre-emptive protection to hold off your child from making unwarranted movements in precarious situations outside the home or on the streets.
  • Practical Uses

    With its primary objective well-defined, a child harness can give you stress-free moments with your child during leisurely walks in the park or at crowded places. Strollers won’t work anymore for toddlers wanting to explore the environment. It’s a good parent-child bonding moment.
  • Let Your Child Be

    Holding your baby’s hands every time is a nip and tuck affair. Children want to break loose from the parents to use their hands to touch and fiddle things around them. Why clamp them up when you can hitch the harness to feel secure and less anxious?
  • Extra Help

    If you have two children with you, the difficulty is doubled. A toddler harness for each will come in handy to help you manage the situation better.
  • Personal Decision

    Using a child harness is not a fad nor a trend to impress others. People will even look at you with condescending stares. That shouldn’t be taken as an offense when the safety and protection of your children are at stake. It’s your personal decision which does not need permission from anyone.

Precautions In the Use Of a Child Harness


Arriving at the decision to put a child on a leash is already a major choice for parents to protect their children. However, parents need to take precautions for it to be an effective tool.

  • Careful Use

    When others assert that child leashes are wrong, it is because of the comparison to a pet on a leash. Children in leashes can’t be pulled or yanked out like pets needing behavioral correction. The child leash should be treated more as a backup alternative rather than a parental hack.
  • Parental Vigilance

    Parents can’t afford to be laid-back and rely on the child harness to give 100% protection. Child safety is not about gadgets to make parental duties easier. Parental vigilance is all-encompassing from nutrition, sleep, to physical protection.
  • Negligence

    A child harness is a fail-safe product that can be used unsafely due to negligence. When you leash a child, be sure to check if the harness is securely fastened or locked before giving your child relative freedom.

The Best Toddler Harness

EPLAZA Baby Toddler Butterfly Belt Harness

  • The top-rated toddler harness has a pair of butterfly wings design made for little girls with ages from 1 to 3 years old. It is perfect as a walking trainer to aid her to take those tiny steps. You can remove the wings and make it her play stuff.
  • The safety straps are adjustable for the upper chest and arms to find the perfect fit. The straps are one-inch thick, so it is tough to cut.
  • The walking range is sufficient to give a safe distance between you and your daughter while she moves around.


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NCS Grade*


Yodo Toddler Backpack with Safety Harness

  • This product is a safety harness, backpack and lunch bag rolled into one. The blue-colored shark design appeals mostly to boys.
  • For utmost protection, the buckle locks the straps in front while the back strap can be adjusted. There is a top grab handle if used solely as a bag.
  • You can pack food and drinks and stay warm or cold for 3 hours because of the thick insulation although it leaves little room for other things to store.
  • For smaller toddlers, you can detach the harness and make it as a backpack. The leash part that attaches to the parent is strong and durable.


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NCS Grade*


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Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

  • This unisex backpack offers both security and storage. There is a zipped compartment that can accommodate your child’s clothes, toys or trinkets. It also has a mesh front pocket, two side pockets, and a cup holder.
  • The tether is removable and elastic to prevent discomfort from sudden pulls. You can use the swerve clips so that the straps won’t tangle.
  • For added safety at night, the backpack has reflective straps on the sides to keep your child visible.


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Other Worth Considering Best Toddler Harness 

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Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best toddler harness for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction grade (NCS) because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we would say that Eplaza, Yodo, and Brica are the best child harness brands. All their child harness come with stylish design and vibrant color selection.

Also, Eplaza and Yoda score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find their toddler harness a good buy too.

The Real Worth

Like with every baby product where safety is a concern, the best toddler harness won’t serve its purpose if used for the wrong reasons. Remember that safety is the product’s premium offer with the design, backpack or lunch bag as the sweeteners to make them multi-functional.

Notwithstanding the negative attention it may draw, the real worth of the harness would depend on the parents themselves. Child safety is a priority and parents will protect their children whatever it takes.

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