Nothing is Quite Healthier Like These 3 Best Organic Cereal for Babies

The choice of the first food to feed your growing baby to complement bottle feeding is a big deal. It’s an excellent photo opportunity to record your baby’s first taste of a delightful foodstuff. But more than the excitement of seeing the facial expression of wonder, you should know exactly what kind to serve. Deciding on the best organic cereal for babies, packed with healthy supplements, is not surprising.

Parents have preferred baby cereals besides fresh fruits and vegetables as first-time treats for babies through the years. These days, the healthier organic cereal for babies is becoming the norm.

The Stage Is Set


What age do babies eat cereal? Ideally, within four to six months of age, your baby will show signs of fondness for the food you eat. You begin to feel hard-pressed on what to do next.

Prepping Up the Menu

  • The choice of the first food
    Vegetables, fruits, and cereals (barley, oats, and rice) are the top three choices of most parents. These choices are wholesome, easily digestible and nutritious.
  • Preference for sweet tasting food
    Taste buds of babies lean toward sweet tasting food. However, be cautioned not to sweeten food taste. Fruits have the naturally sweet taste while vegetables are acquired taste. Be patient and allow time for your baby to adjust to your menu.
  • Supplement to milk
    Remember that breast milk or milk formula is still the chief source of your baby’s nutrition for the first year. Continue with either even when you’ve started feeding solids.
  • Variety will have to wait
    Do not rush to feed your baby with a variety of menus. Let your child settle down with a set of menu one at a time. Also, you will have the chance to monitor which food your child is allergy to, especially if your menu including seafood or egg.
  • Watch for allergic reactions
    It is important to be mindful of any adverse reaction. Babies will differ in response to food served as well as in allergies to specific foodstuff. Consult your pediatrician if necessary.

Why Choose Organic Baby Cereal?


Baby cereals are the cornerstones of happy meals in the home. Mothers desire for babies to enjoy their meals and to look forward to the next satisfying meal.

  • Organic food is safe
    Foods that are certified as organic and harvested from organic farms guarantees sound nutrition. The soil from where the crops grow are never treated with harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers which can double the human health risk. Before a land can certify organic, the last has to undergo a 3-year transition period where the land must be left untreated with prohibited substances.
  • Nutritional value is intact
    Apart from less exposure to the hazardous synthetic pesticide, the nutritional value of organic products is enhanced. Organic produce has been validated to contain antioxidants which counter the deterioration of stored food.
  • Organic farming is better
    Farmers who cultivate the soil using organic farming practices contribute to a better environment and decreasing pollution. Such farming practices result in an improvement in soil fertility and yield quality food.
  • Avoid genetically modified cereals
    Unknown to many, your common food staples are identified to have the highest level of pesticides even when grown conventionally. For obvious reasons, even in going for your favorites, buy organic or products that are GMO-free. Check out the USDA organic standards to be certain about your choices.

The Best Organic Cereal for Babies

If you are a concerned parent dedicated to your child’s healthy upbringing, going organic is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with these best baby cereal brand to start with.

While there are many organic cereal options but not all of them received a good respond from parents.

We took the time to look through hundreds of organic baby’s cereals listing and provide you only the best of them. We review a lot of the comments and rating left by previous buyers and grade them using out Net Customer Satisfaction grading.

Your hungry tot deserves to have these TOP 3 in his/her menu.

Gerber Organic Single-Grain Oatmeal Cereal

  • Manufactured by the leading brand in infant food and early child nutrition. Many parents claimed that this oatmeal meal as the best organic cereal for babies
  • The product is USDA certified organic and naturally GMO-free.
  • Contains no-frills ingredients: oatmeal or brown rice which are both with choline, from natural sources, which is essential for brain and eye development
  • Aside from the Vitamins A, Vitamin B6 and Calcium contents, it is fortified with iron. Surprisingly, as in most foodstuff or vitamins with iron, constipation is not induced
  • You have the flexibility to either mix the cereal with breast milk or formula in a bottle or in a bowl for spoon feeding. Both you and your baby are in for an enjoyable meal
  • With between milk feedings, one full serving is enough to fill up your baby and sleep it off. You have 4 to 5 hours of undisturbed peace
  • As in an adult preference for thick or thin soups, the cereal can also be prepared depending on the texture inclination of your starving baby
  • The package contents will last around 8 to 10 weeks which is economical given the cereal is for supplementary diet
  • Just a caution for customers, do not forget to check the expiration date on the package. This is the common complaint although. You are duty-bound to ensure the date is far-off


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Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Baby Food

  • This product delivers as advertised. A ‘happy start’ for solids is what it is
  • Also certified by USDA as organic, this choice is perfect for stage 1 baby eaters
  • This product started out in 2006 from a home-based business run by an industrious mother
  • There are no added sweeteners and artificial ingredients. What’s more is that it comes packed with 115mg of potassium and 2 grams fiber
  • The packaging is lightweight and convenient but not recyclable


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Happy Baby Organic Oatmeal Probiotic Baby Cereal with Choline

  • This premium probiotic cereal is basically an extension of No. 2. It can be suitable as the first food or 2nd stage choice
  • With the same quality ingredients and full nutritional value, the striking observation is that it helps correct food intolerance among growing children because of its distinctive taste


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Health is Wealth

Promoting the best organic cereal for babies is not hype. It‘s the real thing if you want to start out healthy eating habit for your child. Look for that organic seal and be free of any worry.

All the organic cereal featured here are an excellent choice, and you can't go wrong with any of them. But if we were to choose, we would go with Gerber Organic Oatmeal as the best organic cereal for babies. This oatmeal not only have a bunch of good nutritional value but this oatmeal also has an excellent rating and net customer satisfaction grade. We are confident that your baby will love it. Go on and try it and let us know if your little tot loves it.

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