11 Best Crib Sheets That Are Extremely Comfy For Babies (Ft. Certified Organic Crib Sheets Too)

Shopping for baby items is an exciting activity for mothers. Such activity somehow tempers the stress of infant care especially when you’re buying an item that will make your baby feel comfortable and safe. Most moms will not miss a beat when it comes to the best crib sheets. It’s one of the many baby products that need to be chosen wisely since they’re not just something to cover your baby’s mattress.

If you are particular about preparing your bedding for a restful sleep, then you’ll be more meticulous when it comes to your lovely little one. A comfortable, clean and fresh crib sheet can make all the difference. Obviously, you want nothing more than to give your baby the finest around.

List of Best Crib Sheets

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**Majority of the crib sheets are in the standard measurement of 28" x 52" x 9" inches.

*For more information about NCS (Net Customer Satisfaction) grade, click here. (Price range: $ = $1 - $10 $$ = $11- $25 $$$ = $26 - $50 / $$$$ = $51 - $100 / $$$$$ = $101 - $150 / $$$$$$ = Above $150)

What Are The Different Types of Crib Sheets?

Since it’s a basic safety measure to keep your baby crib and mattress free of any adornments that pose a risk of suffocation or SIDS, having the top-rated crib sheets should be more than adequate to dress up your baby’s little bed space.

Crib sheets are made from only three universally-known materials which you can choose from to serve its principal purpose.

1. Cotton

  • Cotton crib sheets are widely preferred and recognized as the standard and quality sheets. Pure cotton is soft, safe, breathable, and will keep your baby cool in warmer days and warm in cooler weather.
  • Natural cotton is also hypoallergenic, meaning they’re free of chemicals and synthetic. You won’t worry using a cotton crib sheet even if your baby has skin irritations or allergies. It’s the softest type yet highly durable and washable. Cotton doesn’t accumulate or attract lint easily, so you can also easily maintain its cleanliness during use.
  • ​Cotton is not soft, almost rough, at first use but they will soften after a couple of use and washing. Some say the disadvantage of cotton crib sheets is that they wrinkle very easily. It’s not a big deal actually since you can choose to iron them or not. The wrinkles won’t affect its effectiveness anyway.
  • ​In general, you can’t go wrong with the cotton because they’re the material of choice and extensively used by satisfied mommies.

2. Polyester

  • Polyester is used in almost all types of clothing and bedding. Unlike natural cotton, it is a synthetic material, and therefore it’s much cheaper than cotton and other natural materials.
  • The polyester crib sheets available today are viable and safe alternatives. The satin and microfiber crib sheets produced these days are made from 100% polyester.
  • ​Apart from being price-friendly, polyester sheets are preferred than other types because they are tear-resistant and wrinkle-free. Polyester also shrinks less than cotton.
  • The main drawback of the polyester is that it is less breathable than cotton. It won’t be as comfortable during the summer heat and far from the softness of cotton. It’s not ideal to use them in higher temperatures unless you have an air-conditioner in the room.

3. Flannel

  • Flannel is chosen as the ideal crib sheet on winter weather or cooler nights. The material efficiently traps the warmth to keep your baby comfortably warm when it’s very cold or freezing outside.
  • The make of the material varies depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes flannel can be a combination of cotton, synthetics or wool or synthetics, so you’ll have to put in extra effort to find out more about the product that you are purchasing.
  • ​The best flannel crib sheets are lightweight which makes them ideal choices as a crib sheet for a particular weather condition. They’re durable and get softer after every wash.
  • You have to remember flannel is best used during the coldest nights but not suitable for higher temperatures. They’re inherently warm sheets so don’t be surprised if they shrink in the machine.

What Are The Considerations for Crib Sheets?


There are two primary considerations when buying crib sheets. Keep this mind, so you’ll have no problems at all.

Sheet Size

Size does matter for crib sheets, and therefore the fitted sheets are the best buys. Check your crib or mattress sizes. The standard size is 28 x 52 inches and 24 x 38 inches. They’re called fitted sheets, but some are loose or bunchy when you fit them in your baby's crib.

The elasticity should be strong like skin where fitted corners are kept secure. Some parents complain of shrinking fabric so washing directions should be strictly followed to retain the snug fit.

Weather Appropriate

Since you are now familiar with the materials best suited for crib sheets, you can assess which one is weather appropriate. The objective is to keep your baby comfortable during sleep, rest time, feeding, diaper change and fun time. You would know what’s best depending on the weather condition.

The Best Crib Sheets

Burt's Bees Baby - 100% Organic Stripe Fitted

  • This pure and natural 100% organic cotton jersey knit is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic Product.
  • It is a fully fitted crib sheet which is extremely soft and suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  • ​The size is perfectly matched to a standard size crib (28” by 52”) or toddler mattress while the thickness, softness, and tight fit are very commendable.
  • ​What you would certainly love about this product is the elasticity. It’s awesome having an extra fabric to keep it firmly in place. More so, it allows you to put an extra padding underneath, such as blankets or a mattress pad. The durable elastic pulls it further under the mattress, not just under the corners like most other fitted sheets.
  • ​The crib sheet is machine washable and dryable. Even after countless washing, they still fit snugly and securely around the mattress. It’s durable with no worry of ripping or being snagged like the other cotton sheets.
  • The design is not elaborated, but the style is timeless with the hand painted watercolors and modern prints. The Burt's Bees organic crib sheet is one of the best crib sheets that made with high quality compare to the rest.


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YourEcoFamily Certified Organic Cotton Fitted

  • YourEcoFamily crib sheet is another 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fitted crib sheet. It is safe for young infants as it is dye, bleach, and pesticides free which make it one of the best crib sheets for infant and toddlers.
  • The natural interlock crib sheet fits the standard size 28" X 52" crib mattresses and toddler beds.
  • ​The 220-thread count means it can withstand multiple washes and still retain its softness and coziness. For best results and to reduce fabric shrinking, machine wash in cold water using mild detergent at gentle cycle setting. Tumble dry low after the washing cycle.
  • ​You would notice this crib sheet is moderately thicker and made of high-quality material. It’s stretchable and won’t easily deteriorate even after multiple washes. This crib sheet is so perfect that you won’t struggle put it on.
  • With its neutral color (beige), it can easily blend with the various color schemes or interiors of your house.


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Burt's Bees Baby Solid Fitted (100% Organic)

  • This GOTS certified organic product deserves to be on the top-rated crib sheets. It flawlessly fits your standard crib and toddler mattress.
  • Moms find the crib sheet super soft as butter, and it’s just like sleeping on a t-shirt. Some even attest that their babies sleep soundly with something softer under their faces.
  • ​These sheets are remarkably soft but thick and very well made. The deep corners make putting them on hassle-free. They stay firmly in place and without the problem of stretching like a lot of jersey sheets.
  • The heather gray color is also an advantage as spots wash off easily and are not too visible as they are on the lighter colored sheets.


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Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best crib sheets for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how satisfy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Burt's Bees Baby and YourEcoFamily are the best crib sheet brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Burt's Bees Baby Stripe Fitted, YourEcoFamily Cotton Fitted and Burt's Bees Baby Solid Fitted score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these crib sheets a good buy too.

Comfy and Cozy

There's no denying that the best crib sheets are one of the bedding essentials that can contribute to your baby’s peaceful sleep. It can guarantee your child's bed is as comfy and cozy as possible.

While there is the notion that organic products are more expensive, it does not necessarily apply to crib sheets. In the case of organic crib sheets, the price is surprisingly reasonable compared to other organic bedding products. Therefore, it would be wise to stock them up to keep your baby safe, comfortable and well-rested at all times during crib days.

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