The 29 Best Interactive Books For Babies (Excellent For Early Childhood Development)


As a mom, nothing pleasures me more than to see my baby grow and learn. And so I went on a mission to find the best interactive books for babies and toddlers. See, I want my baby to learn and have fun in the process.

They say laughter is the best medicine. The world seems to come to a standstill as I listen to my baby laugh. There are times when I am upset over something, all it takes is for my baby to giggle, and the smile returns to my face.

Benefits of Interactive Books for Babies


Babies may not be able to read and write like we do, but they are expert in one thing – playing. I love interactive books because they keep babies engaged.

Each time they grab, throw, or even bite, they are learning and acquiring motor skills.

“Little one, little one, what is this under the flap?” I ask playfully as I let my child take a peek.

Naturally curious, my baby squeals in delight at new discoveries. I hold my child’s tiny finger and point to different colors and objects.

Interactive books are a pleasurable learning experience for us. It is during these moments when I begin to understand how to communicate with my child better by observing her gestures and reactions.

Why Choose Interactive Books?

Interactive books for babies encourage infants to pull the tabs, lift-the-flaps, and turn pages. All these movements are motor activities that prepare them for reading and writing.

You have to be amazed at nature for providing babies with expertise in having fun. It is in playing when hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and analytical thinking, is developed.

Benefits of Reading Interactive Books for Toddlers


It won’t be long before your infant grows up to be a toddler. It is my understanding that there is a direct correlation between language exposure and academic performance.

And that is why it is important for you to be proactive in your child’s development process.

At this point in your child’s life, laying the foundation for learning, cognitive thinking, motor skills, and attitude begins.

Physical Development

Interactive books for toddlers draw you and your child into the story. That means you act out what you read, and encourage your child to do the same.

Try to encourage motor activities, such as standing and hopping. You can do that by lifting and sometimes throwing your child up (carefully). Trust me. Your child will pester you to keep doing it and will know which part of the story causes that to happen.

Mental Development

Need to change diapers? Hungry? Too tired? What do they do? Babies and toddlers have rudimentary communication skills and this is mostly by crying.

As you continue to read to them, they get used to the sound of speech and patterns. They may not be able to speak but sooner or later, they would understand.

Cognitive and analytical thinking are developed as your child associates what they see on interactive books to real world objects.

Emotional Development

Ever heard of the terrible two? It is when toddlers would scream and cry for seemingly no reason at all and can certainly frustrate parents.

Do you know why it happens? Toddlers feel different emotions but they do not fully understand those feelings. The confusion causes them to throw tantrums when under stress.

Some of you may be working, while others have chores. Regardless of what we need to do, setting aside time for reading interactive books with your child is important.

By being together, you are assuring your child. Fewer tantrums mean more time for overall development.

29 Best Interactive Books for Babies and Toddlers

Where Is Baby's Belly Button?

I am sure you have played peek-a-boo with your baby by covering your eyes with your hands and peeking. Remember how your baby smiled and laughed? Take it to the next level with this lift-the-flap interactive book.

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Skip Hop Explore & More Animal Matching Book

Mixing and matching are one of the best tools of early child development, and this book does not disappoint. Even better, let your child grab, shake, and rattle. One fun thing to do with this book is to use the baby-safe mirror to point to different parts of the face.

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Tickle, Tickle, Peter!

What is it with furry animals and humans? I don’t think there is a kid out there who has not seen Peter Rabbit. This is a great touch-feel book that teaches your child simple and rhyming words.

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Bright Baby Touch and Feel Winter

Noticed how your baby (or toddler) loves to explore with their fingers and hands? This is what this touch-feel interactive book is for. Let your child explore the magical winter season with a jolly snowman and sparkling snowflakes.

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Dear Zoo

Does the title sound familiar? Yes, this is the one, and it is still around after three decades. The good news is that it’s not the same old one we read back in our days. Sigh. Let your child learn about animals by helping a youngster choose the perfect pet in this updated classic classic.

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Good Night

An excellent bedtime interactive touch-and-feel interactive book that lets your child read about the activities of a cute, cuddly animal, and open a folded page to touch the furry animal sleeping, which means it is time for your child to sleep too.

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So your child can’t get enough of peek-a-boo activities? Then this book is sure to make your child squeal in delight by guessing what’s peeking through the die-cut windows.

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Peekaboo Kisses

There’s a lot of love on this book and kisses too. Hiding behind those paws is something wooly, fuzzy, and squeaky … Oh, I hear squealing … Is that your child squealing and laughing?

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Open the Barn Door

This is one of the best interactive books for babies that introduce common farm animals. We all went through that, right?

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Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!

Touch me and tickle me. Who does your child pick first? Is it the cow or the puppy? Let’s not forget the piggy and turkey too. Also awaiting their turn is the duck and two birdies.

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What is it with children’s books and animals? It turns out that Tails is one of those great interactive books that teach children to count in a fun way using tails. I have a sneaky suspicion your child would be pulling the tail of the tiger…

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Are You Ticklish?

This is one of those touch-and-feel-tickle books children love. Right on the front cover, there is a die cut allowing you to feel and tickle that cute animal. Let’s see who is more ticklish, your child or your new furry friend.

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Children are naturally attracted to dogs and this is one of those must-have multi-concept books that features 20 different canines. Learn action words, synonyms, and opposites. If that is not enough, how about pull-tabs and flaps? Even better, how about ten pettable textures for those itsy bitsy tiny fingers?

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Press Here

Embark on a magical journey with this fun book that encourages you and your child to do tasks such as pressing dots, shaking the pages and tilting the book. Let your imagination fly to who knows what?

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I bet you have never seen this before. This book uses a new patented technology called Scanimation that brings animals to life. “Can you gallop like a horse?” Treat your eyes to incredible visuals watching a horse in full gallop using illusions. And it is not only a horse you see; there’s the dog, cat, eagle, and butterfly too.

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A Kiss for You!

As I said, using hands is acquiring motor skills. With this interactive book for babies, you can do just that. Let your child use the die-cut hand on the cover to throughout the book patting a puppy or giving high fives.

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Is your child up for a competitive challenge? Are you? Can you help your child spot four plants or animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet? Don’t worry. If you are not up to the task, there are flaps and pull-tabs for you and your child to abuse.

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Can You Make a Scary Face?

I am sure you make faces, and your child finds it hilarious. On this beautiful interactive book, you and your little one will be tested to the limits. If you are up to squealing, then this is for you.

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Goodnight Moon

This is a great book to read to your child. “Goodnight room, goodnight moon.” Read the poem with your child and delight in the wonderful illustrations.

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Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Wonderful Noises

Need I say more? This is a Dr. Seuss book. I love how the interaction in this book brings out the best in making sounds and noises. Do you want fun with your child? This is it.

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Toes, Ears, & Nose!

Need I say more? This is a Dr. Seuss book. I love how the interaction in this book brings out the best in making sounds and noises. Do you want fun with your child? This is it.

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That's Not My Dinosaur

You know what I like about this book? It is simple, but also highly engaging. There is a white mouse that appears on every page of this touch-and-feel book.

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Where’s Spot?

To do a list of the best interactive books for babies, one name should always be included. Do you remember the days when it seems all dogs were named Spot? This book is the reason why. We do have one problem. The spot is missing. Where could he be?

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Where's Spot?
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Bizzy Bear

Fun on the farm. Bizzy Bear needs all the help he could get. Perhaps your child can help him count the ducks, or feed the goats? He needs help finding eggs too.

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An Alphabet Eye Spy

Those little fingers need to push on something, so let your child push the raised buttons on every page of this book while singing to their heart’s content. Actually, you would be the one doing most of the singing, but hey, that’s why it is fun.

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The Cheerios Play Book

This is one of those books I love for its simple concept and yet highly conducive to cognitive thinking. Children complete every page by placing one of three cheerio buttons for teddies, mice, and fish.

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I Can Dance

One of the truly unique books featuring touch-and-feel cover and interactive holes on every page. Your child can make dancers do all kinds of things. This is a great book to teach the concept of cause and effect.

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In My Tree

So what makes the tree cozy for the owl? Let your child discover why and read reassuring messages.

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My First Toolbox

I find the title of this book aptly named for this is indeed the first toolbox you would get for your little one. I love how the activities of this book are not only fun for children but also develops analytical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

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Final Thoughts on Interactive Books

With all the great benefits of interactive books for babies and toddlers and the fantastic choices, one thing is needed to truly maximize the experience. Interaction. Little children lose interest quickly so do not overdo or leave interactive books with them.

I recommend keeping the books away. Bring them out and have fun if you are spending time with your angel. I hope with this huge list of book that we have prepared above, it can help you to find the best interactive books for babies and toddlers.

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